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CBe-learn Staff List

CBe-learn online teachers do not have access to voicemail, and do not work full-time onsite at Lord Shaughnessy.

  • Students should contact teachers through the Private Discussions in D2L Brightspace. 
  • Parents can contact teachers through email (links provided on this page).


PositionName & Email
PrincipalKen Weipert
Assistant PrincipalAngela Takla (acting)

Student Services

PositionName & Email
Guidance Counsellor,
Learning Leader
Irene Welch
Learning Leader
Resource Teacher
Shayda Cummings
Student AdvisorSue Brady

Elementary School Teachers (Grades 1 - 5)

GradeName & Email
Grade 1Brittany Sander
Grade 2Kristie Strumm
Grade 3Jacky Renaud-Craige
Grade 4Rogerio Pereira
Grade 5Brent McConnell

Middle School Teachers (Grades 6 - 9)

Grade / SubjectName & Email
Grade 6 (all core subjects)
Barb Hazenveld
English Language Arts 7 & 8Chelsey Verhulst
Social Studies 7, 8, 9
French 7, 8, 9
Barbara Luft
Math 7, 8, 9
Jillian Brodeur
Phys. Ed. & Wellness 7, 8, 9
English Language Arts 9
Philip Grossi

Science 7Rania Charanek
Science 8 & 9Amanda Bass
Middle School Learning LeaderLisa Stuart
Learning Leader

Senior High Teachers (Grades 10 - 12)

Grade / SubjectName & Email
Essentials for Online Learning Success

English Language Arts 30-1
Lisa Dorren
English Language Arts 30-2Merrill Gray
English Language Arts 30-1Andrew Deagle
English Language Arts 10-1, 30-1
CTS Online (lead teacher)
Evan McNeil
English Language Arts 20-1Ellen Scogin
Social Studies 30-2
Moni Riez
Aboriginal Studies
English Language Arts 10-2
Social Studies 10-1, 10-2
Aly Egger

Social Studies 30-1Tom Angelakis
Social Studies 20-1, 20-2
Spanish 10, 20, 30
Elisa Garcia
Biology 20, 30Chris Slanisky
Sonia Chopra
Chemistry 30
Physics 20, 30
Brent Schroderus
Learning Leader
Physics 30Becky Booth
Chemistry 20
Science 10
Ben Tsui
Science 14, 20, 24, 30
Mason Stewart
Math 15, 10-C, 20-3Susan McAsey
Math 31, 30-1Tiffany Batty
Math 10-3, 20-2, 30-1Karen Harrap
Learning Leader
Math  20-1, 30-2Carla Pagnucco
Phys. Ed. 10, 20, 30
Sport Psychology
Ted Blackmore
CALM (Career & Life Management)Tonino Russo

Libby Jackson
PsychologyJane Appiah

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