At Bridlewood, students and staff are expected to model and reinforce socially responsible and respectful behaviors’ so that teaching and learning can take place in a safe and caring environment. Our school discipline policy addresses unacceptable student behavior through:
a. the use of disciplinary action, and
b. provides an opportunity for critical learning in the areas of

  • personal accountability and responsibility
  • the development of empathy
  • conflict resolution
  • communication
  • social skills development

Unacceptable Student Behaviour

Some examples of unacceptable behaviour not considered to be bullying-type activities, include:

  • disturbing the learning of others
  • ignoring the bell
  • playing in “out-of-bounds” areas (e.g. parking lot),
  • running in halls
  • leaving school property without permission
  • vandalizing school property
  • littering on school property

Transport Behaviour Expectations

Students riding on the bus are responsible for their conduct to the bus driver and through the bus driver to the principal of

the school. Continued violation of the rules may lead to the loss of riding privileges or suspension from school.

1. The driver must be respected. The driver is in full charge of the bus and the driver's directions must be obeyed.
2. The driver may assign specific seats to students at any time.
3. Students must not extend arms or head out of windows. While the bus is in motion, students must remain seated facing forward, and must not try to get on or off the bus, or move about within the bus.
4. Students must not throw paper or other waste materials on the floor or out of the windows of the bus.
5. While on the bus, students must conduct themselves in a quiet and courteous manner, showing consideration for the comfort and safety of others.
6. Scuffling, fighting, smoking, and the use of obscene language on the bus are prohibited.
7. Students must not distract the bus driver with excessive noise.
8. Students causing willful damage to a bus will be held fully accountable.
9. When leaving the bus, students must observe the instructions of the bus driver, and must not cross the road without having a clear view in both directions.
10. No student or parent is permitted on the school bus unless they have:

  • A valid bus pass; or
  • The authorization of the bus driver; or
  • The authorization of the school principal or their designate
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