Illness & Medical

Attendance Line

We would ask that parents phone our attendance line if your child/ren are going to be absent from school (403 777-6259 Ext. 1). This line is checked twice each day.

Student Illness at School

If a child becomes ill during the school day, parents will be notified and, if necessary asked to come and pick their child up. Students would wait in the office so they can be closely supervised. The most effective way to prevent the spread of illness is to not attend school when ill

Severe Allergies

We are an allergy aware school. Bridlewood School is an allergy aware school. Keeping students and staff safe from a variety of allergens is a shared responsibility of students, staff and parents. Students, taking into account their individual abilities, are responsible for developing skills at managing their personal allergy awareness. This is often accomplished by simply not sharing foods with others and asking, “Does this contain ?” 

Staff are responsible for being aware of allergy information provided to the school by parents. Staff will make reasonable accommodations for students with allergies. The school does not ban particular foods from the school. If you have specific questions about our allergy procedures please contact your child’s teacher for classroom questions and the main office for lunchroom or school-wide concerns.

Student Medication

Parents need to be aware that school personnel are not authorized to dispense medication without the written consent of the parent on a CBE Student Health Plan and Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form for any severe medical issues. If children are required to receive medication (including ventolin inhalers) during the day at school, the classroom teacher and office must be informed. The correct authorization forms must be completed and signed and filed in the school office each year.

Emergency Forms

An emergency form must be completed for each child. This information is vital to ensure the proper care and safety of your child during an illness or emergency. When giving the name and phone number of an alternate contact we would ask that the person is someone who is available to pick up the child at school if necessary. Please notify us immediately of any changes so we are able to keep accurate records.

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