Breakfast Program

Bowcroft is extremely fortunate to have been chosen as one of four Calgary schools that will participate in Alberta Education’s School Nutrition Pilot Program. The program will provide students the opportunity to receive all or part of a daily breakfast consisting of the four food groups. This is being provided at no cost.

The program follows the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth, and will provide food choices such as cereal, muffins, milk, fresh fruit and eggs. Calgary Meals on Wheels will provide the food choices offered. Every student can participate whether they have had breakfast at home or not. If they are hungry, they can eat! Parents and staff members are also welcome to join them for a meal.

The program not only provides opportunities for students to try new foods, it is also provide an opportunity for social interaction outside of the classroom. To learn more about the school nutrition program, please visit: or contact Nancy Seefried, Breakfast Supervisor and Lead Lunch Supervisor:

Our breakfast program runs daily from 8:40 AM to 9:00 AM, and is free for all students. Students who arrive at school after 9:00 AM may ‘grab and go’. This means they are permitted to take certain food items (excluding milk) into the classroom to start their day.

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