​​Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities invite students to pursue passions and interests that fall outside the curriculum. These activities can include special interest clubs, arts, music and athletics. Opportunities are offered depending on school resources. ​​


Grades 1-6 Extracurricular Activities

2023-24 School Year

Dear BelPark Families,

This school year we have a number of upcoming opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular events.  Below we have listed some of the events we are looking forward to during the 2023-2024 school year! 



Student Leadership and Advisory Group (includes Spirit Days)

Students will attend a monthly meeting and share information with their classmates (entire year)

Grade 6 students will organize a Cultural day where students come dressed in clothes representative of their family's cultural roots

Students will create and advertise spirit days activities (ex:  crazy hair day)

ROARS Assembly

Students will lead the monthly ROARS assembly (entire year)

Students will be selected each month based on their leadership of ROARS during class, as well as recess and lunch/recess

Students demonstrating ROARS behavior will receive a recognition ticket which goes into a draw each week and every assembly to receive a token of appreciation for their good deeds.


Students will collect recycling from each classroom and each shared space (weekly)

Paper recycling will be placed into the school's grey bins

Larger recycling will be taken to the large bins on the north and south side of the school

Office Helpers

Students will count and handout newsletters and other items

Students will support fundraising opportunities 

Eco Leadership

Students will learn about the environment supported by our Bee City and care for our Learning Gardens

Orff the Wall

Selected students will practice and preform at the Jack Singer Concert Hall

Choir Club


Fine Arts Club

Students will rehearse and perform at school events


Students will learn to create specific pieces of art following specific techniques


Students will learn various sports games

Students will play games against other teams in their school division

Sportsmanship will be key within this club

Thank you BelPark teachers for taking on these diverse opportunities for our students to engage in!

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