Oct 01
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30 is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation; therefore, this week we have honoured our Escuela Canyon Meadows Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation made on June 21, 2021:

​In recognition of National Indigenous Peoples Day, and in alignment with the CBE Education Plan, Canyon Meadows School acknowledges and supports the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action, and makes the following commitment to action for the 2021-2022 school year:                                                                    

Canyon Meadows students and Faculty members commit to learning through land-based Art and Indigenous stories while going out on the land to connect with:

The Spirit – To Be: our Cultural Identity

The Heart – To Belong: living in Harmony with Self, Others and the Natural World

The Body – To Do: being Independent and Collaborative

The Mind – To Know: developing a Lifelong Learning mindset

In making our commitment, Call to Action # 63 offered inspiration.

This week students and teachers engaged in various activities such as:

  • Go out on the land to look for signs of Fall and collect leaves
  • Sketch the land – after sketching, students acknowledged and shared gratitude for the land
  • Discuss the saying: Every Child Matters
  • Indigenous story telling
  • Music class outdoors learning to play drums
  • Sept. 29 – Orange Shirt Day initiated by a whole school Virtual Assembly where Sra. Bradley and her Kindergarten students demonstrated The Acknowledgment of the Land with hand/arm signals. Sra. Bradley also delighted us with the read aloud of the story: Phyllis' Orange Shirt.

Through land-based art and stories we will continue to learn more about Truth and Reconciliation.


Lilien Perera Pérez


Sep 24
Fall Update

September 24, 2021

​Dear Escuela Canyon Meadows Families,

We are almost at the end of the first month of school and we can already feel the first signs of fall. The change in colour in our trees and bushes is beautiful. Enjoy it as you walk or drive by.   Our Learning Meadows is still under construction. The next phase is to restore some of the landscaping. We are hoping we will be able to access the area sometime soon.

We had our first Parent Teacher Student Conferences, where you had the opportunity to help us learn more about your children. Our next conferences will be in November.

To support ongoing communication about your child's academic development, teachers will begin recording summative assessment information in PowerSchool throughout the reporting period by mid-October.

Students and families are encouraged to use the MyCBE/PowerSchool Portal, rather than the PowerSchool App, to access information about attendance, assignments and grades. Click on the following link MyCBE: Accessing Attendance and Assessment Information for instructions on how to find your child's attendance, assignments and grades.

Each homeroom teacher has created a Google Classroom to maintain an online presence. Click on the following for How to Log into Google Classroom for Students.

Escuela Canyon Meadows continues to be a vibrant and caring community of learners including students, staff, and parents. The safety, well-being, dignity and positive spirit of our community are valued and supported through clear, consistent expectations. Click on the following link to review the CBE Code of Conduct and CBE Progressive Student Discipline regulation which outline the roles and expectations for our students to promote a positive and inclusive learning environment at Escuela Canyon Meadows.

To continue ensuring the safety and health of our students and Faculty we encourage all families to complete the Alberta Health Services' Daily Health Checklist daily before sending your child(ren) to school to identify if they should attend or stay home.

Saludos cordiales,

Sra. Perera Pérez, Principal
Sra. Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal 

Aug 26
Welcome Back! ¡Bienvenidos!

August 26, 2021

Dear Escuela Canyon Meadows Families,​

Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year at Escuela Canyon Meadows! We cannot wait to see our students on September 1! 

The safety of our students and staff continues to be of upmost importance. Therefore, at Escuela Canyon Meadows we will have the following health measures in place when classes resume on September 1, in accordance with CBE School Re-entry information shared with parents/guardians on August 18:

  • The Calgary Board of Education will mandate masking indoors for all staff and Kindergarten to Grade 12 students for the start of the 2021-22 school year. This decision will be reviewed before the end of September and will consider any further direction from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Alberta Education and existing active case counts in the Calgary Zone. Existing mask guidance, including exemptions, will be applied in the same manner as occurred during the previous school year. CBE is currently updating this guidance document and will provide further details.

