Resource Lists & Advice

Here are some resources that students and parents might find interesting and helpful:

Raz Kids
The award-winning website where students go to read — anytime, anywhere!

Tumble Books

More Starfall
Follow this link for More Starfall! Read books, learn letters, and work on your reading skills!

Typing Typing Typing!
Remember to put your fingers on the home row keys. You will get faster, promise!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Math manipulatives that work great on home computers and on SMART Boards in the classroom.

More Virtual Math Manipulatives!
Fantastic virtual manipulatives to help you understand how to solve those hard math problems!

IXL Math Practice
Online mathematics practice and lessons for students to practice their math skills!

Browse the CBE Library Catalogue for books within school libraries. Make sure to change the library to "Keeler" or you will be looking through ALL libraries operated by the Calgary Board of Education!

Follow this link to watch background videos about all sorts of things! 
This site has a number of videos that are extremely helpful for understanding challenging math concepts. You do not need to sign up, just search for your topic, watch the videos, and try it out!

Visit to read current stories written for students the elementary grades. 
This is a great site to keep current and to explore topics such as technology, politics, and sports, among others. There are also some follow up questions and activities after each article.

Teaching Books
You know that favourite author? That book you can't put down? Find a ton of extra information, hear them talk about their writing process, and learn what makes them tick!

Grade 1-2 :  Building Mathematical Conceptual Understanding and Fluency through Games

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