Sep 05
Hello Trojan families, and Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year!

If we haven’t had the chance to meet, I am Jana Macdonald and I am the proud Principal of Bowness High School.  I hope you have had a safe summer break.  It has certainly been a tough few months for so many people due to wildfires.  It is never lost on me how fortunate we have been in the Calgary area.  We have been busy at work tying up loose ends to ensure a smooth start up next week.  We will welcome our teaching staff today, August 28, our support staff on the August 30 and our caretaking team has been hard at work all summer ensuring the building is ready for our students’ return. 

We are in the final stages of a construction project to have three new classrooms added to our school.  Right now, the contractors cannot confirm if they will be turned over to us when we begin on August 31st but we have a Plan B in place and no students will be learning in hallways or common areas.  After ten years of experience with construction projects, I would have been more surprised if the classrooms would have been ready as there are always unforeseen challenges when you are working in a school that was built in 1956.  Rest assured, the building is safe for occupancy and the final construction will take place after school hours whenever possible.  There should not be any disruptions in learning whatsoever. 

I am excited to welcome new staff members to our building, most due to an increase in our student population. In no particular order:

Chris Davidson – Assistant Principal. Please note that I have hired a third AP thus the alpha splits have changed slightly as outlined below: 

  • Last names A-G will have the student support team of Mr. Emond, Assistant Principal, Mr. Stroh in Student Services and Ms. Pearce in the Success Centre. 
  • H-O will have Ms. Gallant as Assistant Principal, Ms. MacLaren in Student Services, Ms. Pearce (H-K) and Mr. Allan (L-O). 
  • Alpha P-Z will have the aforementioned Mr. Davidson along with Ms. Berry in Student Services and Mr. Allan in the Success Centre.

Melissa MacLaren – Student Services/Guidance
Cheryl Folstrom – Cosmetology Instructor
Cody Price – Mechanics
Adolpho Scollo – Baking Instructor
Stacey Sutton – Physics/Pre-Engineering
Donald Boake – Mathematics
Katie Ford – English Language Arts/English as an Additional Language
Coralee Dahl – Cosmetology
Brad Squires – English Language Arts/English as an Additional Language
T.J. Herd – Science/Mathematics
Michael Lisboa-Smith – Social Studies
Steven Walker – Mathematics
Wendy Tran – Mathematics
Tyler Pelkey – Social Studies
Minnie Martinez – Psychology/Career and Life Management
Sarah Beech – Indigenous Students Support Learning Leader
Chris Wright – welcoming him back from a year’s leave as Learning Leader/Coordinator of High Performance Athlete Development (HPAD)

In addition to the wonderful people above, I will also be hiring a Learning Leader of Physical Education this week.  So many wonderful new staff members to make Bowness an even greater place for students to learn.

Attached will be information regarding specifics of start up for our students.  A school is only a building when we don’t have our students here so I very much look forward to next week when the heart of Bowness is back.  Students who want to try out/participate in fall sports should be ready to go as tryouts will happen shortly after start-up.  If you have questions about athletics, please reach out to Mr. Justin Fletcher who will be our Athletics’ Director this year (  If you have questions about fees, please reach out to Josie Tudda, our Business Manager (  General inquires can be made to Donna Kuntz, our Administrative E Office Assistant ( ).  Our Student Services’ team sent an email out to you on August 14th walking you through requests for timetable changes so please refer to that email for specifics. 

An upcoming date of interest is our Meet the Teacher evening.  More details will be sent but please save the date if you would like to attend (Thursday, September 7 – assembly in Main Gym at 6:30 followed by a timetable rotation of your child’s schedule).  Additionally, our first School Council meeting will be at Bowness at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, September 13th.  All are welcome.  Please use the entry by the yellow pillars as we meet in the Cafeteria. 

Finally, I want to share our communication flow-chart with you.  If there are issues in a class, we ask that you first communicate and problem solve with the teacher in question.  Your student should, as much as possible, be a direct part of this process as we want to help them build skills in problem solving and self-advocacy. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, please contact the Assistant Principal attached to your alpha.  If further mediation is required, I am happy to jump in and collaborate towards an acceptable solution. 

