Monthly Scholarship Listings

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September and October

Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria

Calgary Calabrian Cultural and Heritage
Society Scholarship

Can also fax Luigi Mangone at 403-230-8380

Descendent of folks from Calabria Italy, good academic standing, citizenship.
Earl and Countess of Wessex: World Championships in Athletics Scholarship awards of $3000. To recognize the top male and female Alberta students who have excelled in track and field, and have a strong academic record. Planning to attend universities of Calgary, Alberta or Lethbridge for post-secondary.
University of Toronto National Book Award and Scholarship Program Admissions and Awards Department
Superior academic performance, original & creative thought and exceptional achievement in a broad context. Enthusiasm for intellectual exploration and involvement in the life of their school and community. For the National Book Awards, each school may choose one outstanding student on the basis of the above criteria. One national book award will be presented to the student and they may subsequently apply for the National Scholarship Competition. Full tuition and fees for four years of undergraduate study, residence support, renewable monetary award. Also includes the Arbor scholarships valued at $5000 for the first year, renewable at
National Merit Scholarship Program
Intended for students planning to pursue education in the United States, and who participate in the PSAT.
Loran Award 
National program, based on character, service, and leadership. Selection criteria include academic excellence, community and extracurricular involvement. These are major financial awards, ranging from $7,500 for three years, to $16,000 for four years. Approximately 112 awards available in several categories.
Toronto Dominion Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership 12 students in their graduating year, who are making a difference in our community, are invited to apply. Minimum average of 75%. Up to $70,000 available. An application can be picked up at any branch of the Toronto Dominion Bank or calling: 1- 800-308-8306.
Scholarship Award or call 800-808-2920 extension 227
Automotive apprenticeship, auto body, hard parts, heavy-duty or machining.
Hans McCorriston, Motive Power Machinist Grant Program or call 800-808-2920 extension 227
Several at $500. For students pursuing motive power machinist programs.
2009 Immigrant Services Calgary Youth Scholarships
Between 14 and 24 years old. Born outside Canada. Canadian Citizen or permanent resident living in Calgary or surrounding area. Contributions towards arts and culture, sports, community and volunteer activities, or academics.
Momentum for Youth or call Chris at 204-2686 Program start-up is in October or April
A free program to help low income youth save money for the future. Money is saved in student’s own account and this organization matches it 3 to 1! Sponsored by Alberta Government and United Way.
Alberta Blue Cross Scholarship (click on Scholarships under Quick Finder)
Academic achievement, financial need.
Korean Veterans Association of Canada Wall of Remembrance Bursary
Academic promise and financial need.
Servus Millenial
sponsored by Servus Credit Union
60-second video or 300-500 word essay. Min 75% average.


Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria
Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket$700 × 5 to support students planning to enrol in an automotive aftermarket industry related program or curriculum at a Canadian college or university. This includes students pursuing their studies as an automotive apprentice. It also includes studies in any of the following automotive sectors: auto body, hard parts, heavy duty,
Immigrant Services Calgary Youth Scholarships Immigrants of Distinction Awards
Born outside of Canada. Between the ages of 14 to 24. 50 scholarships. Currently, a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident living in Calgary or surrounding area. Outstanding contributions or significant achievement in any of the following: arts and culture, sports, community and volunteer activities, academics. Significant financial support and gala awards presentation in March.


Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria
Horatio Alger Jim Pattison Alberta Scholarship Program
Full time enrollment in last year of high school with plans to enter a post-secondary institution no later than the fall following graduation; pursuing and completing a degree at an accredited institution in Canada; critical financial need ($50,000 or less net income per family is preferred; if higher, an explanation must be provided); involvement in co-curricular and community activities; a minimum grade percentage of 65; attend a high school and live in Alberta; and Canadian Citizenship.
Violet Richardson Award
$1000, any grade, female, 14 to 17 years old, based on volunteer work only.
OIkos Global Award
$200-$500 international competition for people who make a difference in the lives of others.
Elder and Leemaur Publishers Scholarships
Authors of Tomorrow. Voice of the Future. Challenge, the Experts. Believing in Greatness Four contests up to $10,000 for your creative essays.
University of BC/Okanagan
Major Entrance Scholarship. School nomination no longer required.
University of Calgary Outstanding Achievement
48 prestigious awards in total. Varying from $4000-$20,000. Most are renewable for several years. Based on extreme academic excellence (90% plus) as well as citizenship. Student average is calculated using grade 10, 11, and 12 marks. Must first apply for admission.
Shad Valley Scholarship Program
Financial assistance to help students participate in the Shad Valley Program. 25 at $2500 and 75 at $1000 plus bursaries for financial need.
Millennium Excellence Awards
Over 1000 awards with a value of up to $20,000 each. National program. Community involvement, leadership, innovation, and academics.
University of Alberta Academic Excellence Awards
$14 million available for numerous scholarships ranging from $1000-$8000. 80% average or higher.
Scotia Bank
Several $1000 scholarships from Scotia Bank.
Fraser Institute
Education Programs, Students, Essay contests Education Programs, Students, Video
Essay of 1000 – 1500 words. Topic on website. Video info on website.


Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria
Burger King Scholars Program
Academic merit and school involvement Employee or family member employed by Burger King 6 month prior to scholarship closing date Grade 12 students only, $1000-$50,000 scholarships
Top 20 Under Twenty
Visit website.
Bree Erikson Memorial Dance Award
$2000 .Must participate in audition in the early part of January. Pre- professional dancer, male or female 16 to 25 years old, photo, resume.
University of Guelph
4 scholarships valued at $32,000 each. President’s and Chancellors’ Scholarships Top academic excellence. Nominated by Principal.
Toyota Earth Day Scholarships
$5,000 × 15 for tomorrow’s environmental leaders. Community service and academic achievement.
Queen’s University
Academic excellence and leadership. Needs nomination of the school.
Optimist Essay Contest
Must write an essay of 400 to 500 words on the topic “The Power of One”: $50-$650.
Mensa Canada
250 word essay.
McGill University Entrance Scholarships
$3000-$10000, many renewable, based on exceptionally high academic merit, also financial need bursaries available.
Montana State University Freshman Scholarships for Non-residents
Huge scholarships for on-resident applicants to Montana State University. Must include SAT scores.
Hubert Carnegie Future Aces Fondations
Canadian student who exhibits exemplary citizenship. Financial need.
Senate Page Programme Home of Commons Page Program (click on Employment)
Canadian Citizen, bilingual in French & English. Not a scholarship, but students can apply to work as a Page
United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth speaking competition
16 or 17 years old (grade 10 or 11). Leadership qualities, essay, local speech contest. Opportunity to study world affairs.
ACAD (Alberta College Of Art And Design)
$1000 scholarship, requires pieces of original artwork in categories of paintings, drawings.


Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria
Phi Delta Kappa International
Directed at prospective teachers. Academics, essay, references, extra-curricular. Grade 12 students planning to become a teacher in Alberta, there is a $ 500.00 Future Educator’s Award.
Kin Canada Bursaries
Financial need. Community and school involvement.
Masonic Higher Education Bursary
Financial need and scholastic ability. 30 ($5000) across Alberta; 7 ($7000) across Alberta entering pharmacy or medicine.
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
Up to $28,000. Involvement in voluntary humanitarian work. Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.
Western University- National Scholarship program
National Scholarships are designed to recognize all-round excellence. They are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance. Seeking candidates who demonstrate ability for creative and innovative thought and a passion for learning. National scholarships also recognize exceptional achievement in extracurricular activities such as arts and athletics. A special emphasis is on community service. Up to $65,000.
Optimist Essay Contest
Must write an essay of 700 to 800 words on the topic “Optimism should be a priority” : $2500.
RBC Royal Bank Scholarship
RBC students leading change.5 Scholarships worth $10,000 each. For students showing a passion to lead and inspire positive change in their community. Also 2 Me to We trips to be awarded.
University of Victoria
85% academic average in grade 11 and 12 selected subjects receives a one time $2000. Students with a minimum 90% final admission average in the required subjects received a one-time $ 3,000 award.
UBC Vancouver/Okanogan. International Students (University website)Intended for international students. Please check website.
Burns Memorial Fund: Richard J. Burns Postsecondary Scholarship Application in Career Centre or online
Four awards, varying between $500 and $1000. Only available for students with financial challenges.
Aboriginals Royal Bank Scholarship
RBC Royal Bank Scholarship for Aboriginals. Student must have applied for post-secondary and requires financial assistance. 10 awards valued up to $4,000 available per year for two to four years. Two categories: students majoring in financial services and those not majoring in financial service industry.


Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria
University of Alberta Scholastic Distinction Scholarship Competition
95% average. 70 scholarships ranging from $7500-$50,000.
Contest: Elder and Leemaur Publishers: Voice of the Future Contest
Essay contest: Grades 11 and 12 only.
University of Saskatchewan
Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship range from $500 to $3000 for grades from 85 to 95% or greater. Competitive Entrance Awards based on academic achievement, financial need, and contributions to
Mount Royal University
150 entrance awards in all, valued at $2 million. Presidents = $1000. Academic Excellence = $1000. Donor Sponsored Awards = $ varies.
Haworth Diversity Scholarship with Paid internship
For more information e-mail
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Arts Scholarship: Aggie Days Insert
Grade 12 students only.
REMAX "Quest for Excellence"
$500 × 24. Grade 12. Essay, maximum 1250 words on one of the following topics: leadership/sports/technology/arts and community service.
The Calgary Awards
Must be nominated by others.
Youth award: 18 years old or younger, whose exceptional achievements have brought recognition to or improved the quality of life in Calgary. Focuses on volunteer and community contributions, not academic achievement.
University of Alberta Entrance Leadership Award Competition
Student must demonstrate exceptional leadership ability and potential. 95 scholarships ranging from $3500 - $10000.
SAIT Admissions Scholarships
SAIT offers $3.4 million in awards to its students. Hard copy of your school transcript is required. All applications are online.
University of Dalhousie Scholarships
*Entrance Scholarships: Merit-based, Automatic consideration. *General Needs Based Entrance Scholarship and Bursary.
Medicine Hat College
Entrance scholarships to recognize academic average of 75% or higher.
The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth Scholarship
Two or more scholarships of $1000. Registered, participating and or volunteering in Calgary Bridge foundation for youth programs. Grades 9 to 12.
Garfield Weston Merit Scholarship for Colleges
First-year application form for students entering first year of full-time college studies anywhere in Canada. All Alberta colleges in particular.
Carol Anne Letheren Leadership and Sports Scholarship
Females only, exemplifies Canadian Olympic values in all areas of her life average. $4500.
Carol Anne Letheren Leadership and Sports Scholarship
Females only, exemplifies Canadian Olympic values in all areas of her life average. $4500.
Canadian War Museum History Award
$1000, grade 12, essay required, priority given to student studying history at University next year.
Kids in Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta
Childhood cancer, generous scholarship, to support post-secondary studies.
Belcourt Brousseau Métis Awards
130 awards ranging from $2000-$9000 to support Métis students, for post-secondary training of any kind. Over $2 million awarded to date. 97% of recipients complete their programs.
Vancouver College of Art and Design
$150,000 available for students entering graphic design, marketing and merchandising for fashion, 3-D animation Art and design, fashion design, interior design. $9750 to $23,400.
Kirpal Kaur Dhindsa Scholarship Exclusive to Bowness High School!
$1000! Privately sponsored scholarship and, exclusive to Bowness High School in memory of Kirpal Kaur Dhindsa. The qualifications for a recipient of this scholarship must demonstrate ambition and a dedication to education regardless of their grades or chosen education path after high school completion. Must be nominated by a staff member. Recipient will be required to write a letter of thanks and submit a school photo with the Principal. The school will also send a letter of
Canadian Association of Principals Student Leadership Award
thanks. Canadian Association of Principals Student Leadership Award Only students graduating in the final year of high school from a Canadian High School are eligible for nomination. Student leader in school and community, academic achievement.
Forum for Young Albertans
1 Week Non partisan political learning opportunity.
Leonard Foundation
Preference to children of clergy, teachers, military or engineers. Financial need, leadership ability.
Masonic Higher Education Bursary
Masonic Charities, Higher Education
Financial need and scholastic ability.
Rotary Club Scholarship
Check website or visit Career Practitioner or Student Services office.
University of Western Ontario scholarship.cfm
90%+ academic average, applying to this scholarship also enters student into a host of other awards. Bowness High can nominate 4 students for several Scholarships valued from $ 2,000-$65,000.


