National Music Centre

Our school recently visited the National Music Centre. This incredible venue looks at the musical history of Canada, as well as providing many hands-on learning experiences for students.

National Music Monday

Last May, choir students from a number of different schools came to Braeside to perform. Our choir showcased the skills they have learned with Mrs. Lietz in front of a live audience. It was the first time in a number of years that our school hosted the event and we look forward to taking part in next year's celebrations. Visit their website to learn more about National Music Monday.

Public Choir Performances

Our choir also had 2 opportunities to sing outside of the school this year. First, they traveled to the local community centre to sing for the seniors. This is an annual tradition that is very much appreciated. Second, they also had the chance to sing for many people at the Core downtown. Both were great opportunities for our students to perform publicly while spreading some holiday cheer!

Join the Choir 

There are many opportunities throughout the year for your child to get involved in choir. Sign-up sheets and a letter are typically sent home with each student as the time draws near and the music teacher makes plans for the season.


Recorders are available for sale through Sak's Music. For $8.00, your child will receive a Yamaha recorder of good quality with a consistent tone. The school receives a 20% discount from the in-store price. Coloured recorders are available at the store only, for a couple of dollars more. Some children like to have a different colour to distinguish theirs easily from the rest of the class. Nail polish is available in the music room to paint initials on the recorder's undersides. From experience, we know that even permanent marker rubs off. 

Thank you for making this investment for your child's music education. They will be using the recorders many times, until the end of their elementary careers. Grade 2 and three works on basic melodies. Grades three and four play in 2 - 4 part canons, and grades 5 and 6 are tackling arrangements of music by Vivaldi and Bach. Amazing!

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