I am looking forward to another great Green and Gold year here at Bowness.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for entrusting your children to me and my team.  We want the best for each and every student and will work hard for you all.  Students – see you in a few days!


Mrs. Jana Macdonald
Principal, Bowness High School

Jul 11
Year-End Message to the Community

As we come to the end of the school year, I would like to thank the staff, students, and families of our community for your dedication to Bowness High School.  Having worked in multiple schools I can say, definitively, that there is something special about this building.  I am proud to be connected to this community and appreciate the kindness and love that has been sent our way this year. 

To our staff, caretakers, support staff and teachers, thank you for the dedication you have demonstrated each and every day.  You are the heart and soul of this building and I am honoured to work alongside you, to learn from you, and to wear our Green and Gold together.  Enjoy a well deserved rest this summer.

To our departing students, I wish you much luck and happiness as you start a new journey.  Whether you are off to post-secondary, getting a job, or heading out into the world on a gap year, remember your Bowness roots.  Be kind and thoughtful. Be generous and genuine.  Enjoy every minute of your adventures.

To our returning students, I hope you have a wonderful summer.  We have already started planning for next year and we are excited to have you help us make 2023-24 a great year for everyone! 

I wish you all a summer filled with family, friends, sunshine and no forest fire smoke. 


Jana Macdonald
​​​​​​​Proud Principal of Bowness High School

Aug 11
Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year!

Hello Trojans!

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!  The staff at Bowness are busy making preparations for your arrival to make your transition as smooth as possible.  If you a returning student, welcome back.  If you are new to Bowness, we are excited to show you around and to help you settle in.  We have many levels of support for our students, whether for your academics, your mental/emotional health, or for your career exploration.  We are a team here at Bowness and we want you to feel a strong sense of belonging and community.

There are many opportunities for you to get involved in our school activities, whether it is participating in the fine and performing arts, playing on a school team, or adding your voice and leadership to a school club.  These activities give you opportunities to grow, to find new passions, and to get excited about being a Bowness Trojan.  Start considering what you can and like to do, outside of your classes, to connect you to our school.  We really have something for everyone. 

We are all committed to keeping you safe, to providing you multiple opportunities to grow and learn, to knowing you both as a learner and a person, and to making this upcoming school year fun and engaging. Be excited about coming back to school this fall because it is going to be a great year.  Get your Green and Gold gear ready!


Jana Macdonald
Proud Principal of Bowness High School

Jun 27
Summer Message – June 2022

Dear Trojans and Trojan Families,

As we come to the close of the school year, I want to thank the staff, students and families of our community for your support, patience, flexibility, and passion which all make Bowness a great place to learn and work. 

Students, you made it through another year filled with challenges and you faced them straight on.  It was so magnificent to see you, once again, be able to perform, to play and to smile.  I am so proud of you and look forward to welcoming you in the fall to kick off our 2022-23 school year.

Staff, thank you for all you have done to support students throughout the year.  Your hard work is noticed, your passion is clear, and your commitment to education is unshakeable.  Thank you for navigating our students through waters that have at times been choppy, stormy and roiling.  You make a difference each and every day and it is an honour to work alongside you. 

Families, thank you for your support as we transitioned back to “normal".  Your patience and care for our students and staff have been greatly appreciated. 

Graduates, good luck as you move beyond our walls.  I hope that you keep a drawer filled with your Green and Gold gear because it is true that, “Once a Trojan, Always a Trojan."  We are excited to see where you go from here!

Wishing everyone a fantastic summer filled with laughter, love, family, friends and joy!


Jana Macdonald

Proud Principal of Bowness High School​

Sep 02
Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year

Dear Parents and Guardians of Bowness High School,

Welcome to Bowness if you are new to our school or welcome back if you are returning after the summer. I have to tell you how excited I was to welcome your children to the school this morning. After 25 years in education, along with my own K-12 experience, I still get excited about the first day of school! A school is only a building unless we have students in it and with their return, we look forward to a wonderful school year ahead.

