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Additional contact information for teachers and administration can be found on Our Staff page.

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Classroom Twitter / Blogs / Google Classroom

We are 'retiring' our classroom blogs now that we are using Google Classroom. Google Classroom will be now home to at-home learning resources. 

Teachers will now use Twitter for classroom updates and reminders. They will be posting daily. We recommend following your child's classroom Twitter for instant updates. Please find their Twitter 'handles' below.

If you prefer, you can still visit the classroom blog to see the Twitter feed.  There will be no other updates posted to Blogs aside from the classroom Twitter feed. 

Also, don't forget to consult the school calendar for dates of upcoming events!

Rebecca Greig
Grades 1 & 2 A

Haley Bauman 
Grades 1 & 2 B

Rachel Ewurum
Grades 1 & 2 C

Emily McDonald
Grades 1 & 2 D

Miranda Myers
Grades 1 & 2 E

Fenny Yuki
Grades 1 & 2 F

Carmen Wong
Grades 3 & 4 A

Heather Andrews
Grades 3 & 4 B

Danielle Gauthier
Grades 3 & 4 C

Emma Thistle
Grades 3 & 4 D

Kevin Dang
Grades 3 & 4 E

Devin Close
Grades 5 & 6 A

Brett MacDonald
Grades 5 & 6 B

Simone Bower
Grades 5 & 6 C

Samantha Alberati
Physical Education
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