Our School

The Buffalo Rubbing Stone School staff is dedicated to personalizing student learning through meaningful engagement of the curriculum, using collaborative planning practices. The staff is continually exploring how best to create authentic tasks that are intellectually engaging and connected to the world beyond the classroom.

Our goal is to enhance our learner’s ability to think critically, creatively and collaboratively using multiple forms of literacy to represent and communicate understanding. We work purposely to provide students with a curriculum that is engaging, by examining big ideas, essential questions and issues in depth. The critical challenges taken up in class have multiple entry points to accommodate all learners.

Our Grand Opening Celebration

On Feb. 9, 2017, we celebrated our official grand opening! View the video below to watch the presentations and student performances.

Video: Buffalo Rubbing Stone School Grand Opening
Video: Buffalo Rubbing Stone School Grand Opening Video

Our School Name

Buffalo Rubbing Stone School is the second elementary school to open in Panorama Hills. 

Buffalo Rubbing Stone is a large glacier rock sitting in the middle of a small park in the Panorama Hills community. It is close to the intersection of Panorama Hills Way and Panorama Hills Rd. NW. Also known as Crater Rock, Buffalo Rubbing Stone was used, just as the name suggests, by the buffalo to rub against. It is estimated that approximately 60 million buffalo once roamed the Great Plains in North America. This name honours the significance of the buffalo in the history of Alberta.

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School Development Plan

​Each year, our school prepares a development plan with input from teachers, school staff, students and parents. We review many sources of data, including report cards, provincial achievement test results and school surveys. Based on this information, we create our plan identifying targeted areas for growth. Our school development plan is not meant to represent all of the work that takes place in our school, but rather it focuses on specific areas for improvement.​​​