Jun 28
Year End Message to Families

 Great things are done by a series of small things brought together – Vincent Van Gogh

As the school year comes to an end, we want to convey our great gratitude to our Bridlewood families. This year had so many challenges, and each step of the way you worked with us so that we were able to continue teaching and learning with students. The positivity with which you supported through quarantining, protocols, and online learning is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank all of our Bridlewood School staff for their incredible work this year.  This is a group of people who are passionate about their work in service of students. I am inspired daily by their care, thoughtfulness, expertise and commitment.​

Bridlewood School looks forward to beginning our work anew in September with you. Information about school start- up will be sent out to families in August. At this time, we are not certain what protocols and procedures may be in place and we look forward to direction from AHS and the Calgary Board of Education.

Wishing you a fun-filled and safe summer break!

Erin, Joanne and the Bridlewood School Staff

Sep 13

​Dear Bridlewood families,

Welcome to our new families and welcome back to those returning. We had a wonderful first week of learning, meeting new friends and exploring possibilities for the year ahead. As a staff, we invite you to continue to work with us in our learning community as we continue to provide our students with quality learning. We are excited about the new year and the learning possibilities that will unfold.

In early July, our public art project was completed. This work is now displayed on the utility boxes (Bridleridge Way and 162 St.; James McKevitt Blvc. and Bridlewood Rd.). The art work was inspired by Bridlewood School's big idea last year, ​"What Do You Do with a Chance?" based on the book by Kobi Yamata. Our artist in residence, in collaboration with teachers, used the guiding picture book's art techniques and media as starting places for the work. Students worked collaboratively to depict ideas, using colour and illustration, to create messages about taking a chance. Many thanks to the Bridlewood Fundraising Society for providng the funding for this project as well as to artist Sharon Fortowsky for her vision and her work with our students. We are excited about our new big idea for the year, "How Can We Use Our Voice to Change the World?" We will be using Peter Reynold's new book, "Say Something" as our guiding text.

Bridlewood School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students. Throughout the year, staff and students practice safety plans and routines, which include fire drills and lockdown drills. On Tuesday, September 10th, all school doors, including the office doors, will be locked. In alignment with other CBE schools, a security camera and buzzer have been installed at the front of the school. People accessing the school through the front office will be required to use a buzzer to gain access to the school. The buzzer is located on the left side of the main entrance. Once you have hit the buzzer, please listen for the clicking sound which will mean that the office has unlocked the door. We thank you for your patience as we add this new safety routine to Bridlewood School

We are now beginning our first full week of school with anticipation and excitement. We look forward to working with you this year on behalf of our students.



Feb 09
Imagine...the possibilities

​ Dear Families,

Happy New Year! Our return has been filled with the joys of seeing friends, setting new learning goals, learning new concepts, and weather changes, both enjoyable and challenging. We are looking forward to the possibilities that a new year brings to our learning at school.

Kindergarten registration began on January 14th and is on-going. It has been a great pleasure to meet excited new students and parents during our kindergarten intake meetings! We are at the beginning stages of planning for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have friends, family, or neighbours who are new to the community or have not yet registered, please encourage them to do so. In addition, if you know you will not be attending Bridlewood School next year, please be sure to let us know. Knowing as much information as we can in advance makes the planning process easier.

As we have settled back in since the winter break, we are continuing to explore the Alberta Program of Studies through our school query, "What Do You Do with a Chance?" You will have recently received a curriculum newsletter from your child/children's teachers outlining learning from January to March. Report cards were distributed to students in early January. Our next formal, face-to-face communication regarding student progress will be March 21 and 22 during student-led conferences. However, should you have questions, concerns or want to share information regarding your child's learning, please feel free to contact your child's teacher.

