Grade 1-12 Full-Time Online Learning

The biggest program at CBe-learn is for full-time online learning in the regular program for Grades 1 to 12. To learn about the program, visit:  

Eligibility and Registration/Transfer Instructions

Only resident CBE students are eligible for full-time online learning with CBe-learn.  A resident CBE student is a student where at least one parent/legal guardian (or the independent student) physically resides within the geographical boundary of CBE, and at least one parent/legal guardian (or the independent student) is not of the Roman Catholic faith. Regardless of living or parenting arrangements, parents/legal guardians must only identify one primary address, which must be within the geographical boundary of CBE. To determine if you live within the CBE boundary, go to the CBE Find a School Tool and type in your address. If any school name appears, you are within our boundary. If no school name appears, you are outside the boundary of the CBE and not eligible for CBe-learn.

international students are not eligible to attend full-time studies at CBE-learn.

For registration/transfer information, please view the information below based on whether your student is:

  • a current CBe-learn full-time online learning student; 
  • not attending or registered with any CBE school; or
  • a current or pre-registered student at an in-person CBE school.

Current CBe-learn Full-Time Online Students

  • Current CBe-learn students in Grades 1 to 8 will automatically be designated to remain at CBe-learn for the following school school year, unless a transfer is requested to an in-person CBE school.
  • Current CBe-learn students in Grade 9 will automatically be designated to their in-person CBE school for grade 10, unless they apply for a transfer to CBe-learn for high school by the deadline (generally in April). Instructions and forms will be provided. 
  • Current CBe-learn students in Grade 10 and 11 wishing to continue with CBe-learn must contact CBe-learn Student Services by the deadline (generally in early May) to pre-register for courses for the following school year.

Students New to the CBE

Students who are not yet attending or registered with any CBE school must first Register with their designated regular program school. Then, follow the steps in the section below to request a transfer to CBe-learn, by the deadline.

Every child in Calgary has a designated school based on their home address and the program they choose. Find your designated school and its contact information using the CBE Find a School Tool.

Current In-Person CBE Students

Transferring Back to In-Person Learning, from CBe-learn

If a student was approved to transfer to CBe-learn in 2021-22 but would instead like to transfer back to in-person learning, please contact your designated community school right away. (Schools will be closed for much of the summer, but they will see your message prior to the new school year. Please view the school website for contact information.) Students in capped or lottery schools or alternative programs do not have their places held once they are approved to transfer to CBe-learn, so families wanting to return to these schools or programs would need to follow the regular lottery process. 

Once the school year has begun with CBe-learn, parents may approach their designated school about transferring; however, space and resources may not be available to accept student transfers. Deciding to transfer to CBe-learn is a full school year commitment. CBe-learn transfers are not designed to allow for transitions back to in-person learning until the full online school year is complete.

Requesting a Transfer to CBe-learn From An In-Person CBE School 

The deadline has passed to request a transfer to CBe-learn for the 2021-22 school year. The process to request a transfer for 2022-23 will open up in approximately April 2022.  

To become a full-time online student with CBe-learn, students transfer from an in-person CBE school. The transfer must be requested prior to the deadline (which is generally in April of the previous school year). 

Before requesting a transfer, please note:

  • Transferring to CBe-learn is a commitment for the full school year. Students who transfer to CBe-learn from alternative programs or schools with capped enrolment/lotteries will not have their space held and would need to go through the transfer or lottery process again if they wish to return in future years.  
  • Parents/guardians must review this website and be aware of the requirements for parent/caregiver support and home technology. 
  • We recommend completing the anonymous, optional Online Self and Family Assessment
  • Students entering Grades 10 to 12 should review the available high school courses
  • If parents share joint custody, all parents/guardians must agree with the decision to transfer.
  • If transfer requests for Grades 1-9 exceed available CBe-learn space and resources, a lottery may be initiated for specific grade levels. For Grades 10-12, a draw may be initiated. If a lottery/draw is necessary, all the requests received by the deadline will be included, by grade. 

To request a transfer (once the process opens up for next year transfers, in approximately April):

1.  Complete the Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for CBe-learn form.

2.  Complete a transfer form:

3.  Submit both forms to the student’s current or designated school (if going into Grade 1 to 9 next year) or designated high school (if going into Grade 10 to 12) by the deadline. You can choose to complete:

  • Printed Forms: Print, complete and sign both forms. Contact the student’s current or designated school to schedule a time to provide the forms to the Principal/Assistant Principal. or
  • Digital Forms: Complete both forms digitally. Email them to the current or designated school’s main inbox, listed on the school website. The email must be sent from the parent/legal guardian (or independent student), using the email address on file with CBE.

All of the student’s parents/guardians (or the independent student) will be sent an email confirming whether the transfer has been approved. The email is generally sent in early

If you have any questions, please contact your current or designated school.

Are transfer requests still accepted after the submission deadline?
After the transfer request deadline, CBe-learn does not accept further requests, except for:

  • Documented medical conditions requiring online learning in the regular program. (Please discuss this with your current, in-person CBE school.)
  • Returning Grade 12 students (i.e. fourth-year high school students) needing to finish additional courses.

Spring is when all schools develop their budgets and determine their teaching needs for the following year. Student transfers impact the number of teachers a school can hire and the classes they can offer. With limited resources available, each transfer impacts both the community school and CBe-learn. Accurate enrollment information allows CBE and individual schools to prepare for a smooth transition to learning in September for all students.

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