  • Students and staff will still be expected to use the daily checklist to identify if they should attend or stay home
  • Staying home when sick – students and staff who present with COVID-19 symptoms must stay at home until symptoms resolve
  • Proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of high traffic/touch areas
  • Enhanced ventilation in the school
  • Classroom cohorts
  • Only scheduled visitors, volunteers or external partners will be permitted in schools at the start of the school year
  • Public use or rentals of school facilities outside of school hours will be limited until January 2022

Some health restrictions will be lifted, including:

  • ​At the direction of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, schools will no longer inform close contacts of positive cases, but additional health measures may be implemented as the COVID-19 situation evolves, or if outbreaks occur
  • ​Lockers can be used
  • ​Limited off-site activities will be allowed​

We all play a role to ensure our return to school is as safe as possible and that we minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our school.

Learning Meadows Garden Renovation Project Update

We are certain you have noticed that our front entrance/garden area has been undergoing a major renovation to improve the site drainage system. This will avoid ice forming and water accumulation at the bottom of the ramp.Unfortunately, the project is behind schedule due to unforeseen setbacks during the summer; however, I know we will all value the end results as it will ensure the safety of our community.

To access the school office during this renovation please use the Parking Lot Doors where a receptionist will assist you during our office hours Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Our school office opens on Monday, August 30 from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Staffing Updates

We bid a fond farewell to:

Sra. Lucía García returned to Spain to continue pursuing her teaching career.

We extend a warm welcome to:

Sr. Jason Purnell who is joining our teaching staff as our Music teacher.

Grade Configuration for 2021-2022

At this time, we confirm that we will have the following grade configurations:

Kindergarten 3 classes (2 morning, 1 afternoon)

Grade 1 3 classes

Grade 2 4 classes

Grade 3 3 classes

Grade 4 3 classes

Grade 5 2 classes

Please note that within the current context of the pandemic class configuration may vary depending on student enrolment throughout the month of September. We appreciate your understanding and support.

First Day of School Procedures

The first month of school is an important time for our students as they adjust to routines, expectations and our unique bilingual learning experience.

We are beginning our school year by welcoming all our Kindergarten to Grade 5 students since Wednesday, September 1 following ECM regular school schedule:

AM Kindergarten

Monday – Thursday 7:55 – 10:45 Friday 7:55 – 11:55

PM Kindergarten

Monday – Thursday 11:50 – 2:40 Friday 7:55 – 11:55

Grades 1 to 5

Monday – Thursday 8:00 – 2:45 Friday 8:00 – 12:00

Friday, September 3 – AM Kindergarten attends

On Friday, August 27, teachers will send a welcome letter to their students.

On Friday, August 27, teachers will contact (via phone call) parents/guardians of students that will benefit from a transition meeting. Parents/guardians will book a 10 min. meeting for these students to meet their teacher on either Monday, August 30 or Tuesday, August 31 in the afternoon by the Play Park or Terrace doors area.

Wednesday, September 1 - To ease the transition of students into the school please follow the process below:

7:45 to 8:00 – Kindergarten: Students follow a soft entry protocol to enter the school directly to their

classroom through the Play Park Doors.

7:45 to 8:00 - Grade 1 and Grade 2: Look for sign with Homeroom Teacher name, room number and class

list on the compound (concrete area around the school) to join the teacher and class, then enter the school.

7:45 to 8:00 - Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5: Students follow a soft entry protocol to enter the school

directly to their classroom. See assigned entry door below. Room numbers will be included in the

teacher welcome letter.

We kindly ask parents to stay on the grass, and students on the compound area while maintaining physical distance.

Grade 3

o Room 10 – Classroom Door

o Room 6 - Terrace Doors

o Room 9 – Play Park Doors

Grade 4

o Room 5 – Classroom Door

o Room 15 – Terrace Doors

o Room 16 – Terrace Doors

Grade 5

o Room 19 - Parking Lot Doors

o Room 20 - Parking Lot Doors

From Thursday, September 2

7:45 to 8:00 - Kindergarten to Grade 5: Students follow a soft entry protocol to enter the school directly to their

classroom through their designated entry door. Teachers will meet students in their classrooms.

We encourage your family to review our school website together to be familiar with the guidelines for building a healthy school community at Escuela Canyon Meadows. A few important housekeeping items to be aware of:

1. Each child needs to have a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes, labelled with their name. Please ensure the ndoor shoes can be used for daily physical education and remain at the school at all times. Students are required to change their footwear when they enter and exit the building. Please also ensure your child has a

large sized backpack.

