Parking & Drop-Off

It is expected that a large number of students at Buffalo Rubbing Stone will walk to school.  We encourage walking, riding your bikes, skateboarding etc. If you choose to drive please practice safe driving including not dropping off or picking up your children in the staff parking lot.  Access to this lot is restricted to our buses, staff cars and trade vehicles. 

It is also illegal to park or drop off students in the middle of the crosswalk, in the bus loading zones, and in areas where the signage indicates stopping or parking is not permitted. 

We continue to have an issue with students being dropped off and or picked up in the staff parking lot. This really is an unsafe habit to develop. We have fifty staff members who require the parking spaces and are consistently frustrated when the parking lot is used for student drop off and pick up. Also for the safety of all of our students please respect and abide by not using the staff parking lot.

This concern is also for the space right in front of our school. The City of Calgary signs specifically state that there is no parking during school hours. This is a bus zone. We have tried putting out pylons which to no avail continue to not work. The fine for parking in a no parking zone is over two hundred dollars. Please do not park in the bus zone right in front of our school.

I know that it is congested during the school start times and pick up times. Patience and safe practice is required by everyone. We have many students, walking or using the Save on Foods parking lot is a safer alternative to parking in the school parking lot, parking in front of the school or double parking waiting for a spot on the street to become available. Please take advantage of the school opening up fifteen minutes early to ease the road situation. Please ensure you are doing your part in allowing everyone to get to school safely each and every day. Thank you for helping us in this area of concern.


Supervision begins on the school grounds at 7:45 AM Monday to Friday. 
If there is an issue with after school pick-up, students may visit the office and wait until a parent/guardian arrives. 

Traffic Safety

It is imperative that all drivers observe school zone speed limits, obey traffic signage, and do not perform illegal U-turns along any roadways adjacent to the school. This ensures the safety of our students and helps maintain positive relationships with neighbours. It is our job as the adults to teach children safe street crossing at the appropriate crosswalks and not in the middle of the street. We will be working with the Parking Authority and Calgary Police Services ensuring all children are safe to and from the school. 

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