Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)

Cosmetology 10 INTRODUCTORY 1 (6 credits) - 1 period

Introductory 1 develops basic skills in manicuring, hair and scalp care, skin care practices, facials, and long hair design. Personal and professional practices will be emphasized for success in all career opportunities that deal with customer services.

Cosmetology 10 INTRODUCTORY 2 (6 credits) - 1 period

Prerequisite: Introductory 1

Introductory 2 develops skills in hairstyling techniques, nail art, French manicuring, scalp treatments, makeup, and chemical texturizing. Courses offered introduce advanced techniques and professional practices in preparation for customer service. 

Students who move on to the 20/30 levels have the opportunity to earn course credit towards the Alberta Apprenticeship program.

Culinary Arts 10 (5 credits)

This exploratory course gives students the opportunity to work in a state of the art commercial kitchen working with qualified staff including a Red Seal chef/teacher. The course will introduce students to commercial food preparation and the food industry. Students will learn to prepare recipes using safe and sanitary food handling practices, how to use hand tools and equipment, and learn efficient work habits. While learning the basics of operating in a large kitchen, students will prepare a variety of foods for the school cafeteria, and will serve food to customers.

Leadership 10 (5 credits)

Leadership course is designed to teach practical skills that provide a foundation for leadership development. Classroom sessions will include group discussions, film discussions and projects. While numerous opportunities for the implementation of leadership skills will be presented within the school, opportunities to have a positive impact on the families and businesses in our surrounding community will be provided as well. Leadership students will leave this program with skills in public speaking, understanding the importance of volunteerism, citizenship, planning and execution of large events, marketing, and most importantly teamwork and collaboration.

Legal Studies 10 (5 credits)

This program provides an introduction to public, private, relationship, and employment law. This course will include debate, discussions and mock trials. This course is intended to be fun, informative and inspiring.

Sports Medicine 15 (5 credits)

This CTS course of study includes a detailed introduction to anatomy (bones, muscles and joints) and their relation to sport. Modules to be covered and available to SMED 15 students include Musculo-Skeletal System #1, Injury Management #1, Health and Wellness Fundamentals, Cardiovascular System and an Athletic Taping and Strapping Project. Also, basic First Aid, CPR and Ethics in Sport are introduced in the field of Sports Medicine. The practical part of the course will involve extensive athletic taping, projects and anatomical model construction. Students will be required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of volunteer service.

Sports Performance 15 (5 credits)

Sports Performance 15 is a course designed for motivated students who are looking to increase their knowledge in the realm of personal fitness as well as improve their functional fitness levels. Students will explore the foundations of training in the areas of resistance training, anaerobic and aerobic fitness, functional range of motion, speed, agility and quickness. Theory concepts in sport psychology, nutrition, and leadership will also be included. Students will travel off-campus for a variety experiences to further discover the possibilities in fitness training. The foundations set in Sports Performance 15
will provide students with the opportunity to take Sports Performance 25 and 35.

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