2. Students are not permitted to enter the school via the front doors (front doors are not available during the Learning Meadows renovation project, use parking lot doors instead). The exception to this is if the student is late. Otherwise all students enter and exit from their grade specific doors. Kindergarten doors face our playground structure.

3. We are a “nut" aware school. We have students with severe allergies that are life threatening. Please avoid sending nut products to school. Each Kindergarten student needs a healthy snack at school and Grade 1 to Grade 5 requires two snacks and a lunch.

4.Parents will drop off and pick up their child(ren) near their designated doors. This is extremely important to ensure the health and safety of our students. The school does not provide after school supervision; please ensure you are on time.

5. Please ensure all after school arrangements are made at home (i.e. play dates). This allows the school to ensure safety of our students. If your child takes the bus, please ensure you are on-time as Southland Transportation will have another route following. Please use the mybusstop app to receive school bus  nformation. Calling Southland Transportation directly is the best course of action if you need to get a

message to the driver. Kindergarten students are only released to a parent or an approved designate.Students regularly picked up by an adult are to remain on the bus when no one is at the stop to meet them. If there is no one at your child's stop the bus driver will wait a few minutes and then proceed with finishing

the route. If there is no contact with the parent, the bus driver will bring your child back to the school.

6. Parents new to CBE, please sign up for MyCBE/PowerSchool as this is where you will pay your fees online and book your parent-teacher conferences.

7. Our final reminder includes ensuring immediate, clear and open communication. We work together and follow a three-step protocol to ensure your voice is heard. Our goal is to collaborate together to effectively solve problems at a school level.

i. If you have a question or a concern your first step is to contact your child's teacher.

ii. If you feel your question or concern has not been adequately addressed, then please contact Mrs. Rau (Administrative Secretary) to make an appointment with Sra. Gutiérrez (Assistant Principal).

iii. If you feel your question or concern has not been adequately addressed by our AP, please make an appointment with Sra. Perera Pérez (Principal) through Mrs. Rau.

At ECM, we continue to be committed to student well-being and safety, excellence in teaching and learning,

and to working collaboratively with staff, parents and students to ensure a robust bilingual education for our


We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, September 1!

Saludos cordiales,

Sra. Perera Pérez, Principal

Sra. Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal

Jun 29

Dear Escuela Canyon Meadows Families,

The 2020-2021 school year has finally come to an end and what a year it has been! We are truly excited for the summer break!

It has been a year in which we have all demonstrated resilience, courage and most of all, kindness. We have been able to accomplish a successful school year due to the unconditional support from Escuela Canyon Meadows families and the commitment, hard work and perseverance of our staff. And, with the support of parents/guardians, we have been able to maintain the health and safety of our students. Thank you so much.

We are sad to say goodbye to our grade 5 students but immensely proud of the work they have done this year. We were able to pay tribute to these wonderful students through a virtual Farewell. You can find it posted on their Google Classroom.

I welcomed the students in our grade five classes my first year at Escuela Canyon Meadows as the Assistant Principal. It was an honour to have associated with them for their first six years of schooling. I am thrilled to now send them off to middle school with incredible second language skills and more maturity and wisdom. We know they will make us all proud!

June is also a time of the year in which we say goodbye to some staff members and welcome others.

Staffing Updates

We bid a fond farewell to:

Sra. Kathy Valentine is retiring from the CBE bringing her very successful career as a professional educator to a close.

Sr. Roberto Martin Rioja will be returning to Spain to continue pursuing his teaching career.

Srta. Sarah Soltesz has accepted a position at Robert Warren School.

Sra. Marina Millán-Bugg has accepted a position at Senator Patrick Burns School.

Sra. Katrina Porter-Belisle finishes her temporary contract as a Lunch Supervisor.  

We extend a warm welcome to:

Srta. Estefany Olivella who is joining our teaching staff.

Sra. Alicia Thorgrimsson, lunch supervisor, who is returning.


Grade Configuration for 2021-2022

At this time we anticipate that we will have the following grade configurations:

Kindergarten   3 classes (2 morning, 1 afternoon)

Grade 1           3 classes

Grade 2           4 classes

Grade 3           3 classes

Grade 4           3 classes

Grade 5           2 classes

Please note that our grade configurations are dependent on the number of students returning to ECM for Fall 2021, therefore, grade four and grade five may need to be combined into five classes of grade 4/5 students.

