​​Each year, we ask families to share their perspectives on our school development plan and our school budget and fees. This feedback helps us plan and make decisions for the following school year.

The school development plan is an action plan that outlines how student learning will be improved over time. It communicates to staff, students and parents key actions our school takes to address learning gaps and improve student learning. Each fall, our school updates the school development plan and posts it on our website.

Our school budget helps us meet the goals outlined in our school development plan and provide a quality education to our students. Each spring, our school prepares a school budget for the upcoming school year and sets school fees for some activities and services.

Engaging with staff, parents and students is an important part of school planning. Watch for news stories on our website throughout the year for ways you can get involved. We'll also send information by SchoolMessenger, so make sure you have subscribed to receive our email messages. Another great way to keep informed is by attending our school council meetings.

In addition to news stories, we'll post information about upcoming engagement opportunities on this page. We'll also share feedback gathered through meetings and online surveys.

If you have any questions about this engagement, please contact the principal.

For more information about school planning, please watch the short video School Planning and You.

School Planning Engagement

Sharing Back | School Planning

Thank you to everyone who participated in our school planning engagement. We know we make better decisions to support student learning when we build understanding and work together.


The feedback we received is compiled at the links below and will be thoughtfully considered in making decisions about school planning.


  • Online survey results can be found here
  • School Council presentation meeting evaluation results here



Some comments that were shared with us about our SDP/Budget & Fees were: 

  • I can't find SDP goals for Belfast anywhere
  • not sure I've seen a SDP
  • I appreciate email that share school council meeting info afterwards, and would love to be notified by email when these survey results or other new SDP info is posted to the school website
  • I think students should be working on Decoding in literacy. I think students should be working on procedural fluency in mathematics. I think these are the foundational pieces for young learners to make bigger conceptual understandings and connect ideas to the broader world. I know that the CBE is pushing Indigenous learning outcomes and often requiring teachers, with no Indigenous background, to teach and integrate Indigenous ways of knowing into the classroom. I think this is moving too fast and most teachers are not able to do this authentically because they do not have the resources or understanding. Reconciliation will be a long a slow process that starts with trust. We need to continue to build understanding of residential schools and colonization, as well as welcome Indigenous knowledge from authentic sources into our communities and classrooms. But non-Indigenous teachers shouldn't be teaching Indigenous knowledge and are not being properly prepared to. This CBE SDP focus is rushed and in my opinion furthers a settler mentality.
  • I am concerned about what the support will look like that staff will give in regards to exposing students to high anxiety "trigger" situations when working toward decreasing anxiety.
  • I am impressed with the direction of the school.
  • All good thanks
  • The 3 identified target area makes sense to me. They are foundational and applicable to my children
  • Will schools introduce learning about: Statistics and Probability as part of the science and math curriculum and fitness (as both seem to be a lacking priority in schools)
  • Creating a strong sense of belonging with lunch time or after school clubs is important to the school culture and community. Opportunities for students to interact with new technologies and a diverse set of materials will challenge them to make cross-curricular connections to the world. Reconciliation demands authentic and diverse Indigenous perspectives and I believe this is primarily reached through Indigenous communities sharing their knowledge once trust has been established.
  • I think school fees are relative. I would like to see more of the casino funds used towards lowering the costs for families rather than approaching the families first. I would also like to see a financial break for families that pay fees in full and then also volunteer.
  • More sporting activities
  • I really appreciate not having to buy repeated sets of individual school supplies and prefer to pay centralized fees for centralized supply purchases. I think our fees are reasonable and I would be willing to pay more to enable the reintroduction of field trips like swim or ski lessons
  • Could there be some sort of "donation fund" for certain activities so if some people can pay a little extra? That way it can go towards those who can't
  • Fees are kept low which is good.

*Above you will find comments provided in the survey as they were written. Comments have not been edited for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, truncation or otherwise. Comments have been edited to ensure anonymity. We also edited or omitted abusive, discriminatory and otherwise inappropriate comments.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the School Council meeting, watched the presentation on School Planning, and/or completed the survey.  We make better decisions to support student learning when we work together.


Meagan & Clancy


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