​​Each year, we ask families to share their perspectives on our school development plan and our school budget and fees. This feedback helps us plan and make decisions for the following school year.

The school development plan is an action plan that outlines how student learning will be improved over time. It communicates to staff, students and parents key actions our school takes to address learning gaps and improve student learning. Each fall, our school updates the school development plan and posts it on our website.

Our school budget helps us meet the goals outlined in our school development plan and provide a quality education to our students. Each spring, our school prepares a school budget for the upcoming school year and sets school fees for some activities and services.

Engaging with staff, parents and students is an important part of school planning. Watch for news stories on our website throughout the year for ways you can get involved. We'll also send information by SchoolMessenger, so make sure you have subscribed to receive our email messages. Another great way to keep informed is by attending our school council meetings.

In addition to news stories, we'll post information about upcoming engagement opportunities on this page. We'll also share feedback gathered through meetings and online surveys.

If you have any questions about this engagement, please contact the principal.

For more information about school planning, please watch the short video School Planning and You.

School Planning Engagement

BRS School Planning Survey 2023

Thank you to the six parents who participated in our Annual School Planning Survey.  All responses have been reviewed, shared with the BRS School Council, and considered in decision-making, with the understanding that the results are not representative of the entire school community.

When asked how parents access information about the School Development Plan (SDP), 50% use our school website, 33% use School Council meetings, and 17% rely on School Messenger.

When asked if the SDP is developed with all students in mind:

  • 83% of parents agreed and 17% of parents strongly agreed that the learning of all students is reflected and prioritized in the goals, actions, and resources in the SDP; 
  • 67% of parents agreed and 33% of parents strongly agreed that their child’s learning can benefit from the goals, actions, and resources in the SDP.

When asked about possible topics for parent information nights, parents indicated interest in sessions regarding developing positive learning behaviours and experiences, conflict resolution / bullying, effective parenting strategies, children’s physical and mental health, the impact of technology (screen time, etc.) and appreciation for the Wellness Series provided by CBE/AHS this year.

When asked about school fees:

  • 67% strongly agree and 33% agree that the activities our school provides (e.g., field trips, guest speakers, experts in schools, sporting activities, outdoor education, etc.) are important for my child's learning.
  • 33% strongly agree and 67% agree that the school fees are reasonable considering the benefit they provide my child. 

When asked to rank activities and services in order of importance, parents indicated:

  1. Field Trips and Transportation to Field Trips
  2. Math / Literacy / Social Studies / Science Curricular Enhancement
  3. Residencies i.e. Inline Skating
  4. Digital Resources i.e. Mathletics, Raz Kids
  5. Swimming
  6. Guest Speakers
  7. PE Equipment

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the survey.  Your voice is important to us!

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