Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalJana Macdonald
Assistant Principal Ryan Emond (Student Surnames A-K)
Assistant PrincipalGallant, Robyn, (Student Surnames L-Z)
Administrative AssistantKuntz, Donna, dmkuntz@cbe.ab.ca, 2165

Teaching Staff

DepartmentName, Email, Voicemail
Success CentreAllan, Doug, djallan@cbe.ab.ca, 2155
Athletic Director, Physical EducationAllison, Corey, wcallison@cbe.ab.ca, 3033
EnglishAmbrozy, Pamela, paambrozy@cbe.ab.ca, 
CTS - Construction / Trades CentreBagnall, Bradly, bdbagnall@cbe.ab.ca, 3082
ScienceBarrows, Will, wsbarrows@cbe.ab.ca, 3145
CTS - Psychology / International Program / ELLBath, Corinne, chbath@cbe.ab.ca, 2141
Student Services Learning Leader
(student surnames L-Z)
Berry, Dawn, daberry@cbe.ab.ca, 2151
English Learning LeaderBritton, Adria, adbritton@cbe.ab.ca, 3014
ScienceBugler, Kirk, kjbugler@cbe.ab.ca, 3219
PLPBymoen, Jodi, jsbymoen@cbe.ab.ca, 3046
Social StudiesCaron, Rob, rlcaron@cbe.ab.ca, 3229
Cosmetology Bookings403-777-7258
CTSCreary, John, jfcreary@cbe.ab.ca, 3040
Culinary Arts Office3223
CTS Learning Leader Daines-Smith, Dana, dmdainessmit@cbe.ab.ca, 3064
Fine ArtsExley, Gillian, giexley@cbe.ab.ca, 3001
Social Studies Farrell, Carrie, cafarrell@cbe.ab.ca, 3002
CTS - Culinary ArtsFedosoff, Robert, rofedosoff@cbe.ab.ca, 3223
Physical Education / HPAD CoordinatorFletcher, Justin, jafletcher@cbe.ab.ca, 
EnglishFriesen, Melanie, mefriesen@cbe.ab.ca, 3085
MathGreenfield, Sarah, sjgreenfield@cbe.ab.ca
Physical Education Learning LeaderGroves, Sam, sagroves@cbe.ab.ca, 3147
Social Studies / EnglishJohnstone, Julia, jujohnstone@cbe.ab.ca, 3060
Social Studies Learning LeaderJoyce, Bill, wmjoyce@cbe.ab.ca, 3211
Social Studies / SpanishKerrison, Bryant, brkerrison@cbe.ab.ca, 3027
PE/HPADKlimushko, Richard, rtklimushko@cbe.ab.ca, 3074
Science Learning LeaderKristiansen, Laura, llkristiansen@cbe.ab.ca, 3222
MusicKrushel, Keith, kjkrushel@cbe.ab.ca, 2133
CTS - CosmetologyLangford, Stephanie, stlangford@cbe.ab.ca, 2113
CTS - Culinary ArtsLevin, Elana, ellevin@cbe.ab.ca, 
MathLau, Isabel, imlau@cbe.ab.ca, 3081
Off Campus/Work ExperienceLee, Jean, jelee@cbe.ab.ca, 3136
ScienceLowden, Denise, dclowden@cbe.ab.ca, 3000
EnglishLychak, Lisa, lilychak@cbe.ab.ca, 3209
Physical EducationMarschall, Sharlene, smmarschall@cbe.ab.ca, 3149
Fine Arts Learning LeaderMartin, Alison, avmartin@cbe.ab.ca, 2127
MathMcGowan, Clive, cmmcGowan@cbe.ab.ca, 3022
Computer ScienceMcKiernan, Breege, brmckiernan@cbe.ab.ca, 3122
Social StudiesNewton, Alaina, alrnewton@cbe.ab.ca, 3091
Engineering / ScienceOwen, David, dlowen@cbe.ab.ca, 2203
Success CentrePearce, Emily, empearce@cbe.ab.ca, 2171
CTS - MechanicsRoberts, Evan, evroberts@cbe.ab.ca, 2130
Social StudiesRoot, Scott, srroot@cbe.ab.ca, 3053
MathSchmidt, Terri-Ann, teschmidt@cbe.ab.ca, 3006
ScienceStan, Michelle, mistan@cbe.ab.ca, 3080
Physical Education / HPAD CoordinatorStewart, Diana, dmstewart@cbe.ab.ca, 2136
Student Services (student surnames A-K)Stroh, Jason, jtstroh@cbe.ab.ca, 2150
ScienceToews, Rachel, ratoews@cbe.ab.ca, 3055
MathVasas, Dylan, dyvasas@cbe.ab.ca, 3228
Math/AutomotivesVorhies, Andrew, atvorhies@cbe.ab.ca, 3057
Walsh, Deanne, djwalsh@cbe.ab.ca, 
Science/PE/CALMWhite, Julie, jnwhite@cbe.ab.ca, 3168
Math Learning LeaderWilkins, Judy, jawilkins@cbe.ab.ca, 3227
ScienceWilliams, Wendy, wawilliams@cbe.ab.ca, 3018