University of Calgary Entrance Scholarship
One application accesses numerous scholarships based on academics and financial need.
Markin Flanagan Bursary
Must attend U of C; Financial need; Academic merit; Resident of the Bowness community; Graduates of Bowness High School. Preference given to students who have completed their entire high school program at BHS. Renewable up to 4 years providing a minimum grade point average of 2.60 on all courses completed in the previous Fall/Winter Sessions as a full-time student. From time to time a non-renewable award may also be offered.
DeVry Scholarships
Academic achievement, two letters of reference from school.
Canadian Hospitality Foundation: College and University Food-Service-Hospitality Entrance Scholarships
Over $200,000 available. Students entering diploma or degree programs in food/restaurant/hospitality programs.
Art Institute of Vancouver
Portfolio and reference letter.
Medicine Hat College
75% average on 4 best school academic courses including English.
Retail Council of Canada
Pursuing a career in retail or business. $1000
Burns Memorial Fund: Richard J. Burns Postsecondary Scholarship
(applications available in the Bowness High School Student Services Office)
Four awards, varying between $500 and $1000. Only available for students with financial challenges.
Scholarships for Aboriginal Students
A number of scholarships are available to Inuit, status or non-status First Nations or Métis entering a variety of programs.
Garfield Weston Merit Scholarship for Colleges
(click on Entrance Awards)
Minimum average of 75%. Minimum two year college program.
Girl Guides of Canada Scholarship
Academic achievement. Member of Girl Guides.
Archie Memorial Scholarship Society of Petroleum Engineers (click on Students, Enhance Your
Career in petroleum industry 90% + average – scholarship is up to 4 years.
WISEST (click on Programs)
6 week summer program. Grade 11 students with average of 85% plus in science and math. Paid research position.


Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria
Alexander Rutherford Scholarships
(this is a major scholarship site for Alberta students)
Canadian Citizen, Alberta resident. Relaxed criteria in five selected subjects, automatic award if student is qualified and has applied. Normally apply in your grade 12 year.
Heartstone Foundation Bursary
Exclusive Bowness High School Bursary valued at $5,500 and renewable, up to four years = $22,000! Financial need, full-time student, resident of Alberta for 3 years, sufficient marks to qualify for technical school, College or University, Canadian Citizen, positive character and citizenship.
Aboriginal Health Careers Bursary
Award varies from $1000-$10000. Indian, Inuit, or Métis students who have lived in Alberta for at least the last 3 years, planning to enrol in a health field after high school.
Boys and Girls Club Scholarship
Member of the boys and girls club with club and community involvement.
University of Alberta Faculty St. Jean Entrance Scholarships
75% achievement in grade 11, superior academic achievement in this FLA in grade 11 and 12, demonstrated commitment to French language and culture.
Greyhound Canada
Grade 12 students may drop off transcript with an 80% or higher average at the nearest Greyhound location including name, address and phone number. $500 to $2500: 50 winners of up to $84,000 in total.
Aufricht Family Fund Award (Calgary Foundation)
University of Calgary and SAIT only. Financial need, satisfactory academics, community involvement. One or more $3000-$5000, and renewable.
Alberta Teachers Association
Call 403-262-6616
Students whose parents are ATA members, retired or deceased, entering post-secondary, 80% average, reference letter, community service and extra-curricular. $800
Métis and Non-status Bursary Program for Social Services, Postsecondary Students
Up to $19,200 pursuing a career in social services. Applicants may call 310.0000 - 780.422.2183 for detailed information.
Marvel College: Cosmetology Scholarship
80% average in cosmetology, one scholarship per high school teaching cosmetology. Recommendation of cosmetology teacher. $1000
Alberta Society of Arts (type Scholarships into Search bar on webpage)
Portfolio. High school student age 15 to 17.
Stacey Levitt Women & Sport Memorial Scholarship, Canadian Association for Advancement of Women in Sport click on Grants & Scholarships
Female athlete or female sports team/organization.
Calgary Olympic Rotary Club, First Student, and Bowness High School Partnership Tools of the Trade ScholarshipsExclusive to Bowness High 10 scholarships of $100 awarded to students in Art and Design, Cosmetology, Foods, Mechanics, and Building Construction. For more information talk to the teachers of these courses.
Bowness LifeTouch ScholarshipTwo $500 or one $1000 scholarships. Must attend post-secondary in fall following graduation. Recipient must exceed classroom expectations in: mechanics, Trades, Construction, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Cosmetology, or Foods. Financial is considered. See Career Practitioner for more information.
Imperial Oil Bowness High School Partnership Peter Schiller ScholarshipExclusive to Bowness High School scholarship. Minimum mark of 60%. Average mark of 75% or higher. Focus on school and community involvement. In the past, scholarships provided for post-secondary studies in Mathematics, Science, Environment and Trades. See Career Practitioner for more information.
Education Matters: (Calgary Board of Education) This organization administers all scholarships and awards for the CBE. This is a major scholarship site for CBE students.
Numerous scholarships available. One application accesses all of them. Some require an essay. Varying criteria by scholarship.
Bowness High School Specific Scholarships and Awards:
Green & Gold Scholarships
Bowness Historical Society Student Award
Malwyn Jones Memorial Award
Steven Irving Memorial Music Scholarship
M. Cecil Brownlee Bursary

