Where to Get Scholarship Information

Every post-secondary institute offers a scholarship and awards program for their students. They do this through very substantial endowment funds of millions of dollars, to provide financial assistance to students. Prestigious scholarships, in substantial amounts of money, are also offered to encourage highly qualified applicants, with exceptional academic potential, to enrol at their Institute. When you apply for admission at any postsecondary Institute, you will probably do this online. When you receive your student ID you will have access to the links to their scholarship program. Pay attention to deadlines. Often, only one or two applications will provide you with access to hundreds of scholarships in that Institute. The following website will give you a link to all Canadian post-secondary institutes: 



Athabasca Universitywww.athabasca.ca
Augustana University Collegewww.augustana.ab.ca
The King' s University Collegewww.kingsu.ca
University of Albertawww.ualberta.ca
University of Calgarywww.ucalgary.ca
University of Lethbridgewww.uleth.ca
Banff Centrewww.banffcentre.ca
Bow Valley Collegewww.bowvalleycollege.ca
Canadian University Collegewww.cauc.ca
Fairview Collegewww.gprc.ab.ca
Grande Prairie Regional Collegewww.gprc.ab.ca
Grant McEwan Community Collegewww.gmcc.ab.ca
Keyano Collegewww.keyanoc.ab.ca
Lakeland Collegewww.lakelandc.ab.ca
Lethbridge Community Collegewww.lethbridgecollege.ca
Medicine Hat Collegewww.mhc.ab.ca
Mount Royal Universitywww.mtroyal.ca
Northern Alberta Institute of Technologywww.nait.ca
Olds Collegewww.oldscollege.ca
Red Deer Collegewww.rdc.ab.ca
Southern Alberta Institute of Technologywww.sait.ab.ca

The Alberta Learning Innovation Services (ALIS)

The ALIS website is a great resource to explore the many funding options that are available to help make your post-secondary education a reality. The Paying for Post-Secondary School section on ALIS will help you figure out what your education will cost and how you can pay for it. The site resources will help you calculate how much your education will cost and also provides options for funding your post-secondary education: using savings and earnings, receiving scholarships and bursaries and applying for loans and grants. The ALIS site also has tips on Financing Your Education and Show Me The $$$—Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants.

Student Government Loans

Both the Federal and Provincial governments provide student loans for post-secondary study. Students must be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents and need to apply through the province that considers them a resident. Government student loans are intended to be supplemental to student and family resources, and are awarded based on financial need.

Province of Alberta Loans


Scholarship Resources at Bowness High School

  • Scholarship bulletin boards, located outside Student Services.
  • Daily Student Bulletin: publicizing current scholarship deadlines.
  • Bowness High School scholarship and awards guide (this part of the website).
  • Scholarship information meetings: fall and spring.
  • Guidance Counsellors

Alexander Rutherford Scholarships

Students may earn a maximum of $2,500 toward their post-secondary education if the eligibility criteria are met. Awards are as follows:

  •  $300 (75% to 79.9%) or $400 (80% or higher) for Grade 10
  • $500 (75% to 79.9%) or $800 (80% or higher) for Grade 11
  • $700 (75% to 79.9%) or $1,300 (80% or higher) for Grade 12

Students apply online. You will need the Bowness school code (9847) and the school code of the post-secondary that you plan to attend. Only apply for the Rutherford after you have confirmed that you will be attending that school and have received your final Grade 12 marks. Click on www.studentaid.alberta.ca. When you type “Rutherford” into the search box, it should lead you to the online application.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Scholarships

The following website will give you information on scholarships for Apprentices and Occupational Trainees: www.tradesecrets.org.

University Entrance and Admission Awards

Many universities give entrance awards for students entering their institution for the first time, and each have unique criteria. Once students receive an ID number from an institution, they can go online to the institution’s website to apply. Some entrance awards are automatic based on student marks. Students who wish to get these Entrance Awards generally must also demonstrate:

  • Academic Excellence – based on Grade 11 and 12 marks with a minimum average component usually at 80%.
  • Scholastic Distinction – based on Grade 10, 11 and 12 marks with a minimum average usually of 95%.
  • Leadership – based on outstanding leadership and Grade 11 and 12 marks with a minimum average usually of 80%.
  • Athletics – based on excellence in athletics, Alberta residency, and usually minimum average of 80% in Grade 12.
  • Advanced Placement – based on Advanced Placement marks.
  • Fine Arts – based on excellence in fine arts, minimum average of 80% in Grade 12.
  • Faculty/Department Selected – variable

University of Alberta: http://www.registrarsoffice.ualberta.ca/Scholarships-and-Awards/Entrance-Awards.aspx
University of Calgary: http://www.ucalgary.ca/pubs/calendar/current/awards-scholarships.html

American Universities

Due dates for American University applications vary but can be due as early as mid-October if you are looking for early admission and late December for regular acceptance. All American Universities require students applying for admission to write some form of standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT.

Students are encouraged to go to http://www.collegeboard.org/ for more information on studying in the United States. Bowness High School does offer Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) in the month of October. The PSAT is offered to grade 11 or 12 students as a practice opportunity for the SAT. It is not a requirement to write the PSAT, but students have the option of having the score submitted to universities. The results of the PSAT will not ensure or hinder the applicant’s post-secondary entrance.

Another option is on-line programs. For example, students who would have chosen to attend the DeVry institute in Calgary can still register to complete their degree through the US Devry Institute as the local campus closed June 2016. For more information go to www.devry.ca

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