Lunch Supervision

Our children are supervised by caring and qualified supervisors in the lunchroom and on the playgrounds during the lunch break. Our lead lunchroom supervisor administers and leads this program.

If parents wish to have their children eat at school and/or be supervised during the lunch hour they must register them into the Lunch Supervision Program. Lunchroom fees are paid most easily online via the MyCBE / PowerSchool and are used to pay the salaries of supervisors. A daily drop-in fee of $5.00 will be charged for occasional users.

Students who stay for lunch will not be allowed to leave the school grounds unless signed out by a guardian or an adult authorized by the guardian by letter or email. 

Nut Aware School

Belvedere Parkway is a ‘nut aware’ School. This means that students and staff are aware of all severe peanut allergies within a classroom (students) and school (staff). Student Epi-pens are kept in the front office in accessible pouches and/or in their backpacks. Students will be asked to wash/sanitize their hands before and after eating. 

As some students are eating in classrooms at this time we do request that no nut products are brought to school. If there are students in the classroom with life threatening allergies to other specific foods, the teacher will let families know what not to send to school. We strongly encourage parents to support us in keeping all our students safe by complying in this way.

Litterless Lunches

BelPark is a ‘litterless’ lunch school. This means that students will be bringing home all their containers, sandwich bags, and uneaten food back home. In this way we can ensure parents know what their child has eaten that day and what they have decided not to eat. This also keeps fruit flies within the school to a minimum, as composting collection occurs less frequently here than in a typical home.

Our Lunchroom

There is no hot water available for lunches. No oven or microwave oven is available for heating up foods. If children would like a hot lunch they may use a thermos. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to operate the hot water kettles. 

We also require that students bring their own utensils, such as spoons or forks, if needed. Students must eat their lunch in the allotted time within the lunchroom. They may not take items outside to eat.  

After the children finish their lunches, they will be playing outside except on extremely cold or wet days. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for changing outdoor weather.

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