Dress Code

Clothing choices for students is at the parent’s discretion, realizing this is a place of learning (e.g. tops should be age appropriate). 

Gym Shoes

We ask that every child have an indoor pair of shoes for the gym. The school has a ‘shoes off at the door’ policy (students carry shoes and boots to their classroom) which is very helpful in keeping hallways clean. When a child is at school, shoes must be worn at all times for safe movement and in the event of a fire drill.

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RT @UsihChristopher: Student health is more important than perfect attendance and families are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to whether students attend school or not. If your child will not be attending, please notify the school and the absence will be excused. Thank you!

RT @UsihChristopher: “Parents/guardians of students/children should be informed that there is zero tolerance for children with any respiratory symptoms attending school or child care centres.” - Alberta Education 2020 School Guide #COVID19

RT @yyCBEdu: We continue to take direction from @GoAHealth and at this time they have recommended schools remain open. We have updated the FAQs on our websites for parents and staff. https://t.co/irJxWQ3Gyu

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