Preparing for High School

Transitioning from Grade 9 to Grade 10

Preparing for High School

All grade 9 students registered with the CBE are assigned to a high school in their catchment area.  You can find your designated high school using the linked page on the right hand side. Additionally, the Calgary Board of Education offers a variety of specialized high school programs such as International Baccalaurete, French Immersion and Advanced Placement. We recommend students visit high school open houses to learn about the programs. High school open houses are typically held mid-to-late fall (scroll to bottom of the page for specific details).  Contact the school(s) in which you are interested directly for details.

Students who are interested in attending CBe-learn for grades 10-12 must first register with their designated high school.  At the time of registration they can advise their Student Services Department that they would like to apply to transfer to CBe-learn.  It is important to note that students attending CBe-learn Junior High need to follow this process, also.  Students in our Junior High program are not automatically enrolled in our Senior High School program.

Student Services

Students who have been accepted for Transfer to CBe-learn for High School will be notified and provided details on how to register for classes.  CBe-learn registers students in courses on a semester-by-semester basis rather than doing a full year timetable.  Registrations are coordinated by our Student Services team. 

School Selection Deadline 

Students must decide on their high school by March 15. To be considered for a seat in the fall, families must get a transfer form from their designated high school and take it to their desired high school by March 15.


The CBE has a High School page for parents and students. It outlines the programs and courses involved in planning your child’s high school program, and will help you to provide assistance and advice to your child.


An important part of the transition from Grade 9 to 10 is to have future goals in mind when planning for and enrolling in CBe-learn High School. Some Grade 10 courses are prerequisites for more advanced high school courses. As well, certain courses enable students to meet entry requirements for programs or to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enter directly into a career.

Teacher Recommendations

First semester report cards include teacher recommendations for enrolment in each subject area. If you have any questions or concerns about teacher recommendations for a specific subject area, it is best to direct these to the corresponding teacher.

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