Upon our return from the summer break, we will communicate our school re-entry plan for 2021-2022 school year following corresponding updated AHS guidelines with regards to COVID-19 protocols.

Thanks to our gracious school council for their fundraising efforts during this difficult time. We have missed having volunteers in the school. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back into the school when permitted. 

We are looking forward to 2021-2022 school year! We wish every family a joyful summer to create many new memories to cherish.

See you Wednesday, September 1, 2021!

Saludos cordiales,

Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez

Principal, Escuela Canyon Meadows


May 26
May Update

Hola familias,

In-person classes resumed May 25! We were thrilled to welcome our students back to in-person classes this past Tuesday.

Students enrolled in Hub online learning will continue learning online. 

We know that it has been difficult to go through the various transitions throughout the school year. We thank our families for your support, understanding and flexibility during this difficult time. We hope there are no further disruptions for the remainder of the school year. 

As always, please be aware that to reduce the spread of COVID-19, all current health measures must continue to be followed. These include handwashing, facemask guidelines, physical distancing (where possible) and enhanced cleaning protocols. Ensure you complete the Alberta Health Daily Checklist before your child enters the school every morning. 

Enjoy the refreshing rains of May! We anticipate a satisfying and happy time together for the last several weeks of the school year. 


Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez​

May 07
April Update

During the month of April we were busy at Escuela Canyon Meadows celebrating Earth Day, “Día del Libro” and learning about Opera during music class. 

For Earth Day, our students were able to be outside in nature in our Learning Meadows Garden. Some of our grade one students took a moment to speak to a tree and ask questions. We are not sure if the trees were able to answer back but the students certainly were able to meditate on the beauty of nature.  

During “Día del Libro” the Spanish and Culture Committee planned various events that took place throughout the week, culminating with a wonderful Spanish read aloud by Sra. Trillo in a virtual school assembly.  

For music classes this past month, Sra. García arranged an Opera Virtual School Tour with the Calgary Opera for our students. We did not have tuxes and opera glasses on but we felt like we were really at the opera; immersed in the magnificent music that is unique to the operatic setting. 

As part of our opera experience, we had a virtual visit from Melissa Purnell, a Canadian (and Calgarian!) opera singer currently living and working in Italy. Melissa virtually joined us from Italy in a virtual school assembly. We were thrilled with her beautiful voice, her singing and her personal story. Che magnífico! 

Following the Government announcement of May 4, we quickly prepared to move to at-home learning starting May 7. Our teachers, once again, have made a tremendous effort to create a smooth transition plan for a successful at-home learning experience. Every teacher has been in communication with their families to share details including schedules and instructions to join learning through Google Classroom and Google Meet. 

For the month of May we had planned a Virtual Fine Arts Experience with Artist Ewa Sniatycka to continue connecting learning through the land in the Learning Meadows with visual art. This week some classes were able to engage in an initial virtual session with Sra. Sniatycka. We have postponed the rest of the sessions for when we return to in-person learning. 

‘El Rincón de Español’ in our school website continues to grow with Spanish writing and pictures submitted by students. Please, take a moment to enjoy! 

A huge thank you to School Council for their fundraising efforts during this difficult time to provide three new water fountains with water bottle filler for our students. Our students were excited upon their return from spring break to find the new water fountains already installed.  

COVID-19 Update

We thank our families for your diligence in keeping your children home when they have symptoms and also for your prompt response in picking up students when asked.

We are looking forward to being able to welcome our students back into the school for in-person learning on May 25!

“Reciban mi gratitud” / Receive my gratitude,

Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez


Mar 22
March Update


During the month of March, we have welcomed the spring weather with excitement. To celebrate spring together, this week prior to spring break is School Spirit week! We would like to invite our students to participate in some fun activities.

Today, Monday, March 22nd – We are wearing Spring Colors to celebrate our first day of Spring together with our favorite colors.  

Tuesday, March 23rd - Mis-Matched Socks Day - It's okay if we don't "match up", being unique is important to our community. 

Wednesday, March 24th - Crazy Hair/ Crazy Hat + Community Walk Day – Dress for the weather and go outside. Looking for Evidence of Spring, colors, shapes, patterns, etc.