June and Miscellaneous Scholarships

Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria
Boys & Girls Clubs of Alberta
Post-secondary scholarships to eligible youth members from across Canada; range in value from $1,000-$4,000.
Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (click on Education)
Academic, Leadership.
ECO Canada
(click on Student Awards)
Going into environmental studies; demonstrated leadership in environmental issues.
Alberta Government : Dr. Ernest and Minnie Meh
One award of $3500 to recognize exceptional academic achievement. Financial need. Principal’s recommendation.
Hal Harrison Scholarship
$250 average in five academic subjects.
Shell Canada
Spirit of the Future Award.
Alberta Blue Cross Scholarships at the University of Lethbridge
5 scholarships for students entering the University of Lethbridge: Students with Special Needs: $1000 x 1.
Entrance Award: $1000 × 1
Relocation Award: $1000 × 1
Health Sciences Award: $1000 × 1
Computer Science Award: $1000 ×
Jonathan Doody Memorial Scholarship
$750 × 2 for students enrolling in first-year at the University of Alberta. Sponsored by the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.
RBC Royal Bank Scholarship for New Canadians
(online application only)
$3500 x 12. Canadian Citizen or permanent resident, of Canada. Born outside of Canada.70% average. How has immigration helped shape our country? Personal story and suggestions.
Aboriginal Business Leadership Awards
Awards to aboriginal students pursuing an education in business or commerce. 12 awards of $1500.
Premier’s Citizenship Award
Students are nominated by their school based on citizenship, leadership, community service, volunteer work with a positive impact on their school or community. Students may not apply directly for these awards. One plaque per
The RAP Scholarship (Registered Apprenticeship Program)
Call 780-427-8640 or email
$1000 up to 750 available. Minimum 250 hours in the RAP Program. Citizen, or landed Immigrant. Graduating and planning to continue with Apprenticeship after high school
The Pre- Apprenticeship Scholarships
Call 780-427-8640 or email
$1000 up to 750 available. Citizen or Landed Immigrant, completed Pre-Apprenticeship Program.120 hours. A registered apprentice. Financial need.
Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities
Five or six awards valued from $200-$800 for students entering post-secondary programs.
University of Lethbridge: Grade 11 Merit Scholarship
Student must supply transcript to the end of Grade 11. 80% average or higher.
JDC Bursary (Calgary Foundation)
$5,000, Mount Royal College and University of Calgary only. Financial need and satisfactory academic standing. Renewable up to four years.
Fraser W. Lockwood Memorial Scholarship
$2500× 1 renewable for four years. Minimum 65% average in five selected academics. Involved with the Filipino cultural community. Leadership and volunteering.
Anna and John Kolesar Memorial Scholarship
One award of $1200. Student is entering a faculty of education with very strong academic average and neither parent has earned a university degree.
Calaway Park Student Employee Scholarships
25 scholarships for students working the summer.
Pixel Blue College
10- $1,000 entrance scholarships yearly. Complete on-line application. Provide two letters of recommendation and submit a creative work demonstrating abilities in Design 3D, 2D Animation.
Advancing Futures Bursary Alberta Children's Services
Students who have been in the care of Children's Services, 18 to 22 years of age. Up to full-school expenses and living allowances.
APEGGA University Entrance Scholarships
Approximately 12 awards at $3000 for students entering Engineering, Geology, or Geophysics. Based on marks, extra-curricular, references, and need.
ATCO Pipeline Scholarship
(check web)
Aboriginal student going into computer studies, business administration, trades or environmental studies.
St. Mary's University College
At least 30 awards for full-time students.
Harmony Scholarships (click on Scholarships)
Leadership in organizing activities to promote social cohesion and diversity in Canada.
IODE Coronation Bursary
Based on financial need.
Mancap Foundation Legacy Scholarship
Based on financial need.


Scholarship and DeadlineCriteria
Olds College Entrance Awards: $1000
Offered to all students entering full-time programs for fall 2009, who are from central Alberta are entering into the business administration program.
Bill Kehler Memorial Awards
Edmonton Rodeo Cowboys Benevolent Fund and: Northlands
Phone 780-471-7210 or 780-471-7336 scholarships
Grade 12 pursuing post-secondary. 4 awards of $2500 each. For students interested in broadcasting, agriculture or professional rodeo.
Royal Canadian Legion (check other links in this site)
$500, financial need, closely related to war veteran or serving personnel.
Scouts Canada
Student must have been involved in scouting.

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