High Performance Athlete Development Pathway

HPAD is a unique multi-sport approach to athlete development that relies on collaborative facilitation by teachers and specialized experts in sport and athletic development. This is the CBE’s first high performance pathway that is based on the long term athlete development principles which builds; motivation, confidence, physical literacy, and life long passion for athletic pursuits.

Students attain, develop, and advance their athletic knowledge and skill development through theory, training, and immersion activities. Immersion activities have included sports such as; speed skating, learn to push in skeleton and bobsleigh, track and field, Olympic lifting, fencing, orienteering, and rowing. A full year program where student can earn up to 15 high school credits in their grade 10 year.

More detailed information available under FAQ-HPAD-Pathway link under Resources.


HPAD is a sport program approved by the CBE that benefits from the support of community partnerships and works primarily with the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, who coordinates partnerships, provides coaching and theoretical expertise, as well as access to high performance training facilities. HPAD is Recognized by the Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Own the Podium, and partnered with Canadian Sport Institute Calgary.

University of Calgary Kinesiology Dual Credit opportunity - Students earn high school and post-secondary credits in grade 12 to enrich their learning while preparing for the rigor of university.

Meet the CSI Calgary Team that works with our HPAD students at Bowness: 


Open to all students entering grade 10 who are motivated, open minded, coachable athletes and looking to expand their knowledge and skills as multisport athletes.  

What do 3rd year students say about HPAD?

Student #1 - I love being active and trying new things. The knowledge that I’ve acquired in HPAD, I’ve been able to apply to my sport and it has given me an edge that not all athletes have. I believe being a multi-sport athlete is very beneficial and I’ve come to understand that through HPAD.

Student #2 - I enrolled in HPAD for a final year because this pathway has been the reason I’ve grown. I knew it from my grade 9 year that this opportunity would help to change my life, and I have made countless amazing memories and friends.

Student #3 - I love HPAD. I love trying different sports, I love physical activity, I love the core ideology of the program (Multisport athletes), and I love the break from academics. This is also a good head start towards kinesiology, a program I am more than likely going to study.


Bowness High School gymnasium, fitness centers and surrounding community areas. Along with many other high performance sites including Winsport Ice House, Calgary Rowing Club, and more. Note: Due to Covid 19 restrictions, some facilities have been inaccessible to school groups based on vaccination requirements. 

Program Introductory Information and Applications

We will be accepting applications from February 1 to March 15, 2022. Prospective students must complete the application and checklist to be considered and will be notified upon acceptance. Should you have any specific questions, please email Diana Stewart directly dmstewart@cbe.ab.ca  

Please take a moment to read all of the above resources, as well as watch the videos on this page to gain a better understanding of the High Performance Athlete Development Pathway at Bowness.  

This video from last years ‘Virtual open house’ provides a thorough overview of the program. Note that we are now able to travel off campus once again, but cannot visit facilities that ask for proof of vaccination. 

Transfer Requests Available February 1 to March 15

Please note that for those families who will be applying to HPAD as an out of area transfer student, the transfer process has been updated by the CBE. Please check the CBE website https://cbe.ab.ca/registration... under, ‘High School Transfers: Educational Program or Sequence of Courses Requests’  

HPAD falls under the category of - a sequence of courses up to the 30-level that is not offered at the student's designated school. 

For inquiries, please contact 

Diana Stewart
Learning Leader, Director - High Performance Athlete Development Pathway
403-286-5092 Ext 5147

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