Grade 10 Overview

Students coming to CBe-learn for Grade 10 courses will have a lot of flexibility and choice in their program.


Students finish their core academic courses in a semestered system, as they would in many traditional high schools. Using this system, students may pick two core academic subjects in the fall, and two more in winter. Students would supplement their academic courses with other online options, such as Phys. Ed. 10, Social Sciences or a CTS online course.

Dream Catcher

Students in Grade 10 courses may also be put into the Dream Catcher term, starting in October, which will allow them flexibility to extend their course time to the end of the school year, or to accelerate through their course quickly. Because of this flexibility, students will be able to customize their course program with their teacher once they are registered and have access to the course.

Work Plans

Like all students at CBe-learn, students enrolled into Grade 10 courses will have the ability to accelerate or extend their due dates, within the confines of the course. Students will be asked to create their own due dates and a work plan, based on information provided by their teacher. Teachers will review the work plans with students on a regular basis, to ensure they are meeting their academic goals for the semester, and remain on track to be successful.

Grade 10 Core Courses

  • English Language Arts 10-1 & 10-2
  • Social Studies 10-1 & 10-2
  • Science 10 & 14
  • Math 10-C & 10-3
  • Phys. Ed. 10 (3 or 5 credit)

Grade 10 Complementary Courses

  • CTS Courses
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Spanish 10, 20, 30

Grade 10 Course Planning

Students should discuss their plan for the school year with their guidance counsellor, and determine the best, personalized timetable from September through June. Students also need to consider if they are taking full-time courses with CBe-learn, or face-to-face courses at their community school. 


If you have any questions, please contact the CBe-learn Student Services team.

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