I would like to share a few updates and information items with you at this time. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Main Office via email or phone.

  1. Thank you for your support of the mask mandate that was instituted by the Calgary Board of Education.  Safety of students is of utmost importance to us and our goal is to keep our schools open and learning face to face this year. We always have a few extras if your child forgets their mask on a given day and those are available at either the Main Office or Student Services.
  1. Our building is unlocked and open to students at 8 am each morning. If students have a class that takes place before that time, arrangements will be made via the teacher of the class. Each day, the school will be closed at 4 pm unless students are under the direct supervision of a teacher or coach.
  1. We have an ongoing construction project at Bowness that will take place after hours. The project will not affect programming, safety, or access to the school for our students or staff.
  1. No parents, guardians or members of the outside community are allowed in our building without an appointment. This, unfortunately, includes spectators for athletics once games begin.
  1. There is no student parking available on our property. Students must park on the street around the community and they should be aware of any parking bylaw signs posted. If students park on our property they will be asked to move their cars and will be ticketed after an initial warning.
  1. The entire front of our building is a bus zone and thus is not a pick up or drop off area. Parents and guardians are asked to pick up their students in other locations.
  1. Your child will be bringing home paperwork today which will include some that requires signatures and a return of the paperwork. This information is critical for us to be able to communicate with you or for your child to participate in activities at school. Please return the verified and signed forms expeditiously.
  1. Our student orientation days (last Tuesday and today) are a chance for us to transition students back to school and to provide them information and support for the upcoming year. As of tomorrow, regular classes will begin.

Thank you so much for entrusting your child’s education to us at Bowness High School. I take that responsibility very seriously. I have an incredibly strong staff here so your child is in excellent hands. I am confident that we can all work together, on behalf of your child, to provide them every opportunity for success throughout their high school journey.

Take care and be well,

​​​​​​​Jana Macdonald, Principal, Bowness High School​
Jun 22
Summer 2021 Message

​As we come to the close of a year that presented unprecedented challenges, I want to thank the staff, students and families of Bowness High School for your support, patience, flexibility and encouragement. 

I have watched students go from face to face learning, to online learning, to isolations and back again and, at each step, remain positive and moving forward.  Students, your resilience is inspiring.  Thank you for complying with the health and safety guidelines, for keeping your sense of humour and for looking for the positive in situations.  I am so proud of you and look forward to having conversations with you that do not include facemasks or hand sanitizer.

Staff, I have worked alongside you as you honed your online teaching skills, helped students deal with high anxiety, provided fun “normal year" activities for students, kept students safe daily and supported one another as we all dealt with our own personal stress.  I could not be more proud to be part of this team.

Families, thank you for your support as we navigated the school year.  We never knew what was around the corner and you have been incredibly generous in your willingness to be flexible, caring and considerate throughout. 

There were many lessons learned from this past year but foremost in my mind is the need for empathy.  I witnessed wonderful examples of people caring for people each and every day.  The sense of community at Bowness High School is strong and I look forward to building on that foundation as we look towards the new school year – hopefully one that feels much more “normal".

Wishing you all a wonderful summer.  Be safe, have fun, get some rest and take care of you.


Jana Macdonald

Proud Principal of Bowness High School

Sep 01
Welcome Back, Trojans!

Welcome back, Trojans!  I am so excited to have you back in the building and to get back to face to face learning and teaching. 

I know there are many of you feeling anxious about getting back to school.  Please know that the staff and I have discussed how to support you and how to keep you as safe as possible.  There will be rules in place to do just that – to keep us all safe.  These rules will be shared with you in your homerooms so we can explain to you what is expected of you and why we are doing what we are doing. Things will look and feel different, but we are still Bowness!  Wear your Green and Gold and be proud to be a part of such a caring community of learners.

So, Trojans, set your alarms, pack your lunches, get your masks ready.  School is back in session and we are going to make it a great year, together!

Mrs. Macdonald
Principal, Bowness High School

Jun 30
Thank You and Have a Great Summer!