We are looking forward to beginning our work with our artist-in-residence, Sharon Fortowsky. Sharon will be facilitating and guiding teachers and students to create art that will decorate several utility boxes in the community of Bridlewood, through the City of Calgary's Utility Box Public Art Program. Sharon will begin her work with us this month and will continue into June. She will be exploring our school's big idea with each class and grade group to create a visual representation of an aspect of their work this year. The finished works will be put together in a digitalized format so that wraps can be created to apply to the utility boxes. Many, many thanks to the Bridlewood School Fundraising Society for providing the funds for this unique artist-in-residence experience for our students!



Dec 09
On-going Communication

​Dear Families,

It was wonderful to connect with families during our conferences, to listen and learn about student progress as part of our on-going communication. If you were unable to attend our conferences on December 6th and 7th you are invited to contact your child's teacher to arrange an alternative meeting time.

Report cards are the formal way we communicate about student progress. In the report card, student achievement is described using report card stems that indicate key areas of learning from the Alberta Programs of Study. Achievement is based on a body of evidence that includes conversations, observations and artifacts of learning and represent what a student knows, and can do at a certain point in time. Our report cards will be going home on January 11, 2019. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's progress, please contact your chld's teacher to discuss.

Many thanks to the parents who coordinated and provided the Bridlewood staff a beautiful luncheon on Thursday, December 6 after early dismissal. Your generosity, thoughtfulness and wonderful cooking and baking was so appreciated by all.

Our Scholastic Book Fair was once again a success! Thank you for your support of ths event by volunteering, dropping by to browse or purchasing some great books. Proceeds from the fair will be used towards purchases for our Learning Commons.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Bridlewood families a warm and restful winter break.


Erin Tourigny

Nov 01
Together, We Can Do So Much

Dear Bridlewood families,

Together, we can do so much. 

As we near the end of October, it is important to stop and reflect on the many ways we build community together. 

At Bridlewood School this year, the big idea that​ we are working with our students is based on a book by Kobi Yamada, "What Do You Do With a Chance?" This picture book emphasizes the importance of risk taking in learning and in life. 

In classrooms, teachers have established and continue to build with their students the idea that their classroom is a community of learning. Important ideas that are emphasized daily with students is that there are expected behaviours for learning, that part of learning is taking a chance and knowing that it is okay not to know and answer right away. We also discuss that we can work together to find solutions to problems. In fact, learning from mistakes is an important part of learning.

The grade 6 classes have focussed on these important ideas in their social action work this year. They have invested time into considering what taking a chance looks like in their own lives as learners. They then began to think about how they could support their fellow learners in kindergarten through grade 5 in our school. The beginning of this work has been inspirational as our oldest learners, with support and direction from their teachers, held a C-Day assembly on Thursday, October 18th. 

The "C" represents five important ideas:  taking a chance, being courageous, making a change, and building community and compassion.​ In this assembly the grade 6 students interviewed adults about taking a chance and learning as well as teaching their peers about what taking a chance means as a learner. The next day, Friday, grade 6 students went into individual classrooms to lead an activity related to these ideas. The students have plans to continue this work with our learning community over the year through a number of activities. Stay tuned!

It is important that we work together to support your child's learning. There are informal and formal ways that we communicate with you throughout the year. Formal communications include conference times and report cards. In early December we will be having conferences and this will be a time for you and your child's teacher to discuss your child's learning. Informal communication via emails, phone calls and discussions occur throughout the year. Please know that you are invited and welcome to reach out to your child's teacher. Your child's teacher is always your first point of contact. As a parent, you understand more than anyone else how your child learns and processes information. Our goal is to work together with you in order to ensure student success.

Many, many thanks to the BSFS casino committee and all of the volunteers for their incredible support for the casino this month. The gift of your time ensures that the students and staff of Bridlewood School receive so many extras including instructional materials and supplies, technology, residencies, and so much more. Please know that our school community is grateful for all that you do.

A big thank you to the BSFS for organizing the annual dance on Thursday, October 25. Thank you also to the grade 6 students and their teachers (Mrs. Steeves, Mr. Lee, Ms. Faber), who volunteered their time for running concessions and set-up. Proceeds from the dance, as in previous years, are being donated to grade 6 for their social action initiatives.


Erin Tourigny

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