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CBe-learn Staff List

CBe-learn online teachers do not have access to voicemail, and do not work full-time onsite at Lord Shaughnessy.

  • Students in Jr High and Sr High should contact teachers through the Private Discussions in Brightspace (D2L). 
  • Parents can contact teachers through email (links provided on this page).


PositionName & Email
Principal Steven Klukas
Assistant Principal (Sr. High)Angela Takla 
Assistant Principal (Jr. High)Monti Tanner
Assistant Principal (Elementary)Dayna Duman 

Student Services

Position Name & Email
Guidance Counsellor, Learning Leader (Sr. High) Irene Welch
Guidance Counsellor (Sr. High) Michelle Cowan-Chiu
Inclusive Practices Teacher (Sr. High) Karen Pysyk
Inclusive Practices Teacher (Grades 1-9) Bela Patel
School Family Liaison Sue Brady

Division 1 and 2 Teachers (Grades 1 - 6)

Name & Email Grade Level
Jane Le Bosquain
Grade 1
Jennifer Carter
Grade 2
Lisa Galloway 
Grade 2
Hollie Query
Grade 3
Vanessa Barr
Grade 4
Karen Loor Grade 4
Anna Tercero
Grade 4
Karen Anderson
Grade 5
Wendy Duha Grade 5 (Math)
Carissa Hanson Grade 5
Analisa Stevenson Grade 5
Katherine Clarke
Grade 6
Nabeela Cokar
Grade 6
Chelsey Boley
Grade 1 - 6 Art
Dan Chapman
Grade 1 - 6 Music
 Brian Davis
Grade 3 & 5 Physical Education & Wellness
Colin Freeman
Grade 4 & 6 Physical Education & Wellness
Michelle Maiani
Math & Literacy Support
Christine Gates-Leach Learning Leader Div I (surnames A-L)
Chelsey Verhulst
Learning Leader Div II (surnames M-Z)

Jr High Teachers (Grades 7 - 9)

Name and Email
Lisa StuartLearning Leader, Student Services
Bela PatelLearning Leader, Jr High
Grade 7
Andrea Jennings ELA 7 & Social 7
Liz CroftMath 7 & Science 7
Ken DerHealth & Physical Education 7
Grade 8
Julie HigginsELA 8 & Social Studies 8
Tash BerryMath 8 & Science 8
Ken DerHealth & Phys Ed 8
Grade 9
Barbara LuftSocial Studies 9
Michael SmithEnglish Language Arts 9
Jillian BrodeurMathematics 9
Amanda BassScience 9
Shayda CummingsHealth & Physical Education 9
Career and Technology Foundations & Art
Steve ClarkLearning Leader, CTF & Art
Craig Friesen
CTF & Art

Division 4 Teachers (Grades 10 - 12)

Name and Email Department
Andrea Belland CALM/Physical Education
Tonino Russo CALM
Kimberly Walters CALM
Joshua Overland CTS
Dylan Hackenbrook CTS
Barb Hazenveld CTS
David Weisgerber Humanities Learning Leader
Jessica Bates Humanities
Lisa Dorren Humanities
Andrew Deagle Humanities
Alyson Egger Humanities
Merrill Gray Humanities
Evan McNeil Humanities
Donna Fraser Languages
Meghan Castelino Math Learning Leader
Tiffany Batty Math
Liz Dang Math
Susan McAsey Math
Carla Pagnucco Math
Ted Blackmore Physical Education
Jane Appiah Psychology
Brent Schroderus Science Learning Leader
Michael Erickson Science
Christopher Harke Science
Leon Lau Science
Christopher Slanisky Science
Benjamin Tsui Science
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