Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalJana Macdonald
Assistant Principal Tracy Dalton (Last names L-Z)
Assistant Principal Ryan Emond (Last names A-K)
Administrative AssistantKuntz, Donna, dmkuntz@cbe.ab.ca

Teaching Staff

DepartmentName, Email, Voicemail
Success CentreAllan, Doug, djallan@cbe.ab.ca, 2155
Athletic Director, Physical EducationAllison, Corey, wcallison@cbe.ab.ca, 3033
CTS - Construction / Trades CentreBagnall, Bradly, bdbagnall@cbe.ab.ca, 3082
ScienceBarrows, Will, wsbarrows@cbe.ab.ca, 3145
CTS - Psychology / International Program / ELLBath, Corinne, chbath@cbe.ab.ca, 2141
Student ServicesBerry, Dawn, daberry@cbe.ab.ca, 2150
English Britton, Adria, adbritton@cbe.ab.ca, 3014
ScienceBugler, Kirk, kjbugler@cbe.ab.ca, 3219
Social StudiesCaron, Rob, rlcaron@cbe.ab.ca, 3229
English Learning LeaderCheney, Brian, bacheney@cbe.ab.ca, 3037
Cosmetology Bookings403-777-7258
CTS / Fine ArtsCrawford, Lori, lccrawford@cbe.ab.ca, 3012
CTSCreary, John, jfcreary@cbe.ab.ca, 3040
Culinary Arts Office3223
CTS Learning Leader Daines-Smith, Dana, dmdainesSmit@cbe.ab.ca, 3064
Fine ArtsExley, Gillian, giexley@cbe.ab.ca, 3001
Social Studies Farrell, Carrie, cafarrell@cbe.ab.ca, 3002
CTS - Culinary ArtsFedosoff, Robert, rofedosoff@cbe.ab.ca, 3223
Physical Education / HPAD CoordinatorFletcher, Justin, jafletcher@cbe.ab.ca, 
EnglishFriesen, Melanie, mefriesen@cbe.ab.ca, 3085
MathGreenfield, Sarah, sjgreenfield@cbe.ab.ca
Physical Education Learning LeaderGroves, Sam, sagroves@cbe.ab.ca, 3147
English / School/Teacher Development Learning LeaderHurley, Ryan, rjhurley@cbe.ab.ca, 3069
Social Studies / EnglishJohnstone, Julia, jujohnstone@cbe.ab.ca, 3060
Social Studies Learning LeaderJoyce, Bill, wmjoyce@cbe.ab.ca, 3211
Social Studies / SpanishKerrison, Bryant, brkerrison@cbe.ab.ca, 3027
Science Learning LeaderKristiansen, Laura, llkristiansen@cbe.ab.ca, 3222
MusicKrushel, Keith, kjkrushel@cbe.ab.ca, 2133
CTS - CosmetologyLangford, Stephanie, stlangford@cbe.ab.ca, 2113
CTS - Culinary ArtsLevin, Elana, ellevin@cbe.ab.ca, 
MathLau, Isabel, imlau@cbe.ab.ca, 3081
Student Services (A-K)Lee, Jean, jelee@cbe.ab.ca, 2151
ScienceLowden, Denise, dclowden@cbe.ab.ca, 3000
EnglishLychak, Lisa, lilychak@cbe.ab.ca, 3209
Physical EducationMarschall, Sharlene, smmarschall@cbe.ab.ca, 3149
Fine Arts Learning LeaderMartin, Alison, avmartin@cbe.ab.ca, 2127
CTS - Computer ScienceMcComiskey, Ryan, jkmccomiskey@cbe.ab.ca, 3122
MathMcGowan, Clive, cmmcGowan@cbe.ab.ca, 3022
Engineering / ScienceOwen, David, dlowen@cbe.ab.ca, 2203
PLPPasquarelli, Nicole, nfpasquarelli@cbe.ab.ca, 3046
Success CentrePearce, Emily, empearce@cbe.ab.ca, 2171
Social StudiesRoot, Scott, srroot@cbe.ab.ca, 3053
MathSchmidt, Terri-Ann, teschmidt@cbe.ab.ca, 3006
ScienceStan, Michelle, mistan@cbe.ab.ca, 3080
Physical Education / HPAD CoordinatorStewart, Diana, dmstewart@cbe.ab.ca, 2136
ScienceToews, Rachel, ratoews@cbe.ab.ca, 3055
MathVasas, Dylan, dyvasas@cbe.ab.ca, 3228
CTS - MechanicsVorhies, Andrew, atvorhies@cbe.ab.ca, 2130
Dance / Physical Education / French
Walsh, Deanne, djwalsh@cbe.ab.ca, 
Math Learning LeaderWilkins, Judy, jawilkins@cbe.ab.ca, 3227
ScienceWilliams, Wendy, wawilliams@cbe.ab.ca, 3018
Physical EducationWright, Chris, rcwright@cbe.ab.ca, 3074

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Library AssistantAafreen, Tazeen, taaafreen@cbe.ab.ca, 5175
Education AssistantAnderson, Elizabeth, elanderson@cbe.ab.ca
CTS - MechanicsAquino, Gerard, gvaquino@cbe.ab.ca, 2130
Cosmetology TechnicianCopithorne, Shannon,   sccopithorne@cbe.ab.ca, 3073
Student Services SecretaryDunn, Laurie, ladunn@cbe.ab.ca, 2112
SIS AssistantGrainger, Bonnie, bjgrainger@cbe.ab.ca, 2162
Education AssistantHenderson, Jessica, jehenderson@cbe.ab.ca
Education AssistantHood, Debbie, dmhood@cbe.ab.ca
Success Coach, All In For YouthLawryk, Allison, aylawryk@cbe.ab.ca, 3156
Science TechnicianKhorsand, Arezoo, arkhorsand@cbe.ab.ca, 2045
Administrative AssistantKuntz, Donna, dmkuntz@cbe.ab.ca, 2165
CTS - Food PrepMendoza, Jaime, jfmendoza@cbe.ab.ca, 3321
Education AssistantMirzaei, Kathy, kamirzaei@cbe.ab.ca
CTS - MechanicsNelson, Troy, tsnelson@cbe.ab.ca, 2130
CTS - Baking InstructorRutorford, Nahnciaa, ntrutorford@cbe.ab.ca, 3322
Business ManagerTudda, Josie, jgtudda@cbe.ab.ca, 2110
Office AssistantWetmore, Jennifer, jawetmore@cbe.ab.ca, 2159
School TechnologyYan, Felix, feyan@cbe.ab.ca
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Friday, Sept 24 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures #WeAreCBE https://t.co/2BCAzks4jb

RT @UsihChristopher: We all recognize the benefits of in-person learning. We are doing everything we can to minimize transmission of COVID-19 in our schools. We NEED your help! To all employees and students (who are eligible): Please get vaccinated as quickly as possible. Thanks for sharing message!

Thank you @JackJamesHS for sharing information about the history of Treaty 7 on the anniversary of its signing #WeAreCBE #WeAreAllTreatyPeople https://t.co/QeXj9cNonO

RT @Indigenous_cbe: Today is fall equinox - a time when daylight & nighttime share the sky equally. Today is also Treaty 7 Day - the 144th anniversary of the signing of Treaty 7. The 🌞 & 🌙s equality today teaches us how to honour the treaty...by walking together in equal partnership. #welcomeoko https://t.co/7nUdmGVAVL

A number of CBE schools have participated in #StudentVoteCanada last week and today to learn about democracy in action #WeAreCBE https://t.co/XugrIa8ZpC