Sep 13
September 10, 2021

Dear CJP Families 

Dates to remember

Thursday September 16 – Individual Photo Day 

Thursday September 23 – Meet the Teacher 

Friday September 24 – Professional Development Day – CJP is open for staff, closed for students 

Thursday September 30 – National Truth and Reconciliation – A Day of Observance. CJP along with all schools in the Calgary Board of Education will be closed this day.  

Transportation/ Bus Families 

If your child is a regular bus rider and is not riding the bus home, please contact the school to let us know. When your child doesn’t show up for the bus at the end of the day and you don’t share the plan with us, we spend a great deal of time looking for them in the school, on the playground, and calling family members to find out where they are. All of this takes time and delays the departure of the bus. Kindly let the office know of changes to transportation.   

We will be asking all bus riding students to report to the bus driver if their parents meet them at school unexpectedly.  Our responsibility is to take bus attendance, know who is on the bus, and where all riders are. When students who are expected on the bus don’t arrive and we have no indication of any change we must proceed with a full missing student search. This takes time and most often results in finding the child left with their parent. Kindly call us if your plans change and you will be taking your child from the school grounds at the end of day. 

Forms and Family Homework 

Form: Transportation and Noon Supervision Plans – went home on Thursday September 9 (Friday, September 10 for AM kindergarten classes) please return this form with your child ASAP.  

There will be additional forms sent home in the days and weeks to come such as media consent and demographics.  

Family Homework

Please take the time to review these documents with your children. Teachers will be reviewing these in class as well. This link has access to the Student Code of Conduct and Student Dress Code: 

Sep 04
September 3, 2021

Hello CJP families, 
It has been an extraordinary first three days of school! We all love having our families back on the school grounds to greet in the morning and share stories with in the afternoon. What a difference that small change makes. (For those who are new to CBE – as a result of the pandemic families were not permitted on the school grounds last school year) These small changes are not to be taken for granted. These are the small things we have missed most during the pandemic. Thank you to all of the families who were diligent about both remembering and wearing your mask. Thank you to the parents who remained off of the school grounds when you forgot your mask.  We know student safety is also your top priority. Thank you for keeping our students, your children as the focus when entering the school grounds. It is appreciated by all. I would like to make a small request now that you are back on the school grounds. When the morning bell rings please kindly make your way off of the school grounds. This is the perfect indicator that it is time to start your day. Likewise, at the end of the day, please provide all classes and teachers space to continue to teach and interact with students by remaining on the periphery of the school grounds until the bell rings. All of our teachers are hoping to be outside more often this year, especially when the weather is beautiful.  We are hopeful to have the space and opportunity to continue our journey with Land Based Learning and Indigenous Ways of Knowing. Our teaching team considers our outdoor space to be an extension of their classroom and as such prefer the small audience of their learners. When teachers are ready for volunteers to be in their room, they will reach out for your participation at that time.   

We are hopeful, as every day passes, that we will get closer to experiencing some of the joys we used to have here at CJP. While the “Meet the Teacher” event will be virtual and parent teacher conferences will continue to use Microsoft Teams. You are our partners in the journey to educate our children. As such, we are hopeful Learning Celebrations, Book Fairs, Fun Lunches and social events will once again be on our calendar...I am holding out great hope for late in 2021 and 2022.  
Enjoy the last long weekend of summer! 
Dr. Bettesworth, Ms. Sharpe and the extraordinary team called CJP! 

Jun 27
Final Weekly Message for the 2020-2021 School Year
Hello CJP families 

This school year has been one for the record books. I must say, am happy it is almost over, I know the end is in sight, yet I know there will be more hurdles to leap over in the fall when the new school year begins. Without a doubt, the flexibility, compassion, and trust of our amazing CJP team, students and community members has ensured our continued success through the school year. We were faced with many positive covid cases, endless sanitization, countless messages home, isolation, at-home and in-person learning and following constantly changing health measures, and all of us on Team CJP persisted, finding new ways to make things better, safer, great!  We are all remaining optimistic and hopeful, for the fall of 2021 knowing, together we can manage anything that is thrown our way.  

