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Bee City School

Belvedere Parkway School has achieved the accolade as the 'First Bee City School in Alberta!' We have just received official recognition from the director of Bee City Canada, Shelly Candel. Students were thrilled with the opportunity to share their hard work, knowledge and enthusiasm with trustee Trina Hurdman and Shelly when she recently flew in from Toronto to present the Bee City Canada School certification.

Pollinators are one of the most fundamental blocks of our eco-system and solitary bees, such as Mason bees, are 85% - 95% more effective than honey bees in pollinating flowers and plants. Their role is crucial and significantly overlooked.

Students and their teachers Mrs. Gillon and Mrs. Mang hope to attract these bees to settle beside the Belvedere Parkway Learning Gardens where students plant, nurture and share a variety of vegetables and plants every year as part of their school program enrichment. Parents and School Council are an important part of the support for this work and are also excited about the addition of solitary bees to our learning landscape.

Grade 3, 4 and 5 students' Eco Leader Project 'If we build it, will they come?' spear headed the work around building homes for solitary bees and other pollinators and planting local and indigenous flowers and plants to attract them to the Belvedere Parkway Learning Gardens. That project will be shared at the Mayor's Expo in June 2019.

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Munchable Masterpieces! Thank you to our wonderful parent peeps for the tasty appreciation cupcakes they created for our staff! We feel very grateful to have such a kind and supportive parent community!💕 https://t.co/3pFjoFtAdZ

Purdys Fund Raiser! https://t.co/AP6Qre7813 Don’t forget the chocolate lovers’ list!

Popping Pumpkins from Mrs. Schmideder’s Class!! Vibrant and stunning work 👍Good job Peppy Pumpkin Pupils!!! https://t.co/GiGrNmxGyX

Namwayut! We are all One! We are so impressed with the quality of the work by Mrs. Toew’s Grade 4/5/6 class!! Wow! @Indigenous_cbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/zZ4aRc1eT5

A big thanks out to Teena Gilmore for her Garden work and kindness so staff could share in the deliciousness of the harvest🥰Thank you Teena from everyone!! https://t.co/eoK4AyrQJt

Terrific Terry Fox Tuesday BelPark! 😁👍@BelParkCBE https://t.co/5rDZ9ooYrv

Huge thanks to all inside and outside the community in your support of our students in the wake of our Bee Hotel vandalism!! So very heartening💕💕

But wait! ...there’s more!! https://t.co/v0NtFKxdpb

Check out our amazing Learning Gardens!! What an incredible harvest❤️huge thanks to all those parents and students that made this happen🤩 https://t.co/jWtMzeSv5P

#BelPark parents - don’t forget to check our website regularly this summer😁