Fine Arts

The fine and performing arts are for everyone, whether you choose to explore and develop a new interest or specialize in a current interest. Participation in the arts enhances your creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while improving your overall well-being. Students involved in the fine and performing arts showcase their skills in our onsite professional theatre and art gallery facilities. 

Fine and Performing Arts Includes

  • Art: Art, AP Art & Leadership in the Arts
  • Dance: Dance & Choreography
  • Drama: Drama, Advanced Acting & Directing, Musical Theatre & Technical Theatre
  • Music:  Concert Band, Jazz Band, Choral Music, Vocal Jazz & Guitar

Fine and Performing Arts

Art 10 (5 credits)

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of art, design, painting, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media. The primary objective is to help students learn to think creatively, applying their impressions and experiences through the application of the elements and principles of art. Projects will be introduced using historical art sources. Work will be discussed in group critiques. Art 10 is the foundation course for Art and a required pre-requisite for further art education.

Dance 15 (5 credits)

Senior high dance seeks to develop personal and social growth through dance experiences. Students are provided with the opportunity to explore jazz, (including but not limited to hip hop, funk, swing, classical, etc.), ballet, creative, ethno cultural, and modern dance. Dance technique, creativity, choreography, performance, safety, anatomy, history and dance awareness are integral components of the program. In addition, positive interaction skills such as cooperation, consideration for others, and self-discipline will be stressed. Students with previous dance experience may apply to register directly to Dance 25. The application form is available from Student Services.

Drama 10 (5 credits)

This course introduces the student to performance and stage management skills. Students are encouraged to develop concentration, imagination, self-discipline and co-operation with others. This course curriculum includes orientation, movement, speech, improvisation, theatre studies and technical theatre design. Students will complete individual and group projects.

Musical Theatre 15 (5 credits)

Musical Theatre integrates all of the performing arts - drama, dance and music. This is a performance-based course which culminates in a fully produced musical production. Vocal coaching, drama and dance instruction will be aspects of the curriculum. Though previous experience in dance, singing and acting is not required, students must show a keen interest in these areas, as well as a desire to improve their skills in daily rehearsal. Due to the tight schedule of the rehearsal timeline, all classes and rehearsals are mandatory. The course builds through the levels of 15-25-35 so that by the time the students are in Musical Theatre 35, they are assisting with choreography, direction, and leadership.

Technical Theatre 15 (5 credits)

Technical Theatre is an opportunity for students to learn about what goes into putting on a production from behind the scenes. Students will learn about lighting, sound, set design and construction, set painting, props, stage management, front of house, and marketing. This is a self-directed course and is very hands on. Students need to be able to take on a great deal of responsibility for both themselves and their work. Students are expected to participate in productions during school hours as well as evening performances. Students also study theatre history. Students in the class are responsible for running the theatre for the semester that they are in the course.

Choral Music

Choir 15 (3 credits)

Choir is open to all at Bowness High School. This is a full year course that meets once per week outside the timetable. A variety of choral repertoire is offered and this group is a performing ensemble. Assessment is primarily based on active participation.

Vocal Jazz Ensemble 15 (3 credits)

The Vocal Jazz Ensemble is open to all students at Bowness High School. This is a full year course that meets once per week outside the timetable. A variety of Vocal Jazz repertoire is offered and this group is a performing ensemble. Assessment is primarily based on active participation.

Instrumental Music

Guitar 10 (5 credits)

Students do not need previous experience playing guitar to be successful in this course. Lessons are taught in a group environment with individuals of varying ability levels. This course also covers other areas of general music including music notation, guitar technique, transposition, and general music theory. 

Jazz Ensemble (5 credits)

This course is a non-auditioned ensemble open to any students enrolled in Music 10, 20 or 30. The music will be rigorous with opportunities for improvisation. The class meets twice a week outside the regular timetable.

Music 10 (5 credits)

Music 10 is a full year course that is timetabled together with PE 10. During this class, students are introduced to a wide variety of technical skills and are given an opportunity to apply those skills to the repertoire being studied. The curriculum also covers music theory and history. This is an advanced class although beginners are welcome to speak with the instructor about learning an instrument.

Band 15 (5 credits)

Required additional course for Music 10 Students

This is a full year course, which meets twice weekly prior to the start of the regular school day. The course further develops the elements contained in Music 10. Creative musicianship is also introduced. It is recommended for students who wish to have greater performance success in the music department.

  1. It is expected that students registered in Music 10/20/30 will also register in Band 15/25/35 for their performing group.
  2. To use a school-based instrument, there is a yearly fee of $100.00.
  3. An extra-curricular jazz program is also offered (see above).
  4. Performances and concert band materials are ongoing and will be tied in with all 10, 20, 30 and 15, 25, 35 courses.
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