At BRS, teachers offer a variety of clubs throughout the year. The clubs typically run over the lunch period. Please watch for more information coming home about clubs and how students can have the opportunity to join. Below is a little information regarding some of the clubs that have run each year.


Intramurals provide activities that promote fun, fitness and cooperative participation in either a non-competitive or friendly competitive atmosphere. Our intramural program provides team and individual sports and active living activities during the lunch hour, periodically throughout the year.

Teams will be made up of students from any grade class which will give them the opportunity to get to know some other students. Focus will be on fun, teamwork and great sportsmanship.


Leadership club is made up of a group of students who are interested in developing leadership skills. The club meets once a month to plan out spirit days and intramurals for the entire school. Students bring forth both their own ideas and those of their classmates. The leadership club then holds a vote and decides what events they would like to host. Once the events are set, leadership students, let their classes know what is happening in our school. They are also responsible for helping with the events. During intramurals, 2-4 leadership students are assigned each block to help set-up and run the activity. 

Leadership club provides students with an opportunity to learn organizational and leadership skills. It also offers them a voice in what fun activities are happening within our building. They take pride in helping to build our school culture.

Running Club

Students learn about how to safely warm up, run, and cool down in a fun atmosphere. This clubs runs in the gym or outdoors depending on time of year and weather.


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