School Property

We take great pride in keeping a tidy school; both inside and out. We ask all our students to be good citizens by putting garbage and recycling where it belongs, and helping to keep our classrooms and school grounds clean.

Closed Campus and Trespassing

Bowness High School is a closed campus. Visitors to Bowness must report to the Main Office to obtain permission to be on the premises and to sign the visitor's book. Persons who are unlawfully on the premises will be charged with trespassing in accordance to the School Act, which states: "A person who:

  • disturbs or interrupts the proceedings of a school meeting, or
  • loiters or trespasses in a school building or on property owned by a board, is guilty of an offence and liable to a summary conviction fine ... "

Students should discourage their friends from visiting Bowness during school hours. Bowness students should not trespass at other school campuses. Such action may result in suspension from Bowness on top of any actions taken by the authorities of the visited school.

Neighbourhood Relations

It is important that the students and staff maintain good relations with the residents and business people in the area.

  • Students are to treat community members with respect and courtesy.
  • Students are not to congregate in or around the school parking lot, homes or business establishments.
  • Students must not litter or trespass on adjacent private property.
  • Students driving to school are to obey posted speed limits and other traffic and parking laws.
  • Students should keep the volume of music low while parked at school or in the neighbourhood.
  • Students parking in the surrounding neighbourhood should do so with courtesy.

Restricted Activities

Some activities are restricted by the Calgary Board of Education and Bowness High School. Students involved in these activities may be suspended. These include:

  • Gambling
  • Loud music during class time
  • Skateboarding, longboarding and throwing snowballs are not permitted on school property
  • Using any tobacco products or substitutes inside the school or on school property is prohibited
  • Defiant, offensive or dangerous behaviour
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