Dress Code

It is recognized that there is a diversity of opinion in society as to what constitutes suitable dress for school activities. In addition, standards of dress may differ somewhat among schools, depending on the varying standards of communities. Please see the following link for the Calgary Board of Education’s Standards of Dress & Grooming.

Outdoor Clothing

  • Please dress appropriately for the weather. 
  • Outdoor activities relating to the school in the winter often require warm coats, gloves, and headwear. This includes gym activities, busing, and field trips.

Physical Education Gym Strip 

With current Covid Protocols: Without regular change room access, our Phys Ed team recommends students layer clothing effectively for physical activity and, for the purposes of safety, have non-marking appropriate footwear. Ideally, this would be athletic shoes or other closed-toe footwear that ensures safe participation in the planned activity.   

Two options for layering for Phys-Ed: 

1. Wear a clean Bishop Pinkham Gym shirt over undergarments.  

2. If families do not wish to purchase gym strip from the school, they can bring their own.  

Assuming there are no Covid protocols, BP gym strip (t-shirts and shorts) may be purchased from the school. We sell shorts, T-Shirts, sweatsand hoodies with the school logo. It is most beneficial that students wear proper gym attire in order to fully participate in physical education. Proper gym attire consists of a t-shirt and shorts (different from the clothing a student wears to school) as well as proper athletic shoes.    

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