Booking an Appointment & Hours

Students can book appointments with a guidance counselor. 

School Counsellors

School counsellors support student learning by offering personal, educational and career counselling, and connecting with parents and teachers to promote student success. They also provide information on financial assistance, awards, loans, scholarships and bursaries. Referrals or liaisons with social agencies, educational institutions and government agencies are made when required. They will meet with students and parents to discuss programming needs, scholarship opportunities, learning concerns, post-secondary entrance requirements, etc. Appointments with a counsellor may be booked throughout the year in the Student Services office or by calling 403-286-5092, local 2112..

Dawn Berry 
Student Counsellor (P-Z) 
Student Services Learning Leader 
e | 
Voicemail 2150

Melissa MacLaren
Student Counsellor (H-O)
e |
Voicemail 2152

Jason Stroh
Student Counsellor (A-G)             
e |   
Voicemail 2151

How We Can Help

We support our students in the following areas:

  • high school diploma requirements
  • course registration
  • course sequencing
  • course pre-requisites
  • timetable issues
  • post-secondary questions
  • scholarship & bursary information

Our guidance counselors can also support students needing:

  • academic counseling support working through issues that impact learning and life 
  • emotional counseling
  • access to community supports
  • financial support
  • help resolving conflicts
  • an advocate at school 

Changing Courses

Should students require a change in classes, they must make an appointment to see a school counsellor at the identified time before the semester begins. Teachers or administrators may recommend that students move to an alternate course.

Dropping Courses

Dropping courses is strongly discouraged and may occur only under exceptional circumstances. Students who drop courses must do this prior to the end of Term 1 or Term 3, in consultation with their school counsellor. After this date, Grade 11 or 12 students requesting a class drop must complete a Course Withdrawal Form, which they obtain from their school counsellor and submit to the main office.

Career Planning

Visit our Career Centre for helpful links to career tools and resources to including myBlueprint. myBlueprint is an interactive education, career, pathways and life planner. The tool can help you to explore and build your high school course plan and inform your course choices.

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