Hello Trojans and Bowness Families,

How do you tie up a school year like the one we just had?  How do you sum up the impact of being apart for the past 15 weeks?  As we close in on the end of June, I have to remind myself that a large portion of this year was “normal”, that we shared so many wonderful moments together.  With time, I hope we will all choose to remember the positive parts of the 2019-20 school year and that we take the lessons learned through the pandemic forward with us as we look to reconnect in one way or another in the fall. 

I want to thank a few groups of people who stepped up in ways I could never have imagined before the middle of March.  First, and foremost, my teachers and educational assistants/support staff who work directly with students.  You have been on the frontline of the pandemic in education.  You have found a way to remain connected to your students, to encourage them, to support them and to ensure that their access to education was rich and meaningful.  You did this all while learning new online tools, supporting your own families, and worrying about the health of your loved ones and yourselves.  Unprecedented in our lives to be sure.  You amaze me and I am honoured to work with you all.

To our core office staff and caretaking team who have been in the school with me over the past 15 weeks, day in and day out, thank you for your dedication to keeping this machine moving forward.  We did not have the choice to work from home and you came in every day with smiles on your faces, hand sanitizer on your desks, and a “we are in this together” attitude.  I have greatly appreciated your company, your support, your dedication to your work, and the laughs we have had in this big, empty building.  I simply could not have come out of this in a positive mental state without all of you. 

To our students – thank you for your resilience, your patience and your determination.  You were given an extraordinary set of obstacles to surmount.  You stayed connected to your teachers, you spent meaningful time with your family, you pushed your learning forward, and you had to let go of routines and important landmarks, such as graduation, spring sports, spring fine and performing arts events and end of the year celebrations.  You did this with remarkable poise and grit and I have never been more proud of you all.  I miss you – your laughter, your energy – and very much hope to see you soon.  Grade 12s, fingers crossed that we can celebrate all things you in the fall.  Stay tuned.

To our parents and families, I have to say that we really felt your support through these crazy times.  The emails and phone calls were greatly appreciated.  I know that communication was difficult as we were making decisions in a responsive, as opposed to a measured and planned, manner.  Thank you for your patience with us as we navigated these uncharted waters.  Some compared the last few weeks to flying in an airplane that you are building in the air.  I can say that all of this was much easier given the support and trust you gave us.  A sincere thank you.  This is such a wonderful community.

So, on that note, I wish you all a healthy, restful, rejuvenating summer.  I know I will take some time to reflect on these past weeks – what I have learned, what I have missed, what it means for me moving forward.  I truly believe that the pandemic will make us better in the long run.  

Certainly I will appreciate the sounds that I hope to hear in the fall all the more…buses pulling up, excited teenaged voices, bells ringing, hallway chatter, and, of course, the reminder that, “Everywhere we go, people want to know who we are, so we tell them.  We are the Trojans, the mighty, mighty Trojans from Bowness.  Mighty, mighty Bowness.  Bow what?” 


Jana Macdonald
Proud Principal of Bowness High School

Jul 08
Summer Message

Hello Trojans and Bowness Families!

I hope this communication finds you enjoying a relaxing summer and that you are resting up for the start-up of school.  The staff at Bowness is certainly looking forward to meeting you if you are a new student or welcoming you back home if you are returning.  I think 2019-20 is going to be a great one for us all!  Along with welcoming new students, we will also be welcoming new staff to Bowness.  I am excited to have you meet them, as they are passionate teachers who wanted to come be a part of our Bowness community. 

One change at Bowness for next year is the addition of a System class, CSSI (Communication, Sensory, and Social Integration).  The CSSI is a partnership between the Calgary Board of Education and the Society for the Treatment of Autism. It is based on a multidisciplinary team approach, to address the regulation and stabilization of behaviors within a supportive environment. The team will establish short-term and long-term goals that will foster inclusive opportunities in a school/community setting, as appropriate for each individual student. We are excited to welcome these learners to Bowness High School! 

