​One of the most important ways parents/guardians and community members can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on the school council. Under the Education Act, a school council is a collective association designed to advise the principal and the CBE Board of Trustees on matters related to the school. School councils have legislated advisory. They are different from Parent Societies & Associations, whose main function is to raise funds for the school.​​ You can find more details in the CBE School Council Handbook​.​

School Council

Meeting Dates/Schedule

Attendance at meetings offers parents the opportunity to link with other parents and school administration in a very collegial manner. Whether you have the time to attend one meeting this year or want to book it into your calendar for a regular outing, your attendance is appreciated. Meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of every month and announced in advance through The BRAELITES newsletter found on our website as well as in notices sent home. Meetings will start at 6:30 PM. 

  • Check our Calendar page for meeting dates.

School Council Involvement

The School Council is made up of parents of students enrolled in Braeside School, teachers, and staff of the school; and community members appointed by the Executive. The School Council advises the Principal and School Board on school related matters and coordinates fund raising activities. It also participates in system wide communication activities through the Key Communicator.

The Council's highly involved parent community supports the school in many ways. It is key to organizing school-wide events and is a primary "sounding board" for school-wide programs and events. Parents and community members volunteer frequently within the school, meet monthly with school administration and other school/community members, and fund-raise in many ways throughout the year to financially support additional opportunities for students within the school. 


Parent Council meetings facilitate discussions on School and School Board activities, receiving updates and reports from the School Principal and teaching staff, and discussing ways to support various school activities. The Council also invites guest speakers to Council meetings and Parent sessions. To encourage Parent participation at the monthly meetings, child care is provided. 

A number of events are held every year which have a fund raising focus used to pay for other activities:

  • Student Union Ticket Pak (SUTP)
  • Poinsettia Plants
  • Spolumbo Sausage sales
  • Pizza/Pita Lunch Days
  • Treat Days

Support and contributions for other events are provided free to students:

  • Sports Day
  • Pancake Breakfast (Sept.9th)
  • Grade 6 Graduation
  • Cards, Flowers, Retirement gifts (for school staff)

Our School Council Members


Contact the School Council

Braeside School Council and Fundraising Society Executives can be reached through the School Office at 403-777-8470 or by email at braesidechair@gmail.com.

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