May 13
Visual Arts & Storytelling Celebration

​We are very much looking forward to our Visual Arts & Storytelling Celebration on May 19. Our Artist-in-Residence, Ewa Sniatcycka, has done a fabulous job with the students. We are happy that one parent per family can come to school in person to be part of their child's celebration. See you soon!

Apr 26
April Updates

Dear Escuela Canyon Meadows Families,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our school planning engagement winter 2022. We know we make better decisions to support student learning when we build understanding and work together.

The feedback we received is compiled in the documents (see list below) shared in our Community Engagement page and will be thoughtfully considered in making decisions about school planning.

* Online survey results 

* Online survey results/comments

* Virtual Meeting evaluation summary

* Virtual school council meeting results/comments

Saludos cordiales, 

Sra. Perera Pérez

Sra. Gutiérrez

Mar 18
March Updates

Dear Escuela Canyon Meadows Families,

During the month of March, our students have learned to in-line skate, engaged in Indigenous story telling (grades K, 1 and 2), and had conversations with Elders (grades 3, 4 and 5).

This month we also welcomed the Robert Warren Administration Team who visited our grade 5 students in-person. Our students and teachers have also engaged in the “Acts of Kindness” and “The Kindness Window” initiatives created by our Library Assistant, Sra. McNelly. A student in our Advisory Group reflected, “everyone is happy and is writing nice comments on it. The “Acts of Kindness” initiative is going really well.” 

With the province moving into Step 2 of the three-step approach to lifting public health measures as of Tuesday, March 1, our students have enjoyed playing with other cohorts during their scheduled recesses. Our Student Advisory Group shared their feedback “The cohorting being lifted is working well, everybody is happy about that!”

Our final Student Learning Conferences also took place. It was another time to celebrate our students’ accomplishments in their learning. During this past Student Learning Conferences, you had the opportunity to learn about your child’s progress and achievement in relation to the outcomes of the Programs of Study. I recommend continuing going through your child’s Google Classroom and IRIS to stay informed. In addition, your child’s summative assignments are posted in Power School (access through MyCBE/PowerSchool). 

We were thrilled to welcome families that chose to do in-person conferences at the school.  

The Student Advisory Group (comprised of grade 4 and 5 students) has taken the initiative to create “The Riddle of the Week”. Our students and teachers have enjoyed solving these Spanish riddles. Our Student Advisory group awards the Riddler Trophy every Friday to the class that makes the best effort to solve the riddle.  

In April/ May our students and teachers will be engaging in the Virtual Art residency with artist Ewa Sniatycka. We are looking forward to this land-based art learning opportunity. 

We encourage you to participate in our next School Council meeting on April 25. The Robert Warren Administration Team will be present. They will showcase the “Welcome to Robert Warren” video shared during Robert Warren Administration’s visit to our grade 5 students on March 14. 

Immense gratitude goes to Escuela Canyon Meadows gracious School Council for their continuous appreciation for our teachers by providing a special dinner during March Student Learning Conferences.  

Thank you for supporting our second hybrid Book Fair with Scholastics Books. Our students have enjoyed purchasing books in-person with the gracious support and coordination of our Library Assistant Sra. McNelly. 

I wish everyone a restful spring break. Take the time to create many new memories with your loved ones.

With gratitude, 

¡Nos despedimos compartiendo mucha gratitud! 

Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez

Sra. Cecilia Gutiérrez​

Mar 06
March Updates

Dear Escuela Canyon Meadows Families,

Please, review the updates below to stay informed.

Covid Update

In alignment with the CBE revisions of health measures following the provincial announcement that it has moved to Step 2 of its three-step approach to lifting additional health measures, please see below. 

The following is an adjustment to our school routines that will be effective Monday, March 7. 

  • Grade 1 to 5 students will be able to engage in play with students from other classes within their scheduled outdoor recess blocks.

We will continue to have a soft entry from 7:45 to 8:00 am. We will also continue to follow the current recess and lunch schedules. 

Our students are excited to be able to spend time with peers from other classes during outdoor recess. We encourage parents/guardians to have conversations with your child this weekend about inclusive and safe play. For a long period of time our children have been engaging in play only with peers from their classroom cohort. The opportunity to spend time with others outside of their classroom might be overwhelming and create worries so our teachers will be having conversations with students to reinforce our school motto to be kind. We are grateful to count on your support.

Student Learning Conferences

It is the time of the year again to meet with your child’s teacher during the upcoming Student Learning Conferences on March 10 and 11. Conferences are virtual or in person. You may sign into MyCBE/PowerSchool account to review Assignments posted by your child’s teacher.