If you are an incoming grade 10 student, don’t be nervous.  We are planning activities to help get you settled in, including connecting you with a key teacher to help you navigate high school and to build strategies for success.  Our grade 11s and 12s will be there to support you along with the teachers, support staff and administration.  Grade 11s and 12s, you will also be connected to a key teacher who will provide you guidance and support specific to your grade level.  High school is a time of change and transition; you will meet new people and have opportunities for new experiences.  My advice to all of you is to get involved!  Join a sports team, be involved in student leadership or participate in a club or one of our fine arts programs.  You will get out of high school what you put into it.  Look forward to the opportunities coming your way!

You will find in high school that you will need strong organizational and time management skills.  You will have homework most days.  You will need to study for exams.  You will need to find a system of keeping track of deadlines and due-dates.  These skills are essential throughout life so find what works for you and stay on top of your work.  Remember that your teachers are there to help you.  If you need support, be open to asking for it, as you are your best advocate.

If you are a returning student, welcome back!  A new year is a fresh start.  Take what you learned last year and build on it.  Take positive risks.  Get more involved in your school.  Push yourself to succeed.  If you are part of the Grad Class of 2020, congratulations!  This will be a year filled with memory making.  I look forward to shaking your hand as you cross the stage in a few short months!

So rest up, Trojans.  Get outside. Go to the dollar store and stock up on fun green and gold accessories!  Read a book.  Spend time with loved ones. J Enjoy your summer and I very much look forward to seeing you in the fall!


Jana Macdonald
Principal, Bowness High School

Nov 30
Dec. 2018/Jan. 2019

“For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."
T.S. Eliot

Hello Bowness!

As the holiday season is upon us, it is a chance to reflect on the past year’s challenges and successes and to look forward to all that is to come in 2019. Is it just me, or do the years seem to be speeding up?!

This has been a very busy fall at Bowness High School. If you have a student in the Fine Arts or Athletics, you can certainly attest to the number of rides your child has been demanding. Thank you for supporting them as they pursue their passions. The Fine Arts Department has been busy preparing several performances and shows including Clue, by our Drama Department, along with the Unbound Art Gala, which just finished their runs yesterday. On the horizon, we have the Dance Show on December 5 and 6th and our Winter Music Concert on December 13. Please check on our website for ticket information. These shows are the culmination of countless hours of practice and rehearsal – please come out and support the Arts at Bowness.

The fall athletic season was beyond successful, with six teams (Jr. Football, Sr. Football, Girls, Soccer, Sr. Girls, Volleyball, Jr. Girls, Volleyball, Jr. Boys, Volleyball) advancing to City Finals in their divisions. Special congratulations to our two junior volleyball teams for capturing the gold! We are so proud of the efforts of all of our student athletes and thank you immensely to our volunteer coaches who give selflessly to support our students. Now on to Swim, Wrestling and Basketball seasons!
Teachers and students are working hard as they move towards the end of the semester.

Diploma Exams start on January 14 and all other exams start on January 18th. While the last day of formal classes is January 16th, the school is open for business throughout the month. Students are welcome to come during regular school hours to meet with teachers (please make an appointment in case the teacher is invigilating an exam or marking Diploma exams in Edmonton), to complete course work in the Learning Centre, or to study for upcoming exams. My suggestion would be to maintain as much routine as possible, including regular bedtimes, through January so that when February is upon us, and semester two begins, students are ready to succeed. If students are finding that they are in need of extra supports to complete a course, I ask that they connect with their teacher as soon as possible so we can be as flexible and supportive as possible. A reminder that the first day of semester 2 is January 31st. We will be running a modified timetable that day with a dismissal of 1:05. February 1st is a day off for all students and teaching staff in the CBE to account for the fact that Remembrance Day fell on a weekend.

Our School Development Plan is now posted on our Bowness website. I invite you to peruse the goals set by each of our core departments as they strive to support your learners. Much time and effort has gone into this work, along with deep professional dialogue. I applaud my staff for their work and their focus on how to improve their practice to better serve their students.

I do wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and all the best in 2019! If you are travelling, be safe and do not forget the sunscreen if you need it (I am jealous). If you are staying in Calgary, enjoy building memories in the warmth of your own home or the snow of the mountains.


Jana Macdonald
Principal, Bowness High School and hopefully on Santa’s nice list!

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