Learning Commons / Library

Moving towards a Learning Commons at Belvedere Parkway

This year staff, students and parents will be developing a vision and timeline for our Learning Commons area. We have already assessed, reviewed and culled the book/text content of this space and are looking forward to all our new books being shelved in the next few weeks.

We would like to thank all our Grade 5 and 6 students for helping to make this process successful. Together we make a difference! Mrs. Bremner couldn't have done it without you:)

With the development of the new Programs of Study, we will also be looking for ways to best meet the learning needs of our students bearing in mind what motivates and challenges them.

The guiding principles around our vision would include:

  • Making our space agile, mobile and sensitive to the needs of our learners.
  • A wide range of shared resources such as technology, Makerspace equipment, effective access to library books.
  • Comfortable, collaborative multi-purpose spaces for a variety of learners and learning.
  • Honoring and developing the creativity in our students through STEAM based activities and learning opportunities.
  • Interactive and informative displays celebrating and documenting student learning processes.
  • Providing opportunities for authentic and inquiry based learning.
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​Learning Commons at the CBE

Today’s learners cannot imagine life without the internet and supporting technology. The concept of the traditional library is changing to include technology, online tools and spaces for collaboration and exploration.​​​

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