Sep 12
Welcome Back!

Welcome back Belvedere Parkway families, and welcome to our new families!

We are so happy to see our school come alive as students enter the building once again. It is wonderful to have the heart and soul back! Our entire staff have worked so hard to make as smooth a beginning for everyone as possible, and it has been so worth it!

It continues to take time to organize and settle into the different ways of the school world, and again we thank you for your patience, understanding and all-around goodwill throughout the multiple transitions and changes we are all experiencing.

There are always pros, cons and opportunities in challenging situations, even though the benefits may be well hidden at the time. In modelling strength and handling stress and discomfort with grace and self-awareness, you have already benefitted your children, setting them up to cope with their own life experiences down the road. (They can thank you later:))

All of our teachers have commented on how impressed they are with the way that students are handling wearing masks for long periods of time, and how selfless and thoughtful their perspectives are in doing so. They understand and appreciate that we are wearing our masks for our friends, families and community and they are to be commended.

While we deal with our own concerns and issues, our community continues to give back to others. Terry Fox day is coming up, although will be a little later this year than last. This year we will hold it on September 22nd and your child’s teacher will let you know how their Grade level cohort will be raising those ‘Toonies for Terry’ and supporting Cancer Research!

Meet the Teacher conferences are also coming up, and we are waiting for Area protocol around how that will look. We will be sure to let you know as soon as possible.

Every year, we share the CBE Student code of conduct with parents, and you will find it on this website under Culture and Environment - Code of Conduct - Behavior.​

Please take the time to go over this information with your child, so they are aware of expected and safe behavior for all. Our school motto ‘ROARS’ (Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility and Safety), is aligned with the code of conduct and is embedded throughout our school culture.

Our Spirit wear store is back up and running! Thank you to School Council, who are engaged in the process to add BelPark face masks to our Spirit wear, so hopefully they should be on the virtual shelves shortly:)

A huge thank you also goes to all the members of our community that tended to our Bee and Learning gardens!! We literally couldn’t do it without you. The crop this year is fabulous, and harvest is racing towards us:) We will be sure to share a news story and tweets when the time comes so that everyone can share the experiences all our students get out of this process!

The Hub online programming is almost up and running! Those families who have children in the Hub continue to be part of our family, and we are here for your questions and help should you need it. We will do our best to continue to support you however we can, so don’t forget to check the website and your emails from us regularly and contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks again to every one of you for making our school such a wonderful place for our children!

Here’s hoping for a warm and colorful Fall,

Jane Gibson


Belvedere Parkway School​

Jun 24
June Message and Updates

Dear BelPark families,

What a roller coaster of a year!

Our school community came together while being apart and I would like to thank our students; parents and teachers for helping us persevere and progress through this time.

We were able to maintain our culture of care and kindness and we are so proud of our school’s positive culture, which makes Belvedere Parkway a wonderful place to learn and to work.

We say goodbye to our Grade 6 student cohort as they move on to a new chapter in their lives as promising and successful individuals, supportive of each other and their community. We are so very proud of them all. Thank you to Parent Council for funding their farewell gift, which the students themselves voted on, asking that half their gift, be donated to the Calgary Food Bank to support those less fortunate. We are confident these promising young people will continue to demonstrate citizenship and character as they move forward and become part of Canada’s future.


Unfortunately, June also means that we have to say goodbye to some of our staff as they move on to different assignments for the next school year. We will dearly miss Mrs. Caso-Gustafson, our Assistant Principal and Miss Wrobel, Grade 1/2, as they both prepare to take on new and exciting journeys in the Fall. We are also very sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Kaur who will also be leaving as her temporary contract ends in June. Miss Groneberg will be taking on a new role within our school as a member of our Grade 1/2 team.

I would also like to thank our School Council, Parent Fund Raising Association and our parent volunteers, without whom we would not have the kind of school community that is BelPark. Our Learning Garden is back on track and with the support of our Parent volunteers and Eco teachers Mrs. Gillon and Mrs. Mang our bee garden will also be maintained over the summer months. 


BelPark student numbers continue to fluctuate slightly and for the 2020/21 school year, our population at this time is around 406 students. Please do keep in mind that numbers fluctuate between now and September. As a result, final class configurations will not happen until the first full week of classes in September. Class lists will be finalized and announced to families by the end of August.

We have such a dedicated and caring group of staff at Belvedere Parkway that the level of commitment they have shown over the last few months is not surprising. Your children will continue to benefit from all of the hard work our staff provide on a daily basis, whatever next year may bring.

In the meantime, I wish all of you a wonderful summer break and hope that you are able to spend some fun times with family and friends.