Just like last week, June always brings both farewells and welcomes to our CJP team.  I believe Winnie the Pooh says it best:  "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard". Today we say goodbye to many on our team. Their hard work, dedication, caring, and passion for children and education is evident in all they do! In addition to those who I mentioned last week, the following team members will be leaving CJP. Mrs. Halsall and Mrs. Wacker will both become part time Kindergarten teachers at separate schools here in the North West. Mrs. Komori, while we are trying our best to keep her here, will return to the sub list for the fall. Mrs. Patel will continue to be a Kindergarten teacher at a school closer to home.  

We are pleased to share; Ms. Gregan, formerly from Oakley School, will join our L&L program. Ms. Lloyd and Ms. Courtney will remain with us as part of our Montessori team and a familiar name, Ms. Stahl, will return to CJP to join our Montessori team. Any further updates to our team will be made in our welcome back message in the late summer.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for bringing their children to school (or the kitchen table) ready to learn and participate in school each day. To our staff, your dedication is so evident, thank you for always putting children first in all that you do. And to those who are always behind the scenes supporting and helping: our office staff, BSW, EAs, SAs, lunchroom supervisors, and facility team, thank you, your work does not go unnoticed. 

Yes, we do have one day of school left this school year. However, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you-to you, our community, for a wonderful school year. We appreciate that you shared your children with us each day. We are grateful it was you who joined us on this pandemic journey this year. You cared and you supported us – thank you! Enjoy your summer together and we look forward to welcoming everyone back into the school on Sept 1. 

Please plan to check your email on Monday August 30, when you will receive an email from your child's teacher introducing themselves and providing first day instructions. 

Our school event calendar, with any and all information that we have confirmed for next year, is on our website. Please record all the dates now for your consideration throughout out 2021-2022 school year. 

2021-2022 CJP 1-6 Calendar.pdf 

2021-2022 CJP K Calendar.pdf 

Enjoy your weekend!  See you all for our last school day of the 2020-2021 school year this Monday!

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe

Jun 20
June 18, 2021
​Dear Families, 

June always brings both farewells to our CJP team. This year, the farewells are particularly difficult.  I believe Winnie the Pooh says it best:  "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard". Today we say goodbye to many on our team. Their hard work, dedication, caring, and passion for children and education is evident in all they do!  

Mrs. Hooper, our amazing grades 4,5,6 L&L Teacher will be leaving us here at CJP to move to a school a little closer to home. She will move to teaching refugee students in the CBE. How lucky they are to have her!   Ms. Howard, our incredible grades 2 & 3 teacher, who has spent time in both our Montessori and Community programs has also moved to a school a little closer to home. She will be missed!  Ms. Amanda, our incredible EA/ School Assistant and Lunchroom Supervisor will be returning home to Nova Scotia. She contributed to so many here at CJP. Although her time with us has been short, her impact has been huge.  Ms. Lloyd, Mrs. Komori and Ms. Courtney are all on temporary contract with CJP and will leave us at the end of the school year. We value all you have done for our school and all of our community members!  

We wish all of you the very best in your next adventure. Be great in all you do, you will be missed. 

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe 

Jun 11
June 11, 2021
Hello CJP Families 
We hope you have a lovely weekend! 
Spirit Days 
Yahoo! There were lots of cowfolk at CJP on Wednesday. We have 3 more Spirit days and one awareness day left in this school year. On Mondays and Wednesdays show your CJP spirit by wearing your CJP clothing or participating in the theme. See your child’s Google Classroom for more details information/ideas.  
MONDAY June 14 – Sports Fan/Athlete day (rescheduled from June 2nd) 
Wednesday June 16 – Dress in Tie Dye or Bright/Neon Colours Day 
MONDAY June 21 – Wear your Orange – National Indigenous Peoples Day 
Wednesday June 23 – Dress in Red and White for Canada Day 

