​​Traffic Safety

Ensuring our students get to school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Please be mindful of crosswalks, parking rules and speed limits when you are near our schools, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times.​ ​​​​

Parking & Drop-Off

Hug and Go

Our Hug and Go officially started this week.

The first week of the Hug and Go Pilot Program has been a great success! A big thank you to all of the parents who are making safe choices for their children by using the Hug and Go Drop-off zones at the Brentwood Sportsplex and Bearspaw Drive locations. We have already had feedback that parents enjoy having a safe and supervised drop off
location that allows them to quickly get off to work or other commitments.

A few reminders regarding the use of the drop-off zones:

  •  Kindergarten students are still hand-in-hand. Parents are encouraged to park in the Brentwood Sportsplex parking lot where they can http://signup.com/go/mvrjAkv safely and quickly walk their children to their K class.
  • Morning Supervision starts at 8:55 am - while Hug & Go volunteers may be setting up slightly before that, teachers and staff will not be in the yard until the designated time.
  • When dropping off students in the Brentwood Sportsplex Drop-off zone, please drive all the way around the parking lot to the Hug and Go banner. It helps to keep the flow of traffic moving.
  • Parents are encouraged to utilize the Hug & Go locations for pick-up at the end of the school day, however it is important to note that they will be unsupervised.

We are still in need of parent assistance.

If you are able to assist the School Council with the Hug and Go please sign up at: http://signup.com/go/mvrjAkv

The time commitment will be short (About 20 minutes) you pick the dates.

Safety First!

Spring is upon us (we hope to last). With spring comes mud, water, and different safety needs. Related to this is our driving. With support from the Calgary Police Service and Alberta Motor Assocation, and many of our classroom teachers, we have patrollers on Northmount drive before and after school to provide assistance to cross safely.

The alley is not part of the patrol mandate. Below is a reminder of the City of Calgary bylaws in relation to parking/spotting in the alleyway. These bylaws are in place to help keep all our citizens safe. Please help our students understand the safety implications by following these bylaws. Thank you for your support.

Covered under: City of Calgary Traffic Bylaw Section 27(1) In alley - within 1.5m

The bylaw says: "No owner or operator of a vehicle shall stop or park or permit the stopping or parking of the vehicle on either side of any alley in front of or within one and one half meters of a driveway or garage entrance entering into the alley."

In simple terms: Vehicles parked in front of, or within 1.5 meters of a driveway or garage entrance in an alley can be ticketed and/or towed.

Purpose: This section ensures that vehicles have safe access to garages and driveways. Vehicles parked too close to garages and driveways limit visibility and are a safety concern to motorists and pedestrians.

Applicable Fines: If paid within 10 days: $40, within 30 days: $50, after 30 days: $75


When delivering or picking up students on Northmount Drive, please use the crosswalk. Be street-safety wise. Jaywalking is illegal and dangerous. Parents can park on the school side of Northmount Drive east of the bus zone which avoids crossing Northmount Drive. U-turns are not permitted on Northmount Drive. 

Suggested parking areas are the Brentwood Arena, Batchelor Crescent, Bearspaw Drive, the south side of Northmount Drive or 34th Street – by Sir Winston Churchill Pool. Please be courteous and park responsibly when dropping off or picking up your children from school. Please do not use the staff parking lot.

With the recent death of a young student during school pick-up in Toronto (The Star, Jan.16, 2018) we ask all parents driving to school to put your vehicle in 'park' when stopped.

Please take the time to keep our students as safe as possible!

Safety Patrols

Student safety patrollers assist students in crossing Northmount Drive safely. There are two crossing areas: one is located at the corner of Northmount Drive and Buylea Road and the other is located at the corner of Northmount Drive and 34th Street. Patrollers are on duty from 8:45-9:00 am, 3:40–3:55 pm. and 1:10–1:25 pm. on Fridays only. No patrollers are on duty during heavy rainstorms or when the weather is –20°C or colder.


Watch the Jaywalking presentation created by students.

Traffic Service Requests

Our School Resource Office is Constable Richard Valstar. He has shared his role at CJP at school council meetings and heard parents concerns about traffic. To report an ongoing traffic concern to the Calgary Police Service visit:

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