Student Services

We are always here to provide support to our students and respond to inquiries and concerns. 

Technical help is available from 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

We also have information about student options after high school, including trades and training information, post-secondary information, education funding, community resources, and career cruising: designed to help students understand what careers play to their strengths and interest them.

For online CBe-learn students, once the intake interview and initial registration process is complete, some of the services that are provided by the student services team include:

  • Supporting learners to achieve success in their studies.
  • Assisting with learning strategies, study skills and motivation.
  • Meeting face-to-face with students and/or parents when the need arises or by request.
  • Providing one-on-one support for learners experiencing difficulties.

For English Language Learners, there is online resources and support, via a section of Brightspace (D2L). Every student who is coded as ELL (English Language Learner) is required to complete a benchmark assessment of English ability once per school year.

For information regarding our Student Services, please call 403-777-7971.

Our Student Services Team

Guidance Counsellor, Learning Leader Irene Welch 403-777-7971 x 7612  

Guidance Counsellor Robert Gossen 403-777-7971 x 7499 

Academic Advisor  Sue Brady 403-777-7971 x 7606

High School Inclusive Learning Teacher/ Resource Karen Pysyk 

Junior High Inclusive Learning Teacher/ Resource Shayda Cummings  

School Learning Team

The purpose of the School Learning Team (SLT) is to assist in the identification of students who have unique needs and to plan the best possible learning experiences for them. The SLT is composed of the school administration, junior high online teacher, student services personnel, and CBE systems specialist as required. 

Parent input is vital to the planning and work of this group. Following the SLT meeting, the Teacher Advisor (TA) will communicate with parents/students to explain the Individual Program Plan (IPP) and seek their input prior to updating or filing an IPP.

If a student is coded and has an IPP, parents are required to go to the student’s previous school and obtain copies of the IPP and the most recent specialist reports (psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.) and bring these to the initial intake meeting. This will allow CBe-learn staff to be cognizant of any modifications and accommodations and to provide optimal integration into our school. 

How We Can Help

We support our students in the following areas:

  •  high school diploma requirements
  •  course registration
  •  course sequencing
  •  course pre-requisites
  •  timetable issues
  •  post-secondary questions
  • scholarship & bursary information

Our team can also support students needing:

  • academic counseling support working through issues that impact learning and life 
  • emotional counseling
  •  access to community supports
  •  financial support
  •  help resolving conflicts
  •  an advocate at school 

Make the Most of Your Online Education

  • communicate with your teacher(s) through email, discussion postings
  • complete a learning plan and schedule keeping the course end date in mind
  • create a schedule with:
    • all of your teacher's due dates
    • your own deadlines and activities that you set for yourself
    • stick to the schedule!
  • understand the course requirements and deadlines
  • you are responsible for maintaining your own equipment and software. If you experience hardware or software problems throughout the semester, you must find another way to complete the assigned work in a timely manner
  • break tasks into manageable parts

Tips for Success

  • have access to the proper hardware and software before the semester begins
  • battle procrastination; do requirements early
  • make time to do the work!
  • carefully read the textbook(s) and answer any study questions provided
  • complete any assignments in a neat and orderly manner
  • keep copies of all materials submitted for grading
  • if the teacher requires exams, class meetings or other on-campus activity, contact the teacher IMMEDIATELY when you know you will not be able to meet the requirement. Do not wait until after the test deadline to tell the teacher that you were on a trip.
  • Seek help early
    If you are having problems, do not wait to request help. The longer you wait the bigger the problem becomes!
  • use tutorials, textbook websites, and other campus supports
  • the first person to contact is your instructor: if they cannot answer your question, they can direct you to someone who can.
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Support for Students at the CBE

Our students’ success is our top priority and we understand that our students live complex lives and that many factors both in the school and outside of school can affect their ability to learn. The CBE offers a variety of services (such as Culture and Linguistic Support, Exceptional and Special Needs, and Psychological Services) to support students, their families and our school, so students can be successful learners. Visit the CBE website to learn more.​​​​

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