Dress Code

Because school is considered to be preparation for the eventual world of work, our dress code is intended to reflect the awareness of what is appropriate to wear given the time and this place of learning. Our community standards are:

  • School appropriateness of dress applies to clothing with messages inappropriate for school, such as drugs, alcohol, or other adult themes.

  • Modesty is about not showing too much of ourselves and recognizing that understandings of the term may vary. The same criteria apply for students and staff equally: workplaces are not a place to display your midriff, your underwear, your underarms (muscle shirts or spaghetti straps), or other "parts", regardless of gender. 

The intended outcome of this standard is to ensure that all members of our community share the expectation to model welcoming, caring, respectful and safe behaviour.  

Essentially, this is the same dress code that has been in effect for many years in many schools, despite changing trends in fashion. It means not wearing muscle shirts, tank tops, crop tops, pajamas, excessively short shorts, or excessively torn clothing in general. Clothes should not be see-through / underwear should not be visible. 

If required, we will ask our young people to put on more work appropriate clothes. If they refuse, we will seek parent support, as we want to get on with the job of teaching and learning. We hope to receive parent support; otherwise, it undermines the collaborative and supportive relationship schools depend on to help students through more complex challenges should they arise.


Physical Education Gym Strip

All students are required to change for Phys-Ed into gym strip and to have non marking appropriate footwear (running shoes that are tied). Two options for gym strip:

1. Either purchase new shirt and/or shorts or re-use past Bishop Pinkham Gym Strip. 

2. If families do not wish to purchase gym strip from the school, they can bring their own, however the following requirements are mandatory:

  • Plain grey shirt with a sleeve (preferably cotton). Must not have any logos or advertising.
  • Solid blue shorts without pockets – length must be long enough that with arm extended, shorts reach end of index finger. Also no logos or advertising.

Appropriate clothing is expected to be worn by all members of our school community in all possible school activities such as dances, extracurricular activities and field trip experiences. 

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