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Vaccination is an important preventative measure that helps to protect the health of individuals and communities. It is important to keep vaccinations up to date to prevent disease. 

A vaccination consent package was recently sent home with all Grade 6 students indicating which vaccines your child is due for. Please make sure you read the enclosed information carefully and return the signed consent to the school via your child’s classroom teacher. If you choose not to have your child vaccinated, please print ‘Refused’ across the vaccine consent and return to the school via your child’s classroom teacher. 


Feel free to contact me at 403-943-9776. Vaccinations are scheduled to happen on Thursday, Oct 5 morning.

Positive Immunizations 

Thank you, 

Tanya Greig RN BN 


Please report all absences and late entries to our 24-hour Attendance Line at 403-777-6010, ext. 1. See more on our Attendance page.

If your child attends the lunchroom and will be absent, a written notification to lunchroom is required. If you are unable to submit that, please contact the school office and advise the secretary that your child will not be in the lunchroom. The secretary will forward the message to the lunchroom staff.

Illness or Injury

Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell. If a student is ill or injured, the office will contact guardians to inform them of the situation and suggest next steps.


Should your child need medication at any time, a Student Health Plan must be completed and signed. These forms are available in the school office and can be completed together with administration. Staff are not permitted to administer medication, but can supervise students taking certain medications with authorization this form provides. Front Office staff only will do this. We have no medications available in the school.


Please complete a Student Health Plan to ensure the school is aware of any allergies your child may have, and of the treatment necessary in case of an allergic reaction. If the allergy is life-threatening, an Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form must be on file if the administration of allergy medication such as an epi-pen is required. Parents are required to ensure epi-pens or medication sent to school are current and are replaced when expired. EpiPens are kept in the front office unless a parent requests in writing that they be kept elsewhere. EpiPens are taken out of the front office for school trips only.

Community Resources

Here is the contact information for our Community Health Nurse: 

Public Health Nurse 
Northwest Community Health Centre
403-943-9772 - office

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