Best wishes, 

Jane Gibson


Apr 09
Love and Learning

Dear Belvedere Parkway families,

Suddenly April is upon us and we find ourselves in a very different context and environment from the one we are used to!

Change is always uncomfortable to some extent, but sometimes necessary and this pandemic has brought all of that and much more. Something that touches everyone no matter who they are or where they are from also brings us together on some level.

We have seen great capacity in each other for kindness, compassion, perseverance, patience and a greater understanding of the diversity in the impact on families and people in different situations than our own.

We have also seen a realization and appreciation of things sometimes taken for granted, such as reaching out to or being with friends and family members and those who may be more isolated from us. There is joy in reconnecting in ways we may not have had time for previously. Various opportunities for creativity, humour and reaching out to others are opened as well as opportunities and time for learning that are often put on a to do list that we find challenging to get to.

As a school community BelPark staff have shown incredible capacity and speed in taking on and becoming comfortable with a platform and unusual degree of technology. We are all aware that this is not ideal, and our work is tempered with sadness at not being able to be with the students as we normally are. However, students and staff alike are thrilled to see each other and be able to communicate as they are for now, and solve problems around connecting and learning as they go. We certainly are all in this together!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone connected to BelPark for continuing to demonstrate such immense personal strength, positivity and understanding throughout such new and uncharted territory. We continue to be here for our families in whichever way we can, so please continue to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

We hope the Easter bunny finds you healthy and well!

Warm regards,

Jane Gibson


Belvedere Parkway School​

Dec 16
Doohickey December!

Welcome back to the season of warmth, lights, that Christmas feeling and for our children, excitement!


As my sister and I got older, my Gran would often refer to it as ‘thingamajiggy time’ as we found it ever increasingly difficult to find her gifts and she would always end up with at least a few gadget type thingamabobs that got a laugh and then sat in the sideboard on their way to wherever ‘wotsits’ go. All she wanted actually was just to hang out with everyone.


My Gran has since passed away, but last weekend, I found myself scouring the internet for something unusual for my dad and I found ‘nothing’, as in someone was actually selling ‘the gift of nothing’ which looked like a ball of -air! That made me laugh, but also made me think how valuable a message that sent.


We cannot wrap or put a bow on undivided attention, to time, reflection, and kindness or to being there for each other, and we cannot put a price on that either.


For many it is one of our favorite times of year, and for many in our immediate and wider community it is not. They experience incredible stress and guilt because it is almost impossible to provide even a tiny version of the Christmas that our media tell us everyone else is having.


It has been heartwarming to see our students attend to others’ needs by donating to our Mayor’s food drive, be excited to write letters to those less fortunate than themselves in another country, and see (although perhaps not) our invisible Kindness Ninjas performing random acts of appreciation and kindness throughout the school. Check out our photos!


As a community, we are continually modeling the real gifts and our children do not yet realize that they will thank us for being there in so many ways, for all our futures.


I hope you all have a peaceful, joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Just as a reminder – In the spirit of Christmas, any Lost and Found not claimed by December 20 2019 will be donated to Goodwill.


Jane Gibson


Sep 13
September Dates!


​​Ø  School Council meeting Tuesday September 17th 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
​Ø  Terry Fox Run - Wednesday September 18th 2019 at 2:00 PM  Don't forget your Toonies for Terry!
Ø  Please return Harvest BBQ letter by Thursday September 19th (Not the 12th – please excuse that typo on the Harvest BBQ letter that went out today!)
Ø  Learning Conferences -  Thursday September 19th 4:00 – 8:00 PM and Friday September 20th 8:00 AM – 1 PM   No school for Students on Friday September 20th
Ø  Professional Learning day for teachers Monday September 23rd No school for students
Ø  Harvest BBQ Thursday September 26th 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Ø  Orange Shirt Day Monday September 30th Check out

Aug 27
Welcome Back!

Welcome back to all our familiar faces, and a new welcome to all our new ones! We hope you had a wonderful summer with family and friends and are feeling refreshed and ready to go!


As you can see, our Learning gardens are flourishing thanks to everyone’s hard work and the care and vigilance of our School Council parents and volunteers. We are looking forward to another successful Harvest event this September - Thank you!


We are also delighted to see our new Outdoor Sharing Circle nearing completion ready for the start of the school year - check it out!


Our Facility Operator Mr. Lai and his team have been working very hard to get the school ready and it is looking fabulous! All BelPark staff are excited to begin a new year together with all of you!


I am pleased to share some updates to get us started on our 2019-2020 journey together.



We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Sarah Konsmo to our Grade 1/2  team, Mrs. Elise Thomas, Mr. Nicholas Larkin and Ms. Kelly Pattison to our 5/6  team and Mrs. Ramneet Kaur to our Grade 3/4  team. Mrs. Kaur will be in place of Ms. Julie Quennell until her return to Belvedere Parkway.  We are happy to announce our EA Rachel Barnes will be continuing to cover Mrs. Regan’s maternity leave until her return at the end of January.


