Dress Code

Dressing for the Weather

We ask for your cooperation in making sure that your child comes to school suitably dressed for the weather. Children often have to wait for school buses, and they will go outside during recess and lunch on most days. It is important that they have hats, scarves, mittens/gloves, boots and warm jackets/snow pants during cold weather and rain gear during the spring and fall. In very inclement weather  children will be provided with alternate activities indoors.

Appropriate Footwear

At this time, students are required to only have indoor shoes with non-marking soles for all indoor activities. Please note that “roller shoes” (running shoes that can be converted into roller skates) are NOT allowed in the school.


Please remember, students are to wear formal uniforms every Monday and on other special days as noted on the calendar found on our website. Teachers also send reminders in the agenda when students are to wear formal uniforms. Students are to wear informal uniforms for the rest of the week. Please note, uniforms should be clean and in good condition. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the office. Thank you for your attention to this important part of the TLC program.

Student Uniform Requirements

Students attending the alternative Traditional Learning program are required to dress in uniforms at all times unless directed otherwise (i.e. special occasion days, such as casual days). TLC uniforms are available for purchase at McCarthy’s. You can contact McCarthy’s directly at 1-800-668-8261 or visit them online www.mccarthyuniforms.ca

Formal uniform must be worn every Monday, on Assembly days, and other specified formal days. Students attending Kindergarten on Tuesday\Thursdays will wear formal uniform on Tuesdays. Please check the monthly calendar for specially identified formal days. These will generally be days with assemblies and other special formal occasions. Children have the option to wear their formal uniform at all times if they wish.

White shirts must be plain and may not have colored designs, embroidery, beads, frills etc. on them. If children are wearing undershirts underneath their white shirts they must be white. For Off-Site activities (field trips) teachers will inform students of uniform requirements.

Casual days are days when uniforms are not required. On these days students have the option to wear non- uniform clothes to school. T-shirts or other clothing with rude or inappropriate sayings or pictures, skimpy clothing such as bathing suits, T-string tops, tube tops, belly tops and very short shorts are not permitted. Casual dress days are usually held on our monthly Fun Lunch days.

Footwear: Students in the TLC program are required to have a pair of ‘fully’ black footwear (no other accent colours) with non-marking soles that they could use in the Physical Education program. For parents of children in Kindergarten and grade 1, we strongly recommend students only have one pair of fully black shoes as this eliminates the need to change shoes numerous times during the day. Parents of children in grade 2 – 5 should be sending 2 pairs of shoes, one for indoor and one for Physical Education class. As snow, dirt and mud in our hallways and classrooms creates a safety hazard, we ask that outdoor footwear be removed at the students’ entrance. Platform shoes, roller shoes, flip-flops, soccer cleats, etc. are not acceptable for safety reasons.

Student Uniform Requirements

  • School uniform colour:
    Elementary - green (TLC cardigan & vest)
    Middle/Junior – navy (TLC cardigan & vest)
    All students wear the TLC plaid. Either the plaid tie or plaid tunic (grades K-4) or kilt (grades 5-9) must be worn on formal days.
  • Formal uniform is required on Mondays as well as on special assembly or occasion days as established by the school, but can be worn every day.
  • Informal uniform may be worn on all other days.
  • All uniform pieces must be clean, tidy, in good repair and fit appropriately.
  • All uniform pieces should be clearly and permanently labelled so that in the event that a piece is found it may be returned to the correct student.

Further information about purchasing is available when acceptance into TLC is confirmed and child is registered. Do NOT purchase a uniform until this time.

TLC Uniform pieces are available at McCarthy Uniforms

5911 3 St SE 


  • TLC Crested Cardigan Elementary - green Middle/Junior – navy
  • Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Dress Shirt (tucked into kilt or pants or under tunic)
  • TLC Plaid Tunic (elementary) or TLC Plaid Kilt (middle/junior high) or Navy Twill Pants (elementary or middle/ junior high school)
  • Navy Tights, Knee Socks or Socks
  • Non Scuffing Black Shoes/Dress Shoes
  • Bicycle Shorts when wearing the Tunic or Kilt
  • TLC Plaid Tie when wearing the Navy

Twill Pants

  • TLC Plaid Headband (optional)


  • TLC Crested Cardigan or TLC Crested Vest (Elementary - green Middle/Junior – navy) with Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Dress Shirt

TLC Crested Golf/Polo Long or Short Sleeve Shirt (navy or white)

  • TLC Plaid Tunic (elementary) or TLC Plaid Kilt (middle/junior high) or Navy Twill Pants or Navy Walking Short/Skort (elementary or middle/junior high school)
  • Navy Tights, Knee Socks or Socks
  • Non Scuffing Black Shoes/Dress Shoes
  • Bicycle Shorts when wearing the Tunic or Kilt
  • TLC Plaid Tie (optional)
  • TLC Plaid Headband (optional)
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