Our Staff

Principal | Colin McCracken (cfmccracken@cbe.ab.ca)

Assistant Principal | Karen Mok (kmok@cbe.ab.ca)

Administrative Assistant | Sherisse Harbourne (cngunn@cbe.ab.ca)

Office Secretary | Debbie Resch 

Facility Operator | Vivian Lu 

Lead Lunchroom/Breakfast | Crystal MacDonald

Teaching Staff

Grade / SubjectStaff Member

Kindergarten Team

Mr. Brennan Hefler (brhefler@cbe.ab.ca)

Mrs. Janice Way (jlway@cbe.ab.ca)

Grade 1 Team

Ms. Sally Lang (smlang@cbe.ab.ca)

Ms. Robyn Magill (romagill@cbe.ab.ca)

Grade 2 Team

Ms. Misty Fuchs (mlfuchs@cbe.ab.ca)

Mrs. Lesley-Anne Hatch (lhatch@cbe.ab.ca)

Grade 3 Team

Miss Jessica Gloge (jegloge@cbe.ab.ca)

Miss Sarah Frazer (slfrazer@cbe.ab.ca)

Ms. Cayla Prigotzke (caprigotzke@cbe.ab.ca)

Grade 4/ 5 Team

Mrs. Rashmi Baldwin (rsbaldwin@cbe.ab.ca)
Mr. Jordan Trechka (jmtrechka@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. Roberta Robb (rorobb@cbe.ab.ca)

Grade 6 Team

Miss Jordan Code (jocode@cbe.ab.ca)

Miss Sarah Lewis (sllewis@cbe.ab.ca)

Hub Learning

Mrs. Diana Easton (dleaston@cbe.ab.ca)

Mrs. Jamai Moltzhan (jemoltzhan@cbe.ab.ca)

Indigenous Education Strategist

Mr. Preston Huppie (pehuppie@cbe.ab.ca)

Support Staff

PositionStaff Member

Behaviour Support Worker

Ms. Tamam Abdalla

Lunchroom Supervisors

Mrs. Barb Bond

Mrs. Esther Connon

Ms. Lila Siewert

Ms. Danielle Torriero

Learning Commons

Mrs. Cindy Mathyk


Ms. Stella Hu

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RT @ArbourLake_CBE: Check this out!! This is one heck of a way to spend a summer!!! Nathan is one of our grade 7 HUB students.🦕🦖 We are so proud of you Nathan! Can’t wait to see what’s next in this great adventure. #CoyotePride @UsihChristopher @CbeArea1 https://t.co/mINpoFgmcx

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