ECM Truth & Reconciliation Commitment

In conjunction with the Calgary Public Library our grade 3, 4 and 5 students will engage in a virtual conversation with an Elder the week of March 14, 2022. Our kindergarten, grade 1 and 2 students will participate in an Indigenous story-telling event facilitated by their homeroom teachers.  

These events are precursors to our land-based art residency that will take place in April and May. 

School Planning Engagement Winter 2022

Share your perspectives through an online survey open from February 16, 2022 to March 16, 2022. 

   To complete the survey, please click here.

   To review our school development plan, please click here. 

   To access information about school budget and fees, please visit our School Website > Get Involved > Community Engagement

Your input is important to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your perspectives.​

Saludos cordiales,

Lilien Perera Pérez, Principal

Cecilia Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal 

Feb 13
February Updates

​Dear Escuela Canyon Meadows Families,

Please, review the updates below to stay informed.

School Development Plan

To learn about our School Development Plan (SDP) Goals and Instructional Actions please access the 3-year SDP through our school website: Home > About Us > Our School > Resources > School Development Plan-2021-22

Physical Education Residency

All of our students from kindergarten to grade five will be participating in the Alien In-Line Skating sports residency from February 22 to March 9. This residency is part of our physical education program. Canyon Meadows School Parent Council is covering half of the entire cost so the price of the residency will be $8 per student. We will let you know when CMS has loaded this fee in to our fee management system for payment through MyCBE/PowerSchool. 

Alien In-Line will be providing certified skating helmets, but for best hygiene and comfort, we suggest that each participant bring in their own certified skating helmet. Alien In-Line will be sanitizing their equipment in between each class session.  

Staff Update

For your information, Sra. Bradley is on leave until further notice. 

Arctic Winter Games

This Tuesday, February 15th, we will celebrate the 'Arctic Winter Games' at ECM. The students will participate in different Indigenous, and Winter Olympics inspired activities outside on the land.

Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather on that day as we will be outside for approximately 1.5 hours. Our 'rain date' is the following day Wednesday, February 16th.


Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez, Principal

Sra. Cecilia Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal​​

Jan 09
Welcome Back! ¡Bienvenidos! Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Dear Escuela Canyon Meadows Families,

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year!

The New Year has arrived and we are thrilled to welcome our students back to in-person learning on Monday Jan. 10. We hope you’ve had some time to rest, recharge and create many new memories. 

At Escuela Canyon Meadows we will continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for our students and staff members. Student well-being and learning continues to be of utmost importance. 

As you prepare to return to school, please review the email sent to families on January 6 from our Chief Superintendent including back to school and COVID-19 updates. 

It is important that if your child(ren) is feeling unwell, they remain at home. Please use the daily checklist to identify if your child(ren) should attend school or stay home. 

We wish you all the best in the New Year. All of us at Escuela Canyon Meadows look forward to another successful term with our students. 


Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez, Principal

Sra. Cecilia Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal​

Dec 17
December 2021 Wrap-up

¡Hola familias!

​The holiday season has arrived! It is time to stop and enjoy precious moments with our families. At Escuela Canyon Meadows, we continue to thrive within the current challenges. With your support, we have stayed strong and resilient and continued to provide our children with high quality bilingual education and most of all, a welcoming, caring, and safe place to learn.

During the month of December, we have enjoyed School Spirit days on Fridays wearing fun festive clothing to celebrate the season. Our grade four students proudly led the food bank drive to help those in need and to give our school community the opportunity to demonstrate kindness and caring for others. The grade four students made daily announcements in English and Spanish to remind their fellow students to contribute. The grade four students also made posters to advertise for the food bank drive.

Some of our students made creative and colourful holiday cards for the seniors in the Manor Village at Fish Creek Park. This project will delight, cheer, and 'glitter' J the seniors who receive the cards. We are pleased our students and teachers engaged in this act of kindness.

Our kindergarten, grade one and grade two students and their teachers shared their Virtual Celebrations of Learning through their Google Classrooms this last week of school. Both teachers and students are proud of celebrating their accomplishments with their families.

Staffing Update – Music Teacher Change at ECM

Sr. Purnell's teaching assignment at Escuela Canyon Meadows ends today, December 17, 2021. Sra. Rosalyn Harms will be our new music teacher, effective January 4, 2022. Sra. Harms received a Bachelor in Education and a Bachelor in Music at the University of Calgary. She is a Woodwind Instrumental Specialist with experience as a music teacher, mentor and musician. Sra. Harms wishes are: “to be an inspiring and empowering force in children's lives, so they are excited and motivated to learn."

Today our students and staff were told of this change and had the opportunity to bid a fond farewell to Sr. Purnell in our Celebration Assembly.

We warmly welcome Sra. Harms and look forward to having her join our Escuela Canyon Meadows family in the New Year.