Thursday, March 25th – Early Dismissal - Pyjama Day 

Our final Student Learning Conferences are taking place this week, another time to celebrate our students' accomplishments in their learning. Once again, during this upcoming Student Learning Conferences, you will have the opportunity to learn about your child's progress and achievement in relation to the outcomes of the Programs of Study. I recommend going through your child's Google Classroom and IRIS, this will facilitate the conversation with your child's teacher.

'El Rincón de Español' in our school website has been enriched by the Spanish writing and pictures submitted by students. Please, take a moment to enjoy! 

Immense gratitude goes to Escuela Canyon Meadows gracious School Council for their continuous appreciation for our teachers by providing a special token – the locally made jam and 'dulce de leche' will make our Spring break much sweeter! 

I hope you are enjoying participating in our second Virtual Book Fair with Scholastics. Click here​ to place your child's order online. ​

COVID-19 Reminders

As we continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to ensure everyone's health, a friendly reminder, the school playground remains closed before and after school. We wish to thank our parents for your patience as you wait for your child(ren) to be dismissed on the grass area. This allows teachers and students to use the compound (concrete areas) to space out during dismissal.

I wish to end my message sharing lots of gratitude!  ¡Me despido compartiendo mucha gratitud!

Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez​

Feb 05
February update

We have kicked off the month of February by re-emphasizing our school motto: Be Kind. Our students continue to learn to communicate their feelings and share acts of kindness. They have enjoyed creating kindness cards this week to share with peers on February 10.

Many students have also created cards to share with the residents of The Manor Village at Fish Creek Park. The cards will be delivered this week. We are certain their day will be a little bit brighter thanks to your children.

On February 24 we will wear pink to show that we do not tolerate bullying. We will have a virtual school assembly to reinforce our stand against bullying. We all have a role to play in promoting healthy, kind relationships. Together, we will continue to make our school community welcoming, caring, respectful, safe, and inclusive.

Report cards in report card format were posted online Friday, February 5.  We trust that you were able to access your child(ren)'s online report card through MyCBE/PowerSchool. If you require a hard copy, please contact the school office.

February has brought more cold weather days. Thank you for ensuring your child comes to school with appropriate winter gear (coat, snowpants, hat, mittens) to enjoy the snow when weather conditions permit.

As we continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to ensure everyone's health, we wish to thank our parents for your patience as you wait for your child(ren) to be dismissed to the grass area. This allows teachers and students to use the compound (tarmac) to socially distance during dismissal.

I wish to end my message sharing lots of kindness! / ¡Hoy me despido compartiendo mucha amabilidad!

Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez


Jan 10
New Year Wishes and Updates

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year!

Thank you for your devoted support and commitment for at home learning for our first week of school in 2021. Our dedicated staff put in many hours to plan for this week. 

We recognize this week of at home learning has been challenging for all of our families. We know it’s not easy to help your child(ren) with school work, keep up your regular employment, and take care of house and home.  Talk about multi-tasking!!

From the reports I heard from our teachers and education assistants, I think our students demonstrated resiliency and made the best of the learning opportunities they had through the Google Meet Sessions and Google Classroom. Again, thank you for supporting your child(ren)’s learning. 

We are very excited to welcome our students back for in-person classes tomorrow, Monday, January 11, 2021. 

Just a reminder, we will continue to follow all health and safety measures. These include handwashing, face mask guidelines, physical distancing (where possible) and enhanced cleaning protocols. 

Again, everyone entering a CBE school must monitor for signs or symptoms of COVID-19. The Alberta Health daily checklist can be found here. Please complete the checklist each day prior to having your children attending school.

If your child has any of the symptoms of illness listed on the Alberta Health daily checklist, please fill out the online Alberta Health Services COVID-19 self-assessment or call Health Link at 811 and keep your child at home.

If your child is feeling unwell, they must remain at home. As well, if they have had a COVID-19 test, they must not return to school until they get their test results, even if they are feeling better.

I wish you all the best for this New Year. All of us at Escuela Canyon Meadows look forward to another successful term with our students. 


Sra. Perera Pérez


Return to School After International Travel

Students and families who have travelled outside of Canada are legally required to follow all provincialand federal travel restrictions upon arrival.

