Fine Arts

Theatrical Performances 

Our Fine Arts teacher is not letting the pandemic alter his plans to be present not 1 but 2 productions this year.  Safety protocols and precautions are in place during the rehearsals, with filming in small groups to commence in June.   

  • Grade 3-6 “The Big Secret”- Clown musical
  •  Clowns - LIVE LINK 

Clowns by Craig Cassil is story of a young and energetic troupe of clowns who hope to be professionals someday.  They are looking for the great secret to becoming real clowns and set out to consult the BIG WHEEL; the head clown.  The lively story is one of singing and dancing, laughing and crying, searching and finding – the very elements of finding one self.

Continuing the work from last year, Mr. Symington and the Division II students embarked on a journey of exploring the artistry of clowning. Theatrical clowning emphasizes character and relationships rather than jokes and comedy. Material is created through conceptualization and improvisation, often utilizing one's own life experiences. Therefore, the audience is witness to a personal portrait of human’s innate ability to love and wonder.

 The process included:  

  • Evenly distributed roles amongst the students to ensure an easy to follow plot. Students were responsible to learn lines and create a character.
  • Conceptualized and designed a song and dance number
  • Learned a particular clown skill through the study of “Lecoq Red Clown Nose” technique
  • Designed their own costumes
  • Studied film techniques

 This production was a labour of love and truly demonstrates the drive and passion of our Belfast thespians.  Nothing was going to get in the way and prevent our students from letting their inner selves shine.

 Thank you for all the hard work from the Division II students, Ms. Starr (Production Design), Ms. Ann-Marie (film and editing), Mr. Osmond (Green Screen) and Ms. Posadas (Stop Motion Animation Support).  

 A big thank you to Mr. Symington for his vision and execution of another fabulous Belfast Show.

We hope you enjoy this production.

What a great time we are having with our stellar Belfast Students.  Please check out our latest K-2 Production, Go Fish !

Go Fish!

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and John Higgins

A seven-legged octopus? A blowfish with allergies? A tuna that can't carry a tune? Join in the aquatic fun as little Tiger Shark and his unique collection of friends discover how their differences make them each special. 

Students in Division I (k-2) embarked on a theatrical journey using hand and foot puppetry to tell this lovely story about being true to oneself. 

Mr. Symington was delighted with all the dedication and passion by every

 Learning through the Arts  

In addition to specialized fine arts instruction by our fine arts teacher, all teachers at Belfast School plan and deliver daily

curriculum through the arts. Belfast students are able to understand the core curricular areas at a deeper level through dance, drama, visual art, music, musical theatre and media arts. 

Here are a few examples of students work:

Artist in Residence 

In the midst of the pandemic, Belfast School did not let this year go to waste as our very own Assistant Principal hosted a Dance Residency for all students.   

Students have spent two weeks learning choreography that physically interpreted areas of the curriculum that they have been learning.  From the music to the movement, we talked about movement choices that help us express concepts to our audience.  Sections of the dances were also choreographed by the students and their teachers themselves!  The final products were put together and then filmed by the head of Belfast Student Care, Anne Marie!


Here is the concept behind each of the dances:

Kindergarten: Learning about "My Community." Who are the most important parts of our community?  Our families!  A celebration of how important they are to us, using "All I Am is You". by Jessica Glynn.


Grade 1/2: Learning about "The Prairies."  Using the song "Doria" by Olafur Arnalds, the students portrayed the big sky and big open land.  Using images of birds, playing in the cold wind and snow, then planting and harvesting wheat in the summer, to transporting that wheat in trains, the essence of prairie life was captured.


Grade 1/2 and grade 3/4: "Addition and Subtraction."  Addition is two parts coming together to make a whole - represented by two groups using hand motions taught by our Math Specialist and moving together! Subtraction is knowing the whole, but missing a part - shown by the hand motions and groups that go missing and need to be found. The song used was "Fatty Boom Boom" by Die Antwoord.


Grade 3/4: Learning about "Structures." Picture two groups battling for territory, using their structures for defense.  Using movements capturing machines, rectangles and triangles, wheels, levers, pulleys, fulcrums and catapults, which group will end victorious?  Danced to "You Should See Me In a Crown" by Billie Eilish.


Grade 5/6: "False Confidence" by Noah Kahan.  Believing in yourself regardless of negative self-talk or negative self-image.  How do you build yourself up and accept yourself for who you are, along with supporting and accepting your peers. Movements capture the emotions of feeling down and breaking through, defending ourselves from the negativity, and supporting each other through the struggle.


Learning to move freely and remember choreography is really tough at first, but the students quickly picked up the dances and then excelled in their final products! After filming, we held a "live viewing" with the classroom and families - which totally did NOT work due to tech issues.  However, classes and families have since watched the video performance via link: Amazing Dancy Residency 2021.  We are so proud of the incredible job the students put into learning their dances and interpreting their curriculum. Way to go, Belfast!

Previous example of Artist in Residence

Every year we bring in local artists to enhance our programming. An amazing Felting Artist created several felting projects with all students which are now displayed throughout our school.  The 'Four Season's Tree' piece shown below had every student at Belfast created a pompom this is breathtaking pieces and we are so proud of the unique aspects.  Throughout our Learning Commons and main hallway, the felt balloons are displayed the 'Come Fly with me' balloon piece is displayed over Hope Bell the #belfastcow.   

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