Jun 06
June 4, 2021
This has been a dark, heavy week in education and in Canada. Not because of pandemic, or budgets, or challenges in the classroom. Today and every day, forever, a part of our hearts are broken as we grieve for the 215 lives lost and unacknowledged for so very long. You will remember Darcy Turning Robe who spent a day online with our community just a few weeks ago. This week he shared with us that this day, learning of the lives lost, has been long anticipated in his family. His grandfather spoke of a day when all of Canada would remember the forgotten, when grief would spread across the country, when all people would begin to acknowledge the purpose of the residential school system. We can only imagine the grief and heartache of all our Indigenous families, neighbours, and community members as they watch our country finally awakening to, and understanding, the hurt that was done, denied, and unacknowledged for decades.  

This week, we acknowledged this tremendous loss. This week, we imagine there will be many more stories of incredible and unthinkable tragedy. This week we at CJP apologized for the mistake made so many years ago. This week we offer our acknowledgement, our hearts, our apologies and our promises to learn, love, accept, grow, and never, ever forget.  

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe
May 26
May 21, 2021

Hello CJP Families 

We return to in person learning on Tuesday. I have received many concerned calls and e-mails from parents since the announcement for return to in person learning K-12. Know your concerns are echoed in the team here at CJP.  Any decision a parent makes regarding their child attending or not attending in person classes is a personal decision and is the right decision for the family.  If children are at home by choice, not due to health or isolation, this is an unexcused absence. However, this is a decision for a family to make, with all of the personal information the family has.  How we record attendance should have little bearing on your decisions.  
Before coming to school, it is expected that all families will take their child’s temperature and follow the Alberta health checklist for the pandemic. This expectation has been in place since the beginning of the school year and is likely to remain in effect for the full school year.  We know, when we ask a class of children to raise their hands if their temperature has been taken, on a regular basis there are many who do not raise their hands. We are ever hopeful all families can follow this simple expectation in an effort to keep our entire school community safe.  
While at school, if a child becomes unwell they will immediately be isolated and parents will be called to take them home. Children, once unwell are unable to return to school for at least 24 hours from when the symptoms subside.   
While the health of most Albertan’s looks to be on the recovery, I am constantly reminded of the 550 students in the school, there are very few students who are old enough to receive a vaccine at CJP. This places all of us in the school in a very precarious situation. Our CJP team will make every effort to keep students and staff safe. We are ever hopeful our community of families will continue to do the same by staying home if you are unwell, being diligent about hand washing and temperature taking, and notifying the school as soon as possible if your child tests positive. We are all linked together, we are, without a doubt, in this together. Thank you for looking out for our community as well as your family – we are all safer for this. 
Take good care, 
Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe ​
May 17
May 14, 2021

Dear CJP Families, 

Thank you to all of the families who took a risk and called or e-mailed the school to tell us your child has Covid. I know this is a very difficult task to do and I want to tell you we are grateful for the trust you have in us to guard your privacy while at the same time make decisions with the information to keep our community safe. This week we have had a number of families connect with us to share their news of a positive case. At this point, we no longer notify the classroom nor the larger school community as the contagion dates would not affect our students or team members. It is imperative if you are heading out to places where you or your family could come in contact with Covid that you continue to follow the health protocols outlined by Alberta Health. No one ever seeks out Covid, sadly Covid loves to find unsuspecting people. Please look after yourself and your loved ones. Know the school is here to offer support should you need it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are in need.   

Please continue to notify the school if your child tests positive for Covid. If you don’t share directly with the school, Alberta Health will eventually notify us. However, this notification can be delayed at times.  

Our first week of on-line learning started off beautifully with a full day of presentations with Darcy Turning Robe. I appreciate reading all of the feedback from families who were able to participate in this great event. We do have another day planned with another Indigenous educator, Chantal Chagnon, at the beginning of June.  

