​​​Note | Alberta Education directs the Grade 12 Diploma Examinations Program. The Alberta Education Diploma exams webpage states:

The weighting of diploma exams will return to 30% effective September 1, 2023. Students who wrote a diploma exam or completed a diploma exam course in 2022-23 may still be eligible for the 20% weighting that applied last year. For more information about these special circumstances, see the Diploma exam weighting overview fact sheet.
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • English Language Arts 30–1
  • English Language Arts 30–2
  • Français 30–1
  • French Language Arts 30–1
  • Mathematics 30–1
  • Mathematics 30–2
  • Physics 30
  • Science 30
  • Social Studies 30–1
  • Social Studies 30–2

If you have any questions, please contact your school.

Exam Schedule

Bowness High School January Plan

  • January 11:  Regular Classes
  • January 12:  Start of Final Assessments; Modified schedule.
  • January 13:  Final Assessments; Modified schedule.
  • January 16:  Last day of regular classes. Last day of classes for PLP students January 27.
  • January 17:  Final Assessments resume; Modified Schedule with scheduled tutorials, re-learn/re-write, credit recovery and diploma prep; Grade 9 Tours (9:30am-12:45pm); Open House (6:30-8:30pm).
  • January 18 - 27:  Final Assessments resume; Modified Schedule with scheduled tutorials, re-learn/re-write, credit recovery and diploma prep
  • January 30:  Regular Classes - Semester 2 Begins

Busing During Exams:

  • Regular morning and afternoon bus schedules

Student Accommodations: If you believe you should have extra time or any other accommodation for an exam, please connect with your teacher and/or the teachers in The Success Centre before the end of November, EVEN IF you have had accommodations in the past.

As per Alberta Education examination policy and Bowness High School Exam Policy:

Absences for exams: A student may only defer tests or examinations for reasons of illness or emergencies such as death in the family. During the school year if a student is repeatedly absent on test days, he or she may be required to provide a doctor's certificate. A doctor's certificate is required for any missed final examination. While parents can excuse students from attendance for illness, parents cannot excuse them for a student's commitment to completing the basic requirements of Alberta Education.

Vacations and other personal reasons are not legitimate excuses for missing exams. Students missing final exams for personal reasons, such as vacation, may forfeit the opportunity for a final assessment and receive a grade of zero.

More information for students and parents can be found at Alberta Education: About Grade 12 Diploma Exams.


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