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CBe-learn provides students with choice and flexibility in their learning either part-time or full-time through a number of distinct academic terms.  Each term has multiple entry points, providing students with a flexible start date into a course that ends in alignment with traditional school settings (January and June). With this flexibility students are able to access their academic courses anytime throughout the school year, by choosing a term they want to register in based on how much time they can spend on the course, and when they want to finish.

CBe-learn offers continuous registration throughout the school year. Students can register in Core Academic or Complementary courses from August through June of the school year. CBe-learn Core Academic courses will have a new cohort of students starting at least once a month – even more frequently in peak periods. Weekly Access courses will begin almost every Thursday during the school year (September – May). With these flexible options, students are always able to fit online learning into their full academic and extracurricular schedules.

In the 2019-2020 school year, we will continue to provide options for students looking for a more traditional calendar (September – January & February – June). We will continue to support the CBE with summer school programming (through the months of June and July). We will also be offering an incredible amount of flexibility to students through a distinct year-long term that will permit students to recuperate lost credits, extend their time required in the course, accelerate through their courses quickly, or make-up for lost work. This will offer all students maximum flexibility in their programming choices.

Registration Deadlines

Please refer to the calendar to determine the term you would like to register and complete your course. Registration dates are firm, and once the registration period has elapsed, students will be asked to register for the subsequent term.

Term Registration Dates Core Course Access
Fall August 21 - September 23 September 9, 12, 19, 26 | Oct 3
Dream Catcher September 24 - November 25 Oct 10 | Nov 7 | Dec 5
Winter November 26 - February 10 February 6, 20, 27
Diploma Redo (ELA 30-1 and 30-2
February 25 - March 2 (or until classes fill up) March 12
Spring Termnot offered in 2020 not offered in 2020
Summer - 7 week May 1 - June 1 June 11
Summer - 5 week May 1 - June 15 June 25
  • CBe-learn reserves the right to cancel any course without sufficient student registration.
    When a class is canceled by CBe-learn, a 100% refund will be made.

Course Access Calendar

Depending on the date of registration, students will be enrolled to their Core Academic course(s) or Weekly Access course(s) based on the following schedule: 

See: Key Dates for Registration


CBe-learn offers a number of distinct terms in the 2019/2020 school year.

Fall | September - January

The Fall Term is designed for students who want to finish their courses and write their exams in January. This term is ideal for students who want their online courses to run parallel to any face-to-face courses at their community school.

  • Registration for the Fall Term is from August – September
  • Final marks for the Fall Term will be submitted to Alberta Education in January

Winter | January - June

The Winter Term is designed for students who want to finish their courses and write their exams in June. This term is ideal for students who want to align their course with a traditional school semester, and finish their diploma exams in June so they can apply for University acceptance in Fall 2020.

  • Registration for the Winter Term is from December – February
  • Final marks for the Winter Term will be submitted to Alberta Education in June.

Dream Catcher | October - June

The Dream Catcher term is a distinct term for students who need flexibility to recover credits, extend their course time, accelerate through their course quickly or make-up lost work. This term is ideal for students who need a very flexible learning environment, with final exams being written in June.
Students may choose to accelerate, and finish their courses before the end of June. All marks are submitted at the end of the school year.

  • Registration for the Fall Dream Catcher term is from October – December.
  • Final marks for Dream Catcher will be submitted to Alberta Education in June.

Diploma Redo | March - June (ELA 30-1 & ELA 30-2 only)

The Diploma Redo term is designed for students who have already completed at least half of the diploma-level course, and wish to retake the course, and rewrite the diploma exam.
Students will be able to register into the Diploma Redo course after they have received their final diploma marks in February 2020.
Only certain Diploma courses will be offered (ELA 30-1 & ELA 30-2)

  • Registration for Diploma Redo is in February.
  • Final marks are submitted to Alberta Education in June.

Kick Start | June - July

The Kick Start term allows students to take advantage of time off in June and July to Kick Start their learning for the fall. Students can take one accelerated course in June (CALM, Psychology or Sociology), and can finish it quickly.

  • Registration for Kick Start is from May – June
  • Final marks for Kick Start will be submitted to Alberta Education in August.

Summer | July

The Summer Term is designed for students who are staying in Calgary throughout July and therefore have time available to finish their courses, work hard throughout the summer and be in attendance for all exams. Students in the Summer Term will begin and end their courses in July. Only select 10 and 20-level courses are offered in Summer Term.

  • Registration for the Summer Term is from May – June
  • Final marks for the Summer Term will be submitted to Alberta Education in August. 

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