One way parents/guardians can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on our school’s parent society. Parent societies are a formal group of parents, incorporated under the Societies Act for the purpose of raising funds for the school. A society is a separate legal entity from the school council. The school principal is not part of this group. More information can be found in our CBE Administrative Regulation 5001 – School Councils and School/Parent Societies.​​

Parent Society

Coco Brooks Fund Raiser!

Hello BelPark Families!

We are excited to launch a new fundraiser with Coco Brooks. They offer a great selection of frozen pizzas, cookie dough, pastas, chicken, sausages, and much more! Click on the link to create your seller account, which you can share with family and friends, to buy from your personal sales page. 
Our school’s seller code is: inbye-scull
This code is not for your customers to buy with. They will need to sign in as a customer using your unique seller code found under “invite customers” on your dashboard. 
You can find a list of products here:
Orders are open until February 9th, and will be delivered to the school on February 23rd.

Thanks for your continued support,

Belvedere Parkway Parent Fundraising Association

Parent Fund Raising Association Updates!

The Bel-Park Parent Fundraising Association organizes several fundraisers each school year.  The money raised from these fundraisers is used to purchase a variety of products and services to enrich the students' learning experience at school.  The PFA also organizes volunteering at casinos. These are only available typically every 18 months, but make up a large portion of the funds that are distributed, as we can earn up to $80,000! The importance of these casino funds cannot be overstated. *For our next casino, we have been offered a spot over the summer months. This is not ideal for a school run fundraiser, but we are hoping parents will step up and help us meet our volunteer requirements. If you would like you be added to our casino call out list, please email so we can keep you updated as to when we get our slot.*

During the 2020-2021 school year, the PFA was able to raise over $8000.  This money was from fundraisers like:
- Fill-your-freezer
-Mom's pantry
-Big Box of cards
-Healthy Hunger
-Growing Smiles
-Year-end raffle.

During the 2020-2021 school year, the PFA was also able to distribute almost $25,000.  Highlights from these expenditures were:
-Math-up license
-New outdoor tables and benches
-Festiveness party
-Voice amplifiers for teachers
-Marty Chan residence
-Michael Bourda the magician
-Funnel basketball hoops
-Young writers workshop
-Garden supplies
And many more.

It's important to remember that without the parent volunteers that organize these fundraisers, our school would not have access to any of these things.  Everyone is welcome to join the PFA. If you are interested in getting involved email

Parent Fund-Raising Association Resources

This group of parent volunteers organizes the casino fundraising event and other fundraising initiatives that parents lead.

Please access the link below for all School Council related materials, including:

  • Current fundraising activities
  • Meeting dates
  • Past minutes
  • Board members
  • Volunteer information

Time: Our meetings take place directly following the School Council meetings. Please refer to the School Council dates via School Council page.

Our Members:

President: Breanne Dollar

Vice-President: Tess McCormick

Secretary: Melissa Rosling

Treasurer: Gord Mills

Casino Chair: Lorraine Unger

Voting Members: 

Miranda Laroque

Teena Gilmore

Daryl Morrow

Karen Philips

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Munchable Masterpieces! Thank you to our wonderful parent peeps for the tasty appreciation cupcakes they created for our staff! We feel very grateful to have such a kind and supportive parent community!💕

Purdys Fund Raiser! Don’t forget the chocolate lovers’ list!

Popping Pumpkins from Mrs. Schmideder’s Class!! Vibrant and stunning work 👍Good job Peppy Pumpkin Pupils!!!

Namwayut! We are all One! We are so impressed with the quality of the work by Mrs. Toew’s Grade 4/5/6 class!! Wow! @Indigenous_cbe #WeAreCBE

A big thanks out to Teena Gilmore for her Garden work and kindness so staff could share in the deliciousness of the harvest🥰Thank you Teena from everyone!!

Terrific Terry Fox Tuesday BelPark! 😁👍@BelParkCBE

Huge thanks to all inside and outside the community in your support of our students in the wake of our Bee Hotel vandalism!! So very heartening💕💕

But wait! ...there’s more!!

Check out our amazing Learning Gardens!! What an incredible harvest❤️huge thanks to all those parents and students that made this happen🤩

#BelPark parents - don’t forget to check our website regularly this summer😁