Our Staff


Mrs. Melanie Bennett | Principal

Ms. Fiona Johnson | Assistant Principal

Ms. Jodie Blasken | Administrative Assistant

School email: braeside@cbe.ab.ca

Teaching Staff

Grade Teacher


Mrs. Shauna Green 

Grades 1 / 2 

Mrs. Heather Guigue
Mrs. Deb Singbeil 

Grades 2 / 3

Ms. Jennifer Martin 
Mrs Breanne de Ouden

Grades 3 / 4

Ms. Nicole Rigo
Ms. Julie Rinaldi

Grades 5 / 6

Ms. Rachel Black
Mr. Hitchcock
Mrs. Melissa Loewen

Music Specialist

Ms. Candice Collin


Support Staff

Ms. Lalitha Sasikumar (Education Assistant)
Ms. Tina Pretty (Lead Lunch Supervisor)
Ms. Christina Braunwarth (Lunchroom Supervisor)
Ms. Angela Hemstock (Lunchroom Supervisor)
Ms. Pat Ranger (Library Assistant)


Mr. David Wang
Ms. Carmel Dizon

Questions & Communication

Communication with your child’s teacher and administration helps to prevent small questions from becoming large issues. Throughout the school year, as questions emerge, stay in close contact with the teacher. Questions can often be answered over the phone, but if a meeting is required, please work to set a time to meet. Setting a time ensures that the teacher does not have conflicting appointments and that the teacher has time to reflect on your concerns or gather the necessary work samples. 

At the administrative level, Mrs. Bennett welcomes meetings with parents; however setting a meeting time is very helpful. It ensures that we have had time to do classroom observations, meet with the teacher and set aside the time required.

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