Dress Code

Indoor Footwear

We ask that parents have their children bring an extra pair of shoes for use inside the school. A pair of running shoes appropriate for gym use would be most suitable, providing safety for your child during gym time or during a fire drill and maintaining the condition of our school floors. Removing outdoor shoes at the entrance doors helps our students keep our learning environment clean.

If your child is unable to tie their shoes, please provide Velcro fastened shoes. 

Headwear (caps, toques, hoodies, headbands)

Students may wear headwear inside the school within the following parameters: 

Learning: When students are wearing caps, toques or have hoods, if a teacher deems it is interfering with the students' learning or impacting others' learning they will be asked to remove their hat and put it in their backpack. If students are asked to remove their hats inside, they are expected to do so respectfully.

Hygiene: Please ask your child to make sure they do not share hats or handle others' headwear. 

Function: Fancy headbands (cat ears, unicorn horns, etc.) may become toys in classrooms, as well as items students ‘share’. Please ensure headbands are functional, i.e. keeping hair out of students’ eyes.

Respect: Hats are not allowed to be worn during any group event where the national anthem will be sung, or Acknowledgement of the Land is shared e.g., Assemblies, music.

Friday Wear

On Fridays our students are encouraged to dress in their School Spirit wear.

ROARS Spirit Wear

School Council asked that we survey students to find out their thoughts about Spirit Wear.  Teachers talked to their students and provided feedback to the admin team to post for families.  Students stated that...

Spirit Wear:

  • promotes community
  • makes us feel like a family
  • helps us remember what we believe
  • shows others that we love our school

When asked what types of spirit wear they would like:

  • t-shirts
  • hoodies
  • toques
  • necklaces
  • socks
  • pants
  • baseball hats

When asked why they are not wearing their current t-shirts:

  • too small
  • don't remember to wear them

When asked if they like to wear spirit wear:

  • most students responded with yes
  • there were a few students who said that they would prefer not to; with more conversation fit and colour came up

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