We are grateful and appreciative of how well the students took up on-line learning this week. It always amazes me the technical skills even our youngest learners have picked up and use on a regular basis with great ease!  We did want to share some simple reminders to have your camera on (the background can be blurry) be prepared to participate, be dressed for school, be in a location other than your bedroom, eat your breakfast ahead of time, and get a good night’s sleep so you are well rested before the lesson starts. Also, if families could reduce the interruptions or distractions while their child is on line that would be fantastic. 

We hope everyone has an excellent weekend! 

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe 
May 09
May 7, 2021

​​Hello CJP Families 

We hope the transition today to on-line learning went smoothly. We know the transition  is a huge undertaking for all.  We thank all for your dedication to the success of CJP students. Please connect with your child’s classroom teacher if you are experiencing difficulties. It is expected that all students participate in on-line learning during the next few weeks, if there is something we can do to make this better, please reach out.  If you have technical difficulties,  please see the Parent Technical Support offered by the CBE. 

On Monday, every child in CJP will have an opportunity to meet and learn from Darcy Turning Robe of the Siksika Nation. We will have a whole school assembly followed by smaller group learning sessions. For those who have attended CJP for several years, you will recall the Honour Song Darcy gifted to CJP. Darcy has had a great influence on many of the learners who have had an opportunity to pass through our doors, likewise, this area, this land we find ourselves on has been very influential in Darcy’s life.  

As we return to on-line learning, please ensure you check e-mails daily and maintain regular communication with your classroom teacher.  When we are unable to connect with and see our students it can be difficult to recognize their successes and challenges as easily as in the classroom. We rely on parents to be our second set of eyes and ears.  If things are too easy, too challenging, or there is something that is causing your child to be off, please communicate with your classroom teacher. We all want the very best for our young learners and this information will certainly assist in successful learning opportunities. ​

Your CJP Admin Team
Leanne Bettesworth and Helen Sharpe

May 03
May 2, 2021
Happy Sunday CJP Families; 

If you are reading this, thank a teacher! Teachers impact our lives in a million ways. I like to imagine every person can share a story of how a teacher has positively impacted their lives, especially in elementary school where they form such deep and lasting bonds with students. If I were to ask you the name of your Kindergarten/ Gr 1 teacher you could likely tell me. If I were to ask you about a treasured art project that is still sitting on your parents credenza, you could likely share,  “The change dish I made last century still sits proudly on my dad’s dresser! I bet your mom still has a poem, story, or report card from one of your elementary years!   And now, as parents, you probably treasure these artifacts and stories from your children.   

In a year where instruction could be virtual, in-person or a mix of both, your child’s teacher has continued to inspire, teach, create, pivot and provide that much needed stability in the classroom we all crave in times of such intense uncertainty.  The immense work and impact of your child’s teacher has provided a much-needed sense of community and connection for our children. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CJP teachers are working hard to ensure every student has the tools they need to reach their full potential. We’re getting through, in many cases we are thriving, in great part thanks to our amazing educators. Please, take a moment to Thank  A Teacher during Teacher Appreciation week this week (May 3-7).  I have included a few links below of little projects for your kids. Both virtual and printable. A simple thank you has such meaning!  

Take good care! 
Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe 

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Friday, Sept 24 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures #WeAreCBE

RT @UsihChristopher: We all recognize the benefits of in-person learning. We are doing everything we can to minimize transmission of COVID-19 in our schools. We NEED your help! To all employees and students (who are eligible): Please get vaccinated as quickly as possible. Thanks for sharing message!

Thank you @JackJamesHS for sharing information about the history of Treaty 7 on the anniversary of its signing #WeAreCBE #WeAreAllTreatyPeople

RT @Indigenous_cbe: Today is fall equinox - a time when daylight & nighttime share the sky equally. Today is also Treaty 7 Day - the 144th anniversary of the signing of Treaty 7. The 🌞 & 🌙s equality today teaches us how to honour the walking together in equal partnership. #welcomeoko

A number of CBE schools have participated in #StudentVoteCanada last week and today to learn about democracy in action #WeAreCBE