At Captain John Palliser School, we are thrilled to offer an enriching Music program tailored to students from K- through Grade 6. In this vibrant program, young musicians embark on an exciting journey of creative expression and musical exploration. Our Music program at Captain John Palliser School encourages students to unleash their creativity, nurture their self-expression, and build strong interpersonal skills. We are blessed to have a variety of instruments to enrich our program from xylophones, ukuleles, boomwhackers, drums, to many nonpitched instruments such as triangles, scrapers, and rhythm sticks.  It's a journey filled with laughter, learning, and the joy of musical discovery. We are proud to provide an inspiring and nurturing environment where each student feels like they belong and can flourish as a musician.

Today was a great day!

We are so thankful to Darcy for leading us on this First National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Along with our CJP community members, Misty, Elizabeth and Tyler, we were able to expand our understanding and learning about the impact of the residential school system on our Indigenous brothers and sisters. Thank you Darcy, Misty, Elizabeth, and Tyler, for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us. We are honoured to know each of you.

On Friday October 1, our school community spent the day with Darcy Turning Robe from Siksika Nation. Darcy, our Knowledge Keeper, lead a discussion about Truth and Reconciliation, residential schools, and then led grade level round dances, culminating in a whole school round dance. It was spectacular! Round dances are celebrations that signify fellowship, kindness, togetherness and respect. Today we learned about Round Dances a part of the Indigenous culture of kindness, healing and celebration.  

We were also fortunate to participate in a conversation with Misty, her daughter Elizabeth and her brother Tyler. All CJP students, including Elizabeth's three lovely children, observed and listened as Elizabeth posed questions to her mom Misty about their family’s experiences with residential schools and how the family has coped and journeyed on since the children returned from residential school many years ago. Our biggest learning, while the children attended residential school a few generations ago, the impact and pain is still felt today. The emotional burden on the family still runs very deep. This lovely family, part of our CJP family is brave and has courage. And, if you were ever of the mindset that residential schools affected families in far off places, now you know, residential school survivors are part of our CJP family. Thank you Misty, Elizabeth, and Tyler for sharing your very special and personal story with us today. 

Parents have been asking... What is the story behind CJP's honour song, gifted by Darcy Turning Robe?

It all started when a student, Yehati, joined kindergarten at CJP. As a member of the Oneida Nation, Yehati and her family celebrate their heritage and willingly educate all who are interested. Yehati's mum, Stephanie, shared her teachings, her dancing, and her knowledge with CJP over the years. She presented to all our grades 5 and 6 to share the history and importance of the Wampum belt, part of our grade 6 curriculum that she was able to bring to life in our school.

During the 2017-2018 school year Stephanie approached her friend Darcy Turning Robe, from the Siksika Nation, and using her traditional ways, she asked him to work with CJP to share his teachings and songs.  Stephanie also requested that, should he agree, would Darcy be willing to gift CJP with an honour song.

Darcy accepted her invitation and worked with our students. He provided all students with an opportunity to drum, he shared stories about the land, and he worked with each class to further their learning. One weekend, we are told, Darcy spent time down near the Bow River that winds through the Siksika Nation. While by the river he offered tobacco to the Creator, asking for guidance and inspiration for his work with CJP. After many hours of reflection and calm Darcy was contemplating going home for the day. As he was leaving, a song came to him from Creator, the honour song which was to be gifted to CJP. He shared this song with his family that evening, they celebrated the song, it's beauty, it's strength, and it's promise to educate our young people, and all future generations. Darcy comes from a strong family, who focus on the positive, who have voluntarily fought for our country, who celebrate their culture, who educate and share their stories with the hopes that others with listen and learn. CJP is honoured to have a connection with Darcy that has be fostered and strengthened over the years. We are so thankful to Stephanie for introducing Darcy to CJP and celebrate the lasting impact that our connections have on future generations.


Darcy Turning Robe spent the day at Captain John Palliser in March 2018. We are honoured that he has gifted us an original song. With his support, and guidance from our music teachers, we have shared this song during our Music Monday performances, grade 6 moving on events, assembly, and to honour the 215 students who never returned home from the Kamloops residential school. 

Thank you Darcy, for continuing to share your knowledge with our school community, for spending days in our school, for sharing your gifts, and for leading us further on our journey to develop our Indigenous ways of knowing.

If you have not already had the opportunity to do so we invite you to listen to the CJP honour song recording and interview available on CJSW at: 

Listen to the song, written, performed, and gifted by Darcy Turning Robe to CJP. It is an opportunity to hear more from those parents and students who witnessed this recording. Darcy shares that this song has been gifted to all our students, they are invited to take it with them and use it in their celebrations and achievements throughout their lifetimes. The url is available above, and the audio recording is available on the right hand side of this page.

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