We are also welcoming Mrs. Toews back in her new role as teacher of our 4/5/6 (Bridges 2) classroom, along with our new Behavior Support worker Jacqueline Mickelson, and their Lunchroom supervisor Kelly Owens.


We also have three more new lunchroom supervisors joining us - Mrs. Nadia Rasool, Mrs. Eiti Kapoor, and Mrs. Lynda Creig. In addition to these new faces, we will have a familiar one joining our front office team, Mrs. Joleen Schneider who will be our new office secretary.



School Council and Parent Association

Our first School Council meeting will be held at 6PM on Tuesday September 17, 2019 in the Learning Commons. We strongly encourage parents to come along and see what we are all aboutJ Our School Council members provide us with valuable feedback, huge support, and along with our Parent Fundraising Association comprise a crucial part of our school community. All are welcome!


 Also starting at 6PM at the October 15 meeting we have a representative of the Alberta School Council Association (ASCA) coming to share a presentation on the role of School Council, and answer questions you may have. We still have some positions available, and there will be refreshments, so don’t miss out!



Your input is valuable to us and from time to time quick one or two question surveys will be sent out to all parents. Please take the time to respond, as this ensures the voices of all parents are heard.


School Fundraisers

The school will be continuing to raise money for a variety of program supports, this year through popcorn sales, Purdy’s chocolates at many Hallmark events throughout the year, as well as School Parent Fundraising initiatives, such as Admazing coupon books and and Healthy Hunger.


Website and School Messenger

We endeavour to do our best to improve our website and keep it updated. Please do let us know if you spot anything inaccurate or missing, so that we can correct any issues. It is extremely important that parents check our school website regularly.  Updates and most information about our school will be housed there. Most often, school messengers sent to parents contain links to relevant information that will take you straight to the appropriate location on the website.


We will be sending out a school messenger tomorrow, Wednesday, 28 August, with details of protocols regarding traffic, parking and bussing. Our first priority is to keep our children safe, and we have to work together to do this. It is very important to respect and uphold traffic and parking rules around the school.​ 

May 02

Dear BelPark Families, 

Great news!

 We have the opportunity for our students to meet our friends from Ranchlands on Thursday May 30th 2019 in Bowness Park. The students at Ranchlands will be bussed down to our school, and arrive at approximately 10:00 AM. We will be buddying up our grades to walk down to Bowness Park for a snack together and the opportunity to play and get to know each other. We will begin to come back to school around 10:50 AM.

Kindergarten Parents:

Please note!    Our timetable for Kindergarten will look a little different on Thursday May 30th 2019.

AM Kindergarten – Will arrive at school as normal (8:00AM), but we ask that they are collected at 11:15AM from their usual location to give them time to walk back from the Park.

PM Kindergarten are welcome to join AM Kindergarten on this particular day but must be picked up from school at 11:15AM along with the AM group of students.

If PM parents do not wish for their children to join the AM group, or are unable to drop off and pick up their children at these times, then PM Kindergarten will still be running at the usual hours for our PM KG students.

A notice will be sent home on Monday in your child's backpack to ask for volunteers and intent to participate for the PM Kindergarten students.

PM Parents - Please complete the bottom portion of this notice and indicate if your PM Kindergarten student will be attending in the morning from 8:00 AM – 11:15 AM or if they will be attending in the afternoon.

Volunteers needed!

We are in great need of parent volunteers on this day, not only to support BelPark students, but also to enjoy the camaraderie and the opportunity to meet some of our new Nolan Hill parents and friends!

This is classed as a community walk to Bowness Park so is not subject to the same acknowledgement of risk forms as a typical field trip. This acknowledgement was made at the beginning of the school year as part of the ‘Welcome Back to School’ package families received. Please note there are risks involved as with any trip and if you do not wish for your child to attend please let your child’s teacher know.

Grade 1-6 parents will be receiving a notice in their child's backpack asking for volunteers on Monday - Please complete the bottom portion of this notice.

Thank you for your support of this special event!​

Apr 25
Open House and Learning Journey!

Dear BelPark and Nolan Hill Families,

Just a reminder that we have our LEARNING JOURNEY and OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday May 1st from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
and our KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION on Thursday May 23rd 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Have a great evening!

Jane Gibson
Belvedere Parkway School​
Apr 02
April - Principal's Message

In like a lion and out like a lamb! We are very happy to see our playing fields back again with us, and have all the water disappear over the March break. It has been wonderful to see the smiles on the students’ faces as the warmer weather has returned, and they are able to move around outside more easily!