Our Gratitude and Best Wishes

The love, care and kindness that every member of our community expresses to our staff and students does not go unnoticed. We are grateful! The success of our students is the result of the efforts and dedication of our tight community. We are in this together! Thank you for your acts of kindness and for being our partners in education.

Muchas gracias a todos por su apoyo, dedicación, y colaboración. Gracias a nuestros esfuerzos conjuntos, nuestros alumnos reciben la educación, el amor y el cuidado que merecen. Les deseamos a todos unas felices vacaciones y un próspero año nuevo 2022.

Have a restful and well- deserved holiday break. Stay healthy and safe. All the best in the New Year!

With gratitude,

Lilien Perera Pérez, Principal

Cecilia Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal





Dec 03
December Update

¡Hola a todos! The holiday season is upon us. For your information and for your support, we have some activities and events scheduled at school ​in conjunction with this special time of year.  

Each year we hold a food drive to help those in need and to give our students opportunities to show kindness and caring for others. Students can bring food items to school starting Monday, December 6 until Friday, December 17. Items donated will be given to the Calgary Food Bank. For suggestions, the Food Bank has a “Holiday Wish List" that includes: canned tomatoes, Kraft dinner, canned beans (no pork), canned fruit, and peanut butter. 

Also, some of our students will be making wonderful holiday cards for the seniors in the Manor Village at Fish Creek Park. This project has been a great success in the past and we hope to again delight and cheer the seniors who receive this next batch of student-created cards.   

Finally, we have two more Fridays for students and staff to wear fun festive clothing to celebrate the season. Get creative!  


Lilien Perera Pérez, Principal

Cecilia Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal

Nov 12
November Update

Remembrance Day Ceremony

On November 10 our students and teachers engaged in a moving Virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony. Our Grade 5 students from Srta. Olivella and Sra. Kim’s classes proudly lead the event by reading the poems “In Flanders Fields” and “Why Wear a Poppy?” Consequently, they sang the “Song of Peace”, played the handbells and sang “Danny Boy”. Every class created a wreath that was presented by students through a pre-recorded video. This virtual ceremony provided another opportunity to reflect and appreciate those who lost their lives for us to have the peace we enjoy nowadays.

Student Learning Conferences – Nov. 25 and 26

November Parent Teacher Student Conferences are approaching, you will have the opportunity to learn more about your child’s progress in learning. To support ongoing communication about your child’s academic development, teachers have been recording summative assessment information in PowerSchool.

Students and families are encouraged to use the MyCBE/PowerSchool Portal, rather than the PowerSchool App, to access information about attendance, assignments and grades corresponding to summative assessment. Click on the following link MyCBE: Accessing Attendance and Assessment Information for instructions on how to find your child’s attendance, assignments and grades. 

Each homeroom teacher continues to have a Google Classroom to maintain an online presence. Click on the following for How to Log into Google Classroom for Students. On November 20, parents/guardians will be able to book a date and time for their Virtual Conference. 

December Celebrations of Learning (Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2)

Students and teachers in Kindergarten, and Grades 1 and 2 will be proud to share their Celebrations of Learning in December. These celebrations will be uploaded to the corresponding Google Classrooms the week of December 13 to 17.


Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez, Principal
Sra. Cecilia Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal
Oct 01
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30 is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation; therefore, this week we have honoured our Escuela Canyon Meadows Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation made on June 21, 2021:

​In recognition of National Indigenous Peoples Day, and in alignment with the CBE Education Plan, Canyon Meadows School acknowledges and supports the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action, and makes the following commitment to action for the 2021-2022 school year:                                                                    

Canyon Meadows students and Faculty members commit to learning through land-based Art and Indigenous stories while going out on the land to connect with:

The Spirit – To Be: our Cultural Identity

The Heart – To Belong: living in Harmony with Self, Others and the Natural World

The Body – To Do: being Independent and Collaborative

The Mind – To Know: developing a Lifelong Learning mindset

In making our commitment, Call to Action # 63 offered inspiration.

This week students and teachers engaged in various activities such as:

  • Go out on the land to look for signs of Fall and collect leaves
  • Sketch the land – after sketching, students acknowledged and shared gratitude for the land
  • Discuss the saying: Every Child Matters
  • Indigenous story telling
  • Music class outdoors learning to play drums
  • Sept. 29 – Orange Shirt Day initiated by a whole school Virtual Assembly where Sra. Bradley and her Kindergarten students demonstrated The Acknowledgment of the Land with hand/arm signals. Sra. Bradley also delighted us with the read aloud of the story: Phyllis' Orange Shirt.

Through land-based art and stories we will continue to learn more about Truth and Reconciliation.


Sra. Lilien Perera Pérez, Principal

Sra. Cecilia Gutiérrez, Assistant Principal

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