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School Spirit

Student Awards

In addition to regular Student of the Month recognition for each home room grouping, Branton School has Special Awards given at the end of each school year.

Fern Bourassa Award – awarded to the top grade 9 student as determined by the teachers. This student will have exhibited outstanding performance in all areas.

Al Snider Award – certificates will be given to students in all grades who worked on Student Council.

Hugh Mitchell Award – awarded to the grade 9 student who provided the most extensive service to the school.

Rick Hansen Award – nominated annually by students in all grade levels for those making a difference for others.

Student of the Year – Based on nominations for Student of the Month, students are selected from each class.

Student of the Month Awards are given from October to May – teachers identify a variety of strengths and contributions to class life; at the end of the year, students selected are eligible for a cumulative award.

Athletes are recognized for their participation on school teams – special recognition is given to those who are on 3 or more teams, and 5 or more teams.

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