We hope everyone had a restful Spring break and enjoyed time with family and friends after a busy March calendar. We would like to thank School Council and Parent Association for funding our DrumFIT equipment which has arrived and will shortly be enjoyed by our students. This is a great opportunity for students to have fun and be physically active!

As part of promoting healthy eating habits, our morning Kindergarten enjoyed a special presentation and reading of “Ollie the boy who became what he ate” by the author and producer of a new children’s television series coming to CBC Kids screens soon.

We had very successful student-led conferences on the 22nd and 23rd March. Parents and students enjoyed sharing learning and celebrating the high standard of work that was evident throughout our school. Please note, while Spring conferences are student-led, you are always welcome to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher at any time.

On a very exciting note Belvedere Parkway School has now been officially recognized as the first Bee City School in Alberta. Our school will be receiving official recognition in a small presentation ceremony on April 16th with the director of Bee City Canada, Shelley Candel, our Eco-Leader Grade 3/4 students and teachers Mrs. Mang and Mrs. Gillon. Our students and teachers have worked very hard to educate themselves and others about solitary (Mason) bees through their Eco-Leaders project which they will be presenting at the Mayors Expo in June. We would also like to thank parent volunteers in their efforts to support this project and help our most efficient pollinators do their work!

The last few months of the remaining year are packed with many exciting things, so we are looking forward to all of themJ Don’t forget we have School Council meeting on April 16th at 6:30 PM. Please join us in welcoming our Trustee Trina Hurdman!

Please note, a friendly reminder not to allow toys to come to school, and to dress your child(ren) accordingly for the weather.

Let’s hope Spring has sprung!!

Warm regards,


Jane Gibson


Feb 04
February - Principal's message

Dear Belvedere Parkway Families,

Here we are in February and the cold weather has only just hit us this weekend! Please remember to bundle students up appropriately for the weather. Should the temperature be -20 degrees or colder with or without the wind chill according to Environment Canada, it will be classed as a ‘Blue Dot’ day and you will see a blue circle posted in our entrance doorways. This signifies we will keep our students inside for recess and they will be allowed to come into the school when supervision starts at 7:45AM, and at recess times.

We continue to take Kindergarten registrations for the Fall, so please do come on in and register if you know your child will be coming and we are your designated school! We appreciate early registrations as it allows us to plan effectively for next year as soon as we can, and this helps everyone!  If you have a neighbor with a little one, please let them know that they are able to come in to register.

Please remember to provide your feedback to Alberta Education through the Accountability Survey. The deadline for completion online has been extended to March 8th.

Many thanks to families who participated in our new bell times survey and Eco-Leaders survey. The results enabled us to cement decisions and inform our future.

Feedback for Bell times changes for 2019-2020:

Bell time survey results.png


Feedback for Eco leaders project: ‘If we build it, will they come?’

 Eco-leaders survey results.png

We are delighted to move forward with our Eco Leaders project and look forward to our students sharing their findings and representing our school at the Mayor’s Expo in June this year.

Thanks to our School Council and Parent Fundraising Association for their support in securing the opportunity to buy school clothing. Our students have reported they feel very proud to be representing their school in this way. We are also in the middle of getting a price quote for new gym mats that will be attached to the walls in our large gym. Many of our gym mats are extremely old and damaged beyond repair. This would not be possible were it not for our parents’ support!

We also received some math resources from Casino funds - Rekenreks – These are great for supporting the development of number sense. Rekenreks are visual models that encourage students to subitize, think of numbers in groups, strengthen counting proficiency, develop addition and subtraction strategies, and gain a better understanding of number relationships.

Our Grandparent Reading Program included an uplifting event last week, as our oldest member celebrated her 100th birthday with us. We were delighted to honor such a significant milestone in Bette’s life, and students and staff enjoyed sharing their tributes and well wishes with her.

Our ‘Learning Journey’ night and Open House for Nolan Hill students and parents has been set for Wednesday the 1st May. Our students are looking forward to sharing their learning with you at this amazing event.  You could also visit various grade levels so you and your children know what’s coming in the future!  This event will also be a wonderful opportunity to promote the excellent learning your child is engaged in each and every day with our new Nolan Hill students and families. We will be promoting this wonderful opportunity to meet and greet new parents and show off student learning and our outstanding community over the next few months.

Stay warm and safe this month!

Warm Regards,


Jane Gibson



Belvedere Parkway School

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A big thanks out to Teena Gilmore for her Garden work and kindness so staff could share in the deliciousness of the harvest🥰Thank you Teena from everyone!!

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Check out our amazing Learning Gardens!! What an incredible harvest❤️huge thanks to all those parents and students that made this happen🤩

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