Our Staff

Mr. R. Stein | Principal
Ms. S. Sidhu | Assistant Principal
Mrs. M. Mills | Administrative Secretary 

Grade / SubjectTeacher
KindergartenMrs. H. Groves (hkgroves@cbe.ab.ca )  
Mrs. L. Denton (ledenton@cbe.ab.ca )
Mrs. L. Brown (lcbrown@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 1Ms. C. Burton (CMburton@cbe.ab.ca )
Mrs. J. Hawthorne (jlhawthorne@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. A. Hu (axhu@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. J. Nichol   (jknichol@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. J. Ross (jaross@cbe.ab.ca)
Grade 2 Ms. N. Pernitsky (nipernitsky@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. M. Wagner (mdpeters@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. S. Torstensen (STORSTENSEN@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. R. Newman (ranewman@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. G. Ngai (gmngai@cbe.ab.ca )
Grade 3Mrs. K. Venhuis (klvenhuis@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. K. Bishop (klkahutbishop@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. T. Ceklic (TACeklic@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. M. Weaver (mmweaver@cbe.ab.ca)
Grade 4Mr. C. Stainsby (cestainsby@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. J. Heinz (jrheinz@cbe.ab.ca)
Mr. S. Bielevelt (SKBIELEVELT@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. R. Dewsbury (redewsbury@cbe.ab.ca)
Grade 5Mr. J. Neilson (JDNEILSON@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. M. O'Neil (maoneil@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. A. Ghosh (AJSMELTZER@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. S. Knitter (sjknitter@cbe.ab.ca)
Grade 6 
Mrs. C. Hammer (cmhammer@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. K. Riel (ksriel@cbe.ab.ca)
Mr. M. Christie (mtchristie@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. L. Quinlan (lequinlan@cbe.ab.ca)
Music SpecialistMrs. R. Harms ( RMHarms@cbe.ab.ca)
Phys. Ed. SpecialistMs. A. Levine (allevine@cbe.ab.ca)
Learning LeadersMrs. L. Denton
Mrs. S. Gualtieri
Mrs. A. Hu
Mrs. T. Saunders

Support Staff
School Secretary
School Assistant
ELL Assistant
Mrs. C. Reiter
Mrs. J. Lilly
Mrs. G. Narula
Library AssistantMrs. K. Lum
Education AssistantsMrs. J. Hebert
Lunchroom SupervisorsMrs. M. Kaur  (Lead Lunchroom Supervisor)
Mrs. T. Carey
Mrs. J. Lilly
Ms. S. Elwood
Mrs. A. Rizwan
Mrs. A. Jama
Ms. H. Mujeeb
Mrs. C. Chretien
Mrs. Y. Southam
Mrs. S. Quraishi
Mrs. H. Otagaki
Mrs. D. Ajayumar
Mrs. G. Narula
Mrs. E. Hu

Facility OperatorMrs. A. Zhao
CleanersMr. Tam

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Friday, June 9 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and stay cool! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/aZILp20jXS

RT @Miskanawah: A huge THANK YOU to the students of Forest Lawn High School for supporting our Indigenous children, youth and families to have FUN and POSITIVE learning experiences by donating 50 new backpacks. #miskanawah #YYC #ForestLawnHighSchool https://t.co/mgNkw7uns8

Bob Edwards School alumnae Tegan and Sara stopped by their former junior high school this week. #WeAreCBE @BobEdEagles https://t.co/c0n2OuhtP7

RT @SportCalgary: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THE ‘ALL SPORT ONE DAY’ JUNE EDITION! Check out https://t.co/m9uiKkIwnu and sign up to try a NEW sport for FREE (AGES 6-17)! https://t.co/pBsl2XNOxF

RT @RoyaloakCBE: Another successful Bike to School Day today with hundreds of energetic bikers arriving this morning. Many thanks to the amazing volunteers that tagged and sorted all our bikes! #wearecbe https://t.co/JkD7W9Qt92