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Library AssistantAafreen, Tazeen, taaafreen@cbe.ab.ca, 5175
Education AssistantAnderson, Elizabeth, elanderson@cbe.ab.ca
CTS - Baking InstructorBarone, Daniella, dabarone@cbe.ab.ca, 3322
Cosmetology TechnicianCopithorne, Shannon,   sccopithorne@cbe.ab.ca, 3073
Student Services SecretaryDunn, Laurie, ladunn@cbe.ab.ca, 2112
SIS AssistantGrainger, Bonnie, bjgrainger@cbe.ab.ca, 2162
Education AssistantHenderson, Jessica, jehenderson@cbe.ab.ca
Education AssistantHood, Debbie, dmhood@cbe.ab.ca
Success Coach, All In For YouthLawryk, Allison, aylawryk@cbe.ab.ca, 3156
Science TechnicianKhorsand, Arezoo, arkhorsand@cbe.ab.ca, 2045
Administrative AssistantKuntz, Donna, dmkuntz@cbe.ab.ca, 2165
CTS - Food PrepMendoza, Jaime, jfmendoza@cbe.ab.ca, 3321
Education AssistantMirzaei, Kathy, kamirzaei@cbe.ab.ca
CTS - MechanicsNelson, Troy, tsnelson@cbe.ab.ca, 2130
Business ManagerTudda, Josie, jgtudda@cbe.ab.ca, 2110
Office AssistantWetmore, Jennifer, jawetmore@cbe.ab.ca, 2159
School TechnologyYan, Felix, feyan@cbe.ab.ca
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There are no classes for students on Friday, Oct 7 because it is a system-wide non-instructional day. All of our schools and offices are closed on Monday, Oct 10 for Thanksgiving. Have a safe long weekend! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/LcAAnLXAkM

RT @prairieskycbe: “I feel good looking at books because I know how to read them and I like to look at the pictures.” Thank you Monterey Park School for letting us look at all your books 💙✨💙 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/FC4nUCUsQq

The Level Up, Calgary Minecraft Challenge has been recognized with a Minister’s Awards for Municipal and Public Library Excellence in the Partnership Category: City of Calgary (with CBE and Microsoft Canada) #WeAreCBE #CBEminecraft https://t.co/b1Dq4qdbuD

It’s World Teachers’ Day! Teachers make a real difference in the lives of students & their families. Thank you CBE teachers for everything you do! #WeAreCBE Check out this video with members of the community talking about the difference teachers make: https://t.co/6hzElwMu13

Congratulations to Vicki Fernandez from @ronsouthernsch & Veronique Brunelle from @AberhartHS_CBE, recipients of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence and Teaching Excellence in STEM! #WeAreCBE Read more: https://t.co/7BK9ZbfAoT https://t.co/raFfeCT8xj https://t.co/7HEe8zDfjR

RT @yyCBEdu: It’s Custodial Staff Appreciation Day! We recognize all of the FES staff who work hard to keep our buildings clean and safe for students, staff and families. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/QParAOF9K2

It’s Custodial Staff Appreciation Day! We recognize all of the FES staff who work hard to keep our buildings clean and safe for students, staff and families. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/QParAOF9K2

RT @DHarkness_CBE: Using The Witness Blanket @CMHR_News as a point of entry and reflection, students created their own Witness Blanket display 🧡@yyCBEdu @Indigenous_cbe @Area4CBE https://t.co/vb193Vp02P