Working Together at Bishop Pinkham School 

Bishop Pinkham School strives to be a community in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Home and school share the responsibility for appropriate social behaviour. By working together we can encourage positive student conduct. 

To address the problems of harassment and bullying, staff and students are taught how to identify inappropriate behaviours and how to respond to these behaviours. Victims or witnesses of harassment or bullying should seek out the assistance of school personnel to mediate the conflict. 

If parents know or suspect that their child is being harassed or bullied, they should talk to their child's teacher or an administrator. 

School administrators and teachers will work together to maintain a safe and secure environment for all students. The school appreciates the support of parents when dealing with behavior unbecoming of a Bishop Pinkham Citizen. When responding to unacceptable student behaviour, a teacher or principal might consider a number of consequences including, but not limited to: 

a) detention
b) alternate supervised location
c) short term removal of privileges or
d) community service.

General Behaviour - Expectations are that students at Bishop Pinkham:

  • be diligent in pursuing studies
  • attend school regularly and punctually
  • cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services
  • comply with the rules of the school
  • account to teachers for conduct
  • respect the rights of others

Additionally, students have created the Bishop Pinkham School Charter of Rights and Responsibilities to ensure an optimum learning environment for all. Students should familiarize themselves with the charter and abide by its code of conduct so that everyone has the opportunity to be successful at Bishop Pinkham School.  

To be accorded the following rights:

All people at Bishop Pinkham School demonstrate the following responsibilities
The right to be heard 
Express opinions in a respectful way
Respect the opinions of others 
The right to learn Support the learning of others
Seek help to gain understanding
Complete assigned work to the best of your ability
Come to class prepared to work
The right to be treated with respect and understanding Practice caring, common sense, courtesy, communication, and consideration
Practice tolerance and understanding
Be accountable for behavior and learning
The right to be myselfMake positive decisions according to good personal values
Make choices that support our school
Treat ourselves and others with dignity
The right to be safe and secureLook out for one another
Respect the welfare of people and property

Expectations in Specific Areas

In the Classroom

  • Strive to be on time and come prepared
  • Have homework done and assignments complete
  • Be courteous and considerate of staff and students
  • Be helpful to substitute teachers
  • Strive for personal excellence the library
  • Contribute to a productive learning area
  • Keep any necessary discussion within the table area
  •  Keep area clean
  • All food items are not permitted
  • Gaming’ is not acceptable on the computers

In the Band Program

Band students/families please refer to the music Bishop Pinkham website under the music section for information specifically about band at Band Parents Music Association.

In the Cafeteria

  • Purchase food and then go to designated eating areas
  • Be considerate of others
  • Clean personal eating space when finished
  • Keep noise level to a minimum
  • Be courteous and respectful to everyone

On the Bus

Student behaviour while riding the bus can positively or negatively affect the safety of all. Bus misconducts may result in loss of riding privileges. Bus regulations are available at our main office.

The buses run on strict schedules to accommodate a second run with another school. After school, students are responsible for moving to the buses immediately. Buses depart 10 minutes after the dismissal bell. Students who miss the bus are responsible for arranging their own way home.

With our Neighbors in the Community

Bishop Pinkham students have a reputation for being upstanding citizens who respect the homes and businesses in the Lakeview community. To uphold this reputation, students are asked to stay off all private property. The condominiums and church property across from the school are off-limits to all students. Students are also asked to behave in a respectful, appropriate manner when traveling through the community and visiting parks or business establishments.

Panther Team Expectations

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Treat the decisions of coaches, referees and teachers in a positive manner
  • Arrive on time, attend all practices, games and meetings
  • Notify the coach beforehand if missing a practice, meeting, or game
  • Give 100% effort in classroom, in the school, and for the team
  • Represent the school in a positive manner
  • Display sportsmanlike conduct 

Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol, and Gambling

The premises of the Calgary Board of Education are designated as smoke-free environments at all times. Smoking is also prohibited within sight of the school. Matches, lighters or any other paraphernalia associated with smoking should not be brought to school. Parents will be notified when a student is caught smoking during the school day.

Students face serious disciplinary action if they are:

  • in possession of alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • knowingly in the company of others who possess or are using drugs or alcohol
  • distributing alcohol or drugs to other students
  • gambling in any way

Please note that community activities with inappropriate use of illicit substances that impact the climate of the school are also subject to disciplinary intervention. As with any behavior that involves criminal activity, the school resource officer may be involved. Parents are also notified. Disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including suspension

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