If your family is participating in the International Border Testing Pilot Program, your child may not return to school until they have tested negative on a second test 6 or 7 days after your arrival. 

If you are not enrolled in the pilot program, your child must:

​​​​​​​This means your child is unable to return to school for a minimum of 14 days after your return.

As always, our Attendance Line, 403-777-8600, push '1', is available 24/7 to record student absences. 

New Library Book borrowing policies at ECM

Resources come to students and teachers, instead of students and teachers coming to the resources!  So, how do we do this?  

  • Classroom book baskets will continue for K-3
  • Library book requests for 4/5 
    • Library book requests, from students and staff, are submitted though the following Microsoft Form link.  Library book request form
    • Students and staff will use eLibrary to search for books.  The link can be found on the ECM website.  Feel free to show students the following CBE video links to help navigate eLibrary.   

                    1. Log into eLibrary and view My Account.     

                    2. Accessing eLibrary

                    3. Navigating eLibrary 

                    4. eLibrary Quick search 

Dec 18
Holiday Wishes and Updates

Hola familias!

This has been quite the year. Fortunately, with your support, our staff has been able to stay strong and adaptable to ensure our beloved children at Canyon Meadows School continue to be safe and healthy while experiencing high-quality learning!

I thank you for your trust in me as I was gifted with the opportunity to be the Principal of our school. Thank you for your trust in our staff by sending your treasures, your children, to us every day regardless of the environment we are working in.

Our entire staff is grateful for the love, care and kindness that every member of our community has expressed to us through many acts of kindness. Everything you do to demonstrate your gratitude makes us feel loved and cared for. To share our gratitude, we have prepared a short video with our wishes for a restful break and happy holidays. Enjoy!

I wish you a restful and pleasant time creating many new memories with your loved ones over the holidays. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you in the New Year!

Ahora en Español

No hay dudas de que este año nos ha traído muchos retos. Hemos demostrado ser fuertes y que podemos adaptarnos a cualquier situación para que nuestros adorados niños en nuestra escuela Canyon Meadows continúen recibiendo la mejor enseñanza.

Yo, con mucho gusto les doy las gracias a ustedes, nuestras familias, por su confianza; su confianza en mí al recibir el preciado regalo de ser la directora de nuestra escuela. Ustedes depositan su confianza en nosotros y nos envían sus más preciados tesoros, sus hijos, todos los días independientemente de la situación en que estamos trabajando en estos momentos.

Todas las personas que trabajamos en la escuela estamos muy agradecidos por el amor, el cuidado y la amabilidad que cada miembro de nuestra comunidad ha expresado a través de bellas acciones. Todo lo que hacen por nosotros nos hace sentir amados y cuidados. Para compartir nuestro agradecimiento hemos preparado un pequeño video con nuestros deseos de que descansen mucho en estas vacaciones y de que tengan mucha felicidad. Aquí pueden ver el video:

Ahora nos ha llegado el momento de parar y tomar un descanso. Les deseo que pasen momentos muy agradables creando muchísimos nuevos recuerdos con sus seres queridos. Estaré deseosa de ver a nuestros niños y conectarnos otra vez en el nuevo año.

¡Felices vacaciones!​

At-Home Learning Jan. 5 to 8 

  • January 4 is a non-instructional day for Canyon Meadows School. There will be no at-home learning.
  • At-Home learning will begin Tuesday, January 5 via Google Classroom/Google Meet.
  • Parents/guardians will receive an email from your child’s teacher today, December 18 with information for your child during this time including the schedule for the week.
  • Attendance will be taken online through Google Meet each day for both the morning and the afternoon.
  • Physical Education instruction during at-home learning. Phys Ed Activities Letter.pdf 
  • For technical support during at-home learning, go to https://cbe.ab.ca/support/Pages/help.aspx
  • Students will return to in-person classes on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021.

Staffing Update

After fourteen fantastic years at Escuela Canyon Meadows as a School Assistant, Lead Lunch Supervisor, Bus Aide and all around employee extraordinaire, Sra. Denise Tee has accepted a position at another school and will be leaving us. Her new position will start January 11, 2021. She will be here at Escuela Canyon Meadows for the week of January 4, 2021. We wish her well in her new job and will miss her very much. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa and Best Wishes to all of you from all of us!